Sunday, August 01, 2010

Out on our usual HOT DATE!

It has been a very very long time since we went out on a real hot date due to clash of work schedules. So I was damn excited when I could spend time with Hun today. We first intended to head to Geylang to buy our Raya outfits, but then, eventually decided against it. So our legs brought us to Orchard. Wanted to catch a movie, but we have watched most of em good ones at Cathay. It was such a relaxing date, with no timeline to adhere to. We just let our feet do the walking. Just like old times. Talking and joking all the way. Just like old times too. We then headed to Metr-o Paragon and bought things for our room. It felt different. Like as if we have suddenly grown up. *Knock ourselves in the head, we ARE grown up* But instead of buying shoes and clothes for ourselves, we bought bedsheets, towels and bathrugs!! Together! Hahahaha! Forgive me, i find it tingly and hilarious. Like finally, we are like a married couple, whose wife is knocked up, going grocery, towel and bedsheet shopping. Surreal as it felt, the taste of reality is there. Sweet sweet reality of...... SheZai becoming parents.

We headed to the Mothercare department in Metro and I went all gushy at the cutesie baby stuffs. Hun (being Hun) suddenly said," EH! So cute!!!" And so I was wondering what is it that my husband is SO fascinated about. I was so interested to find out what does HE think is cute....... Could it be a cute romper? Or a cute hat? Or a cute toy? Well, guess what... He went straight for the cute little small HANGERS. Hahahahaha!! Then we imagined having those cute little baby hangers in the baby cupboard with white pure rompers ALL hanging on them. Like a factory assembly line.. hehahhaa! ok ok. I am crapping here. I have never felt so so good at this stage... like as if i emit a soft glow around me. I can already feel Lil SheZai Jr kicking and moving inside me, responding to my voice, touch and sounds. It felt really great but surreal though! Baby's Daddy is also being the nicest bestest hubby to me, opening doors for me, massaging me, pampering me, taking real good care of me. I LOVE YOU, HON!

yes i photoshopped the left side coz it was very unsightly with neighbours' laundry hanging out to dry.

Week 20/36
4 more months to go! Getting really excited.

Me and Hubby are really into DAVID SIDES now. His piano works are so marvellous!! He inspired us to bring down our dusty synthesizer which has been kept on top of the cupboard for more than a year now. Stay tuned for our tryouts.. hahaha! Yea right. Here is a YouTube video of DAVID SIDES with one of his superb piano-playing. I would kill to play like him one day... AND HE PLAYED BY EAR starting at the age of 10!! Lil Junior is lovin' him too... I am letting Lil Junior listen to ALL his piano songs now. hehehe! Piano Maestro in the works!

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