Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mummy and Daddy Loves You, Baby Aaliyah.

Darling Hubby has been surprising me (or rather, Baby Aaliyah) with shoes and sneakers every other week when he comes home from work. He's like Doraemon, coming back from work, come into the room and exclaimed, "Hon, see what I buy!" Then Taaadaaaa!!! A shoebox appeared from his bag. My reaction will be ... "Again?" wide-eyed! Then I go all awed when i saw what Hubby bought. He is an avid shoe collector himself and I guess he just cannot resist looking at shoes for Baby Aaliyah too! =) Scouting the whole of Singapore just for Nike baby shoes (which stocks do not come in anymore, so all the shoes were purchased at full price). So far, Baby Aaliyah owns 7 pairs of Nike shoes even before she is born. All because of her Daddy. =) 

As for the clothes department, Hubby left that territory to me. I was overwhelmed when i stepped into Baby Gap or Cotton On Kids.. Oh my gosh, I became all ooey goooey looking at how small those cute little things are! Then i went crazy and splurged. As first time parents, we do not know what to expect, so we felt the sugar rush buying stuffs for our dear little baby. Then there's online shopping too which I have yet to explore. Gah! The other bare necessities were bought at the Taka baby fair which I think was a good deal for a steal as the discounted items were worth it. We have yet to buy baby's stroller and cot, as truth be told, we really do not know what brand or make is good!? I only know some brand names like maxi-cosi, quinny, Maclaren, but we don't know which is good and worth it. We need help from the experts!! Anyone? Do leave your comments under this entry. =)

Latest sonogram of Aaliyah showing her face.

Another interesting sonogram of Baby Aaliyah when she was so shy and scared to show her face. She covered her face with her hand. This is the position when Hubby sometimes sleep too.
And that's why we call her.........

Baby Bump Time!!
Rant: I want to do something to my hair! It's getting waaay out of control. I dyed and highlighted it when I didn't know I was pregnant and coming to 6 months later, I cannot dye or highlight it again. =( So the black roots are awfully showing. I can't rebond or curl it too as the chemicals may be harmful for baby. I guess I have to wait until Aaliyah is born to do somthing to it. Nvm, It will be so worth the wait. Baby is sooo much more important. I can rock other looks during Hari Raya. =)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's a GIRL!

Hubby and me have been discussing names over the past few days, even though we do not know the gender of the baby yet. It's really interesting to go the websites and find out its meaning. He is really interested in Mohamed Ali if it is a boy. A few of our relatives thought we were crazy to give that name as it sounds quite ol'skool or 'kampong' as some may have heard. Hahaha! They influenced me too and I tried to change hubby's mind but it was futile. haha! If it is a girl, he would've given the name Aaliyah Dana Haughton... ok ok kidding. Just Aaliyah. A name that he absolutely loves and adores soooo much. I love it tooo! Even when we were in the BGR stage, that name has already popped up when we talked about our future. =) So choosing that name was a breeze for us. 

We do not have any preference to any gender, just as long as our baby is healthy and 'cukup sifat'. Though my father really really wants and prays for a boy (he was really disappointed that I came out a girl... yes.. that long), I keep telling myself that it is up to God's will and me and hubby will be very happy with either a boy or a girl. Even the 7 pairs of NIKE baby n toddler shoes that Hubby has bought/collected are in unisex colours. =) Baby is gonna collect Nike sneakers just like Daddy. Haha!

So I went for my check-up yesterday and casually asked Doc if it's a boy or a girl. Doc gave that aaaaahhh face and scanned around in my tummy which contained a very very active baby. He pointed to its bum-bum and we can clearly see its 2 legs! In between the bum-bum, Doc pointed to something and said," You see, this one, here, got three lines with the flesh in between."

Then I said," ohhh yarr! That one the bird-bird ah?!"
3 lines got flesh mah.... so i tot that one the cuckoo bird la. Hubby was calm and collected as he waited for Doc to finish up his sentence.
"No la.. it's 60-70% chance girl. You see the 3 lines.... Ahhh.. If boy will have 2 balls and a thing in between it ahhh. you know ah," Doc said.
"Hahahhaha!! So it's a girl!" I screamed.

