Friday, August 06, 2010

Shezai & Jojo Joget Jr Goes SingFest 2010 @ FortCaning Park

Complimentary Pass Thanks To Wife ':D

The Stage

Shezai & JoJo Joget JR

Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco Teasing The Crowd

Old Skool Funk, Kool & The Gang

Mister West is in the Building! (Kanye West)

Kanye Touchin The Sky, Sky High..

SingFest 2010 was actually totally out of the story until the Wife entered some 'SMS Lucky Draw' & the next thing I know, she won a pair! At first she wanted to sell her ticket (cos of pregnancy) & therefore I have to sell hers but then I persuaded her to go in which eventually she said yessah!

The original plan was just to go & slack around at the back with the crowd as a fear factor. As the beats thumpin' was getting 'bassy', we went to sit around nearer to the stage, this time laying 'The New Paper' on the grass. Once Diane Birch finished her final number, the host went up the stage & was going to introduce Lupe Fiasco as the next act. By then the crowd has started standing, packing up the mats & papers on the ground. We then decided to move in with the crowd. I've to admit that I was quite a lil worried for the Wife. Soon after Lupe Fiasco was Kool & The Gang. By the time Kanye West perform, we're already quite in the front rows & before I knew it, the wife was already dancing!

Lupe Fiasco, likewise Kool & The Gang performed for an hr,. Kanye West? 1150 - 0120. Even if I paid for this event, I think definitely it's money well spent.

Oh yea, for those rumours blaming Kanye or Lupe or Diane or K & G for their delay (soundcheck), I say, 'Blame The Organisers & not the world-class professional Artistes, they are just repaying every cent that you guys paying for the entry & they performed even beyond their time slots. Now do you hear anyone complain about the whole event that ended way past the 1200 time-slot?'

Enjoy the videos below!

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