Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Long Weekend Everyone!!

I can't wait for tomorrow!! The 3 days that me and hubby have our off days together! Woohoo!! Sleep-ins, shopping, eating, eating, eating, eating...... i don't mind gaining 1kg over the weekend if u ask me! haha!

Yup, we did make other plans. We're going just across the causeway tomorrow and staying a night at a hotel. =) Just perfect. No rush, no hassle. So till the next entry, enjoy everyone!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Revolutionary Road Review

We were a tad bit too late when it comes to the reservations, thus we won't be going anywhere at all! haha! It's a good sign too coz that means the causeway will be jammed, KL will be super duper crowded, the coaches might get mix-ups, it will be so kechorable anyways. Thus, we will come up with other ideas on how to spend our long weekend. =)

Both of us caught Revolutionary Road last night. Kate and Leo have indeed come a long way ever since the Titanic sank.

Set in 1955, the story revolves around a married couple challenged with the trials and tribulations of life. They moved in to a house along Revolutionary Road and one day decided to move to Paris to lead a new life there and for Leo to realise his dreams of wanting to do what he enjoys doing instead being stuck dead in a rut kinda job. However, Kate got pregnant with their third child and the couple faces a dilemma. The story continues....

What I absolutely love about this movie is that it is soo realistic! I mean, the arguments, the scenarios, the conversations. It's just so pragmatic and sensible. The story line is superb, though there might be little loopholes here and there, minor enough to not be seen after all. The movie made us think deeply, intellectually. We were still talking about the movie at Starbucks way into midnight. Let me share with you some excerpts from the movie that I think relates well as to how couples actually argue:-

(I have changed the script a bit here and there to make it contextual to our Singaporean language, but the gist is still there. And yes... I have the actual script.)

Excerpt 1

Girl: Have I made it clear? I don't particularly want to talk about it.
Boy: I am actually trying to be nice about this thing ok.
Girl: Ok, how kind of you, how very kind of you. (sarcastically)
Boy: Wait a minute... I don't deserve this!
Girl: You always think you are right on this subject, don't you?
Boy: Wait a minute God Damn it! You listen to me! This is one time you are not getting away with twisting everything I say!
Girl: I wish we didn't go out today if we are going to fight like this!
Boy: You know what u are when you are like this? You're sick! Sick in the brain!
Girl: Oh yea? Then you're disgusting!!

Find anything familiar? Hee!

Excerpt 2

Other girl: Guess all these problems are a bit hard on her.
Boy: Yea.. You think she's gonna be ok?
Other girl: Oh yes sure! Give us girls a couple of days and we can get over anything!!

You think?

Excerpt 3:

Girl: Well, I'm sorry I just don't feel like talking about this matter anymore. Can you please just drop the subject?
Boy: Ok, what do you feel like talking about?
Girl: Would it be alright if we just don't talk about anything at all? Can't we just take each day as it comes and do the best we can and not feel like we have to talk about everything all of the time?
Boy: I don't think I suggested talking about everything all of the time. My point is, we have both been under a lot of stress lately, so we ought to help each other as much as we can now. I mean, I know my behaviour has been very weird lately. I mean, as it happens, there is actually something i want to tell you...... I've slept with another girl a few times. But it's over now, i swear! I could never have told you about it if I weren't sure of it!
Girl: Why did you? (coldly)
Boy: Oh.. I don't know. Maybe I am stress about the abortion thing and all that.. I'm so sorry!
Girl: No! I don't mean why you had the girl... I mean Why did you tell me about it!? And i mean, what's the point? Is it just to make me jealous or something? Is it suppose to make me fall in love with you all over again or back into bed with you, is that what you want me to say?!
Boy: Why don't you say what you feel?
Girl: I don't feel anything.
Boy: In other words, you don't care what I do, or who i fuck or anything!?
Girl: No, i guess that's right... I don't. Fuck who you like.
Boy: Don't you see??? I want you to care!! Don't give me this shit. You know God damn well you love me.

Haven't I told you that the scripts depict some real life story of some real couple's life? Intriguing right???!!!

Ah, but i must say, it is a very matured movie which has many talking and argueing. Some will like it, some won't. But I give it 4 1/2 out of 5 popcorns!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Let's unwind!

UPDATE: Based on the story of the squids in the New Paper today (23/4), we decided against beaches and opt to just go KL instead.
*Try to figure out the link*


Another mini-honeymoon is on its way! I can't wait to rest and relax and spend time with my hubby. One of the reasons I love him is because he's like a small kid who likes to tease me, and I am a childcare teacher taking care of one big toddler (who has a big thinking brain and thinks of things that no one thought of) at home. See the link? mwahahhaa!

Ok back to the topic, aah yea... our 6th getaway. We still have not decided on the place yet. It will be near, of course. We can't go any further than 3days due to work and school. I have yet to research on the destination but a simple Malaysian one will suffice. Ultimately, it's the quality time spent together that matters. This gives me the ultimate BOOST to finish up my assignment earlier!! Our options include:-

  1. Cherating
  2. Pangkor Laut
  3. Penang
  4. Desaru
  5. Cameron Highlands
  6. Tioman
  7. KL / Genting
  8. Port Dickson
  9. Kuching
  10. Sabah

So as you can see, we are seriously undecided. Any recommendations? I'll be collecting my new passport this Friday... Yippeeeee!

P/S: Thanks for all the comments.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Nurses In Uniform?

I've recently post a thought of mine on Facebook. The header reads, "Zaini Shezai thinks that nurses should not wear their uniform to & from work".

Why did I put up that header you may ask? I've always have this kind of random thoughts whenever I'm on the train to & from to work. Basically I like to analyze things around me & trust me, Kaka knows that I always have this funny & strange thoughts a lot. Anyways back to the Nurse issue. When Nurses go to work wearing their uniform, it's not only the sexy kind of vision that goes through to some guys mind but the thought of during their journey from home till they reach work & during their lunch time. Firstly, when they're going to work wearing it, have anyone thought of countless germs that has sticked to their uniforms? Yes, they did their hand sanitization & stuffs when they reach the hospital & put on their masks & gloves but why not wear their uniform also at the hospital instead of from home? We're not only talking of normal germs here, just imagine if these nurses also smoke? Don't tell me nurses don't smoke, that's crap cos Ive seem them smoking in their uniform sometimes. So again, what's the point of sanitization your hands & wearing mask/gloves when your uniform is stucked with all the unwanted germs. Secondly for lunch time, at least half of the nurses from respective hospitals goes out of their hospital to have lunch at mall restaurants or worse, hawker centres. Does that scenario knock some sense suddenly? Imagine again, those fried kway teow smell, etc stuck onto their uniform? Lastly, when nurses goes back home wearing their uniform, the same old bla bla always happens again. Yes, germs again, I'm talking but wait, I've enough of that but what I have in my thoughts are, how many of them wash their uniform daily? Of course I think majority will wash daily but definitely there'll be a minority of them that won't abide the daily wash rules.

Although I may not work in the nursing industry, I strongly wish that nurses only change to their uniform when they reach work. You guys are one of the 1st degree of contacts with the patients & they can be someone you know or close with. I'm quite concern & you should too.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Exercise is good for you.... so is food.

Back to our exercise regime again..... We stalled... somewhere along the way.

Hon and I went swimming after work that day. I managed to remember how to swim and not be a whale out of water. hahaha! I think i did 10 laps. Not bad ey! Yeay! (the shorter horizontal lap, that is) heee! We both plan to start exercising again. Running especially... Rusty already! I hope I can still run my 10km non-stop so that we can enter the StanChart or Nike run again. Gotta coordinate that breathing technique soon. But with Hon as my guide, I can get a confidence boost! Gotta rid that fats!

P/s: Mas and Nadssy are coming to my house today to do our school project.

Haha!! I jus wanna mention that coz it sounds soooooo primary-schoolish! (Brings out my inner youth. Chey!)

Oh Oh.. I think I can forget about the beautifully imperfect contest. I saw a contestant having 220 'likes' to her photo!! I guess she'll win, compared to my 22.. I give up. Thanks Peeeps for voting!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our Hot Date

Last night was one of the best hot dates to date. Hon and I weren't working and as usual, we slept in till about 1.30pm to catch up on our sleep. We have been sleeping very late due to the completion of our assignments, esp for Honey. Thus, we recharged ourselves to be geared up for what was to come later in the day. Hon's off day that falls on the same day that I wasn't working was indeed hard to come by for us. So we really treasure the moments together. Our hot date was also a celebration of Hon passing his 3 modules (he said he suck at theories, but i beg to differ. He did superbly well and I'm proud of him.)

We left the house in the evening and our plan was to have no plan at all. Let our feet take us where they wanna go and let our minds take us on a wonderous decision-making adventure. We stopped by at Suntec to visit our favourite shop and bought our 10th collectible poster. A US double-sided teaser B poster of 'Watchmen'. Both of us think it is very artistic and will look good on our bedroom wall. Oh We'll see...

