Monday, January 24, 2011

Aaliyah's first swimming lesson at 8 weeks.

I researched online and came across babyswimming and was raring for Aaliyah to try it. She loves water and she loves it so much when I give her a bath every morning. Her favourite position is the face down position where I get to massage her back with soap. She didn't even cry when i wash her face with water. It's one of my favourite things to do with her. Bath time! So evolving from how she loves water, we brought her swimming! Her first lesson went really well. The service was quite good too. Let's endearingly call the person who helped us "auntie".

First, auntie helped to undress Aaliyah and changed her to her swimming diapers. She then massaged Aaliyah for abt 5 minutes and Aaliyah really loves it. I can tell from her facial expressions. She even aaaahs and cooos and gurgles.

See how relaxed Aaliyah is now? She's all ready to face the tub. She's so gonna scold me for this embarrassing pic when she gets older..

Next, auntie slowly and carefully placed the float around her neck. This was a little bit uncomfortable for her but her cries only lasted a few seconds. She got used to it. Auntie then held her and slowly immersed her into the tub of warm water filled with balls and toys. So fun! She threw a confused face at first. Ooooohh... what is this warm squishy feeling?

Auntie helping her to gain her confidence in the water. Slowly she lets her go....

Hey hey hey, this is FUN! She's smiling!

For a first-timer, she knows how to hold the handle of the floatation device around her neck. Just look at the picture below! Auntie said that she is clever. "Survival skills" or what. haha!

Auntie and Mummy giving Aaliyah lots of encouragement.

Slowly and steadily letting her go.

On her own!!! Splish Splash, Splish Splash! Enhancing her gross motor skills.. "Mummy!! Where's my legs?!?!" expression on her face. kekeke!

Aaliyah having fun with Mummy and Daddy!

OK that is it for today. 15 minutes of swimming and Aaliyah is tired and thirsty. Milk time! Gulp Gulp Gulp! Mummy and Daddy managed to do some shopping that day. The whole day in fact, with Aaliyah asleep peacefully in the carrier, too tired to bother. Hehe!

Daddy was so happy to see Aaliyah so happy that he bought her a swimming package as a gift to hone her skills. Here's to weekly swimming sessions, Baby Aaliyah!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Aaliyah at her 7th week (already?!?!)

Wow.. Taking care of Aaliyah alone at home is really a handful. But I must always remember that she is my own flesh and blood once depression kicks in (due to being alone in the house). Sister Phique is back from Sydney for these 3 weeks and Hubby is also on reservist till the end of the month. Aaliyah and I are doing great! She now knows how to smile an even wider open-mouth type smile and all her different kinds of facial expressions and sounds of cooos aaah giggles amaze me. She is a little colicky at times and farts a LOT! Her face will turn red when she is trying to pass out gas or motion. I will help her out by holding up her legs. Hmm. Seems like the past few entries are all naturally about her. What more can I say. She's a HUGE part of SheZai's lives now. So maybe that's the reason. When Hon book out this Saturday, we're gonna bring Aaliyah out to baby-swimming, then to town for shopping. Next Saturday, we'll bring her to the park. Lotsa activities in store for her. What more activities are there for months-old babies to enjoy here in Singapore? Any suggestions? Staying at home is really boring. Babies learn a lot through their surrounding environment so it's crucial to tease their senses at this age. Till the next update, pictures of her expressions galore...

 My sister Phique holding her niece Aaliyah at Swensens Ion.

 It is so peaceful in Daddy's arms....

And the rest of the pictures are all of HER.

 Smiley baby!

 Strike another pose!
 ^This soooo looks like Daddy^
Big Boss Aaliyah

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Bald Aaliyah

Taking care of Baby Aaliyah brings joy to my life.... She now wakes up every 3 hourly and does not really kick up that much a fuss... Good Girl, Baby! Though when she does during her 'witching hours' at 10-12mn and 6-8am, i do get worried when I do not know what she wants. She passes gas very often too but other than that, she's really a gem. She recently had her 'tahnik' and 'cukur rambut' at a nearby mosque and now she's botak. She still looks beautiful to me with a bald head. hehe!

My little A for Aaliyah (ala Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta)

Trying out my Babysafe sling... I had a hard time getting her used to it, but I think it's not meant for small-built Asians, in my opinion. Too much excess fabric. Gonna try get a baby carrier next. Any recommendations mummies out there? Bjorn? Other brands?

She looks so peaceful. She had her fair share of tummy time.
 She insists on holding her bottle everytime

Playing time with Daddy

Lepak time with Mummy. "Confirm or Ignore" facebook friend request? hehehe! Maybe next t-shirt to buy 4her will be Tweet and Instagram logos.. hehehe!

My first hot date with Hubby after 1 mth of 'jailterm'. Taking the MRT after so long. Miss the times when commuters give up their seats to me. I feel very energetic and excited already. Say OI to the world!

Taking care of a baby is a big deal and I believe that a happy mummy makes a happy baby. Being confined at home is indeed very uncomfortable. Especially when I am ALONE at home taking care of Aaliyah for 5-7 days a week. Taking a break is beneficial. Having a ME time is also very important to me. Yes, the world does revolve around your baby, but sometimes you need to MAKE time for yourself and boost up yr morale and inner self. Thank you to my mom who help to take care of Aaliyah during my hot dates with Hubby (which occurs twice this month). =)  Enjoying my strong relationship with Hubby is also very important to me as it takes 2 to clap in this new Phase 4 of our lives. My relationship with hubby comes first, then comes our relationship to lil Aaliyah.

Aaah.. finally made the time to do my unruly hair which has been untouched for 10 months.

Hubby and I had a first movie date (after labour) to watch the final installment of SAW 3D yesterday and damn it was gory. hahaha! The whole 90 minutes have so many 'games'. We are real great fans of SAW and have been following it since SAW 1. The ending could be better, though. Hoffman deserves to die in a more gory way. Like in a game or something. Where do they get these sick ideas of how to manipulate people in a life and death game!? BRILLIANT ideas!! The acting of the main cast police officer could be better though. He acts very 1-dimensionally (like Nicholas Cage's expressions). Hubby and I were also asked to check our IC at the entrance of the cinema. The movie is R(21). wow. No comments. hah! Well, that's all for now. Gotta change Aaliyah's poooey diaper. Taaa!