Tuesday, September 30, 2003

My Side..

I was browsing around this site when I came across Gf old webbie.Browse & read it all.Rekindled all the memories we had!heh..If you guys reading this post & would love to know what actually I'm talking all about,you guys can click at 'Sheikha-2-Zaini-wit-Luv' under Link Up.Its more of our history from the start till today & many more,lovely poems could be found there too.

Had fun working from Thursday.I can't wait for them to put me in 12hrs shift instead of the current 8hrs.Meaning that I'll earn like crazy for an ite graduate only..haha!The working enviroment may not suite for majorities but the job is very easy & the people I'm working with are all very friendly.They helped me around alot,Introduced me around & even made friend with a Gurkha today!But my supervisor warned me for backstabbers.For all I know,I just do my own work & smile when I had to,that way I won't go wrong & insya'allah(hopefully).

Today I also met Gf after work,had a full dinner with her at Sakura,my fav Sway Kao noodle(isit spelt that way?) & hotplate beancurd.After that we walked around town,hasn't been going town a lot lately & we even went to Fai's working place to visit her after whick I bumped into my old ite friend.Was so shocked when he told me that my closefriend(ite) went to detention barracks for a very silly mistake.What a pity cause he's a very quiet,honest & good boy.To make matter worse,its my own friend(the one i bumped just now) who handcuffed & brought him there.Wish you all the best my friend.

3 more hours

End up not going to school. Was in bed, snoring the weather away. I'm gonna meet BF after his work today later at 4... I have a thing for him in his uniform...even in the Army, especially in the Army. a.k.a "pic of the week". He's the one firing the rifle. Now Army's over. And i still have a crush on him in his new uniform.
Shrimp Sway Kow @ Sakura, stomach's growling for you.

Monday, September 29, 2003

I yearn...

BF has to wake up at 5 am tomorow, working all the way to 4+ pm. I'm proud of you Dear. We'll endure this together k. Sleep early, Luv I think of going to school, just crash any of my lectures, and wait for BF to come home. It's for my own good too coz i've been terrible at attending these lectures. The fact that SIM doesn't make it compulsory to come for lectures make me even lazy.. Damn, i can't procrastinate and sit back any longer. Gotta wake up, Sheikha@@!

I met Ana and her friend for lunch at SIM cafe just now and i had a great time, thanks to you both! We'll Lunch again soon k. Study Hard. heehee... Then, i met BF at Clementi Central and we had a long talk. We talked about enduring, loving, understanding and coping with the changes in Life and what's there to come ahead of us. It makes a lot of sense to us that relationships do need effort. Apart from the other verbs of vocab. But effort is the Main number 1 source of life in a relationship.

I added a link to my Old Geocities Homepage. It's quite un-updated though. but the link is to my personal SheZai Page. Where i splash all my feelings during BF's NS times. those times we've been through. ok.. now it's makin me reminisce.. ... ... .... *builds castles in the air.....*

Sunday, September 28, 2003

Sunday Schmunday

It's now late afternