Sunday, April 26, 2009

Revolutionary Road Review

We were a tad bit too late when it comes to the reservations, thus we won't be going anywhere at all! haha! It's a good sign too coz that means the causeway will be jammed, KL will be super duper crowded, the coaches might get mix-ups, it will be so kechorable anyways. Thus, we will come up with other ideas on how to spend our long weekend. =)

Both of us caught Revolutionary Road last night. Kate and Leo have indeed come a long way ever since the Titanic sank.

Set in 1955, the story revolves around a married couple challenged with the trials and tribulations of life. They moved in to a house along Revolutionary Road and one day decided to move to Paris to lead a new life there and for Leo to realise his dreams of wanting to do what he enjoys doing instead being stuck dead in a rut kinda job. However, Kate got pregnant with their third child and the couple faces a dilemma. The story continues....

What I absolutely love about this movie is that it is soo realistic! I mean, the arguments, the scenarios, the conversations. It's just so pragmatic and sensible. The story line is superb, though there might be little loopholes here and there, minor enough to not be seen after all. The movie made us think deeply, intellectually. We were still talking about the movie at Starbucks way into midnight. Let me share with you some excerpts from the movie that I think relates well as to how couples actually argue:-

(I have changed the script a bit here and there to make it contextual to our Singaporean language, but the gist is still there. And yes... I have the actual script.)

Excerpt 1

Girl: Have I made it clear? I don't particularly want to talk about it.
Boy: I am actually trying to be nice about this thing ok.
Girl: Ok, how kind of you, how very kind of you. (sarcastically)
Boy: Wait a minute... I don't deserve this!
Girl: You always think you are right on this subject, don't you?
Boy: Wait a minute God Damn it! You listen to me! This is one time you are not getting away with twisting everything I say!
Girl: I wish we didn't go out today if we are going to fight like this!
Boy: You know what u are when you are like this? You're sick! Sick in the brain!
Girl: Oh yea? Then you're disgusting!!

Find anything familiar? Hee!

Excerpt 2

Other girl: Guess all these problems are a bit hard on her.
Boy: Yea.. You think she's gonna be ok?
Other girl: Oh yes sure! Give us girls a couple of days and we can get over anything!!

You think?

Excerpt 3:

Girl: Well, I'm sorry I just don't feel like talking about this matter anymore. Can you please just drop the subject?
Boy: Ok, what do you feel like talking about?
Girl: Would it be alright if we just don't talk about anything at all? Can't we just take each day as it comes and do the best we can and not feel like we have to talk about everything all of the time?
Boy: I don't think I suggested talking about everything all of the time. My point is, we have both been under a lot of stress lately, so we ought to help each other as much as we can now. I mean, I know my behaviour has been very weird lately. I mean, as it happens, there is actually something i want to tell you...... I've slept with another girl a few times. But it's over now, i swear! I could never have told you about it if I weren't sure of it!
Girl: Why did you? (coldly)
Boy: Oh.. I don't know. Maybe I am stress about the abortion thing and all that.. I'm so sorry!
Girl: No! I don't mean why you had the girl... I mean Why did you tell me about it!? And i mean, what's the point? Is it just to make me jealous or something? Is it suppose to make me fall in love with you all over again or back into bed with you, is that what you want me to say?!
Boy: Why don't you say what you feel?
Girl: I don't feel anything.
Boy: In other words, you don't care what I do, or who i fuck or anything!?
Girl: No, i guess that's right... I don't. Fuck who you like.
Boy: Don't you see??? I want you to care!! Don't give me this shit. You know God damn well you love me.

Haven't I told you that the scripts depict some real life story of some real couple's life? Intriguing right???!!!

Ah, but i must say, it is a very matured movie which has many talking and argueing. Some will like it, some won't. But I give it 4 1/2 out of 5 popcorns!

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