And so the night continues with us walking and talking like we used to. Sometimes, I feel glad that we don't own a car. Why rush to a destination? We took our time to walk under the bright moonlight, talking and talking about our romantic dates we had when we were courting. It was nice. Our feet led us to the Singapore Flyer as were pretty famished by that time. Nope, we were not there to take the Flyer, but instead, we were there to fill our stomach with deep fried Popeye's chicken for dinner.

Once we had our fill, we explored the river and the setting was indeed nice, with the very full and bright moon hanging low and ominous against the dark cold nightsky. Snap Snap!

Just look at how bright the moon was in the background!!

From there, we continued walking again... this time to Esplanade bridge, our normal dating site when were 'young and carefree'. Took lots of couple pictures too.

The lighting was just magnificent.

Then to Boat Quay to have a drink at Starbucks for supper, one of our normal routines on our dates. Our most favouritest drink of all time? Javachip! Hon looking like a businessman here. You would think he was reading the 'Money' section.. Nope! His soccer news always comes first!

Finally, we walked all the way to Raffles Place Mrt to head home.

Once home, we can't wait to replace the 'Transformers' poster with the 'Watchmen' one. So we close ceremony for the Transformers one and hanged up the new Watchmen poster. And yup! Just like both of us expected... it was fancy seeing the poster so beautifully hanging on our bedroom wall! Superb!

Our bedroom wall without the poster.

Presenting to you the poster we both find artistic.

And so that was the end of our HOT DATE.

P/S: The dress i'm wearing was one of the dresses Hon bought for me from Forever 21.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Honey surprised me!

Our 8th year has passed and it has been a week. I thought last Thursday was just our normal hot date. So when Hon met me in town, we decided to postpone dining at Seoul Garden to Monday instead. Hon is still having his terribly bad cough like Batuk Anjing. So kesian see him cough and cough and cough everytime. So we decided to Waraku and bought tickets to see Confessions of a Shopaholic. And making sure we did watch it this time round.

While dining at Hereen, Hon suddenly took out a plastic bag from his bag pack. He passed it to me and wished me Happy 8th year anniversary. Hahaha! So sweeeet!! He remembered, but there is lack of opportunity or rather time to really celebrate this year for both of us. He stayed up till 5am the night before just to finish up his assignment so that he can spend the time with me for dinner. Thank you for your sacrifice Honey, I really appreciate your effort! Hon bought for me 2 tops/dresses and a belt. And what awed me the most is that he is daring enough to step into Forever 21 and look for women's clothes! (Without the help any salesgirl who aren't much of a help anyways...) Guys normally don't buy girls' clothes when they are out alone shopping. But I salute his good taste, well, he IS my fashion coordinator anyhows... hahaha! They are the perfect sizes and I Love them! Hon knows me well enough to actually do that.. I'm like... Wow!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Let's get some Naked Fish

Went for a Family outing on Sunday night. Went to this place called Naked Fish Shoppe, Fish Fish and more Fish, as the tagline calls. Located near YCK mrt. Oh wait.. it's the same location as my workplace too... hehe. Thank You Uncle. As for a review of the food... hmm... let's just say that it was nice. The variety was not too bad. But maybe the business just started out. We had lobster bisque, salad, seafood platter main dish, 'dessert', super thick ice lemon tea and garlic bread. As for the service..... well, the waiter looks and talks like an Ah Pek. Not too sure if he is the manager. But when he takes orders, there must be NO changes first... His mind is like an MRT track.... straight all the way, cannot change lanes. No wait, even MRT trains can change tracks. hahaha! He must write down specifically every single detail and he cannot multi-task for nuts lor! Once he takes down the precise orders off the menu, he asks," ok now who want to change. ok wait.. who want to change the soup first? wait ah.. let me write down.... ok now who want to change the drink... wait wait .. how many of you want lime juice? ok wait wait i write down first ahhh.... ok now how many want ice lemon tea? Hokay ah... since u all first time here right.. i give you 10% discount!!" Like..... woahhhhhhhh (sarcastically).... Hon and Sis got sore throat and fever the next day due the thickness of the ice lemon tea. Super thick, Super Sour, Super Small Glass.... Oh oh.. and guess what the 'dessert' was!? A Super Cute Chocolate muffin!!! (Sarcastically)


As for tomorrow, I have a hot date with Hubby since he is not schooling and not working!!!! (Very very rare) We haven't been going on a hot date for so long. Dinner at Seoul Gardens, then a romantic night out.... The night beckons.... Can't wait.