Me and hubby came out of the room smiling so widely. We are happy that we finally got to know the gender!!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Shezai & Jojo Joget Jr Goes SingFest 2010 @ FortCaning Park

Complimentary Pass Thanks To Wife ':D

The Stage

Shezai & JoJo Joget JR

Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco Teasing The Crowd

Old Skool Funk, Kool & The Gang

Mister West is in the Building! (Kanye West)

Kanye Touchin The Sky, Sky High..

SingFest 2010 was actually totally out of the story until the Wife entered some 'SMS Lucky Draw' & the next thing I know, she won a pair! At first she wanted to sell her ticket (cos of pregnancy) & therefore I have to sell hers but then I persuaded her to go in which eventually she said yessah!

The original plan was just to go & slack around at the back with the crowd as a fear factor. As the beats thumpin' was getting 'bassy', we went to sit around nearer to the stage, this time laying 'The New Paper' on the grass. Once Diane Birch finished her final number, the host went up the stage & was going to introduce Lupe Fiasco as the next act. By then the crowd has started standing, packing up the mats & papers on the ground. We then decided to move in with the crowd. I've to admit that I was quite a lil worried for the Wife. Soon after Lupe Fiasco was Kool & The Gang. By the time Kanye West perform, we're already quite in the front rows & before I knew it, the wife was already dancing!

Lupe Fiasco, likewise Kool & The Gang performed for an hr,. Kanye West? 1150 - 0120. Even if I paid for this event, I think definitely it's money well spent.

Oh yea, for those rumours blaming Kanye or Lupe or Diane or K & G for their delay (soundcheck), I say, 'Blame The Organisers & not the world-class professional Artistes, they are just repaying every cent that you guys paying for the entry & they performed even beyond their time slots. Now do you hear anyone complain about the whole event that ended way past the 1200 time-slot?'

Enjoy the videos below!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Out on our usual HOT DATE!

It has been a very very long time since we went out on a real hot date due to clash of work schedules. So I was damn excited when I could spend time with Hun today. We first intended to head to Geylang to buy our Raya outfits, but then, eventually decided against it. So our legs brought us to Orchard. Wanted to catch a movie, but we have watched most of em good ones at Cathay. It was such a relaxing date, with no timeline to adhere to. We just let our feet do the walking. Just like old times. Talking and joking all the way. Just like old times too. We then headed to Metr-o Paragon and bought things for our room. It felt different. Like as if we have suddenly grown up. *Knock ourselves in the head, we ARE grown up* But instead of buying shoes and clothes for ourselves, we bought bedsheets, towels and bathrugs!! Together! Hahahaha! Forgive me, i find it tingly and hilarious. Like finally, we are like a married couple, whose wife is knocked up, going grocery, towel and bedsheet shopping. Surreal as it felt, the taste of reality is there. Sweet sweet reality of...... SheZai becoming parents.

We headed to the Mothercare department in Metro and I went all gushy at the cutesie baby stuffs. Hun (being Hun) suddenly said," EH! So cute!!!" And so I was wondering what is it that my husband is SO fascinated about. I was so interested to find out what does HE think is cute....... Could it be a cute romper? Or a cute hat? Or a cute toy? Well, guess what... He went straight for the cute little small HANGERS. Hahahahaha!! Then we imagined having those cute little baby hangers in the baby cupboard with white pure rompers ALL hanging on them. Like a factory assembly line.. hehahhaa! ok ok. I am crapping here. I have never felt so so good at this stage... like as if i emit a soft glow around me. I can already feel Lil SheZai Jr kicking and moving inside me, responding to my voice, touch and sounds. It felt really great but surreal though! Baby's Daddy is also being the nicest bestest hubby to me, opening doors for me, massaging me, pampering me, taking real good care of me. I LOVE YOU, HON!

yes i photoshopped the left side coz it was very unsightly with neighbours' laundry hanging out to dry.

Week 20/36
4 more months to go! Getting really excited.

Me and Hubby are really into DAVID SIDES now. His piano works are so marvellous!! He inspired us to bring down our dusty synthesizer which has been kept on top of the cupboard for more than a year now. Stay tuned for our tryouts.. hahaha! Yea right. Here is a YouTube video of DAVID SIDES with one of his superb piano-playing. I would kill to play like him one day... AND HE PLAYED BY EAR starting at the age of 10!! Lil Junior is lovin' him too... I am letting Lil Junior listen to ALL his piano songs now. hehehe! Piano Maestro in the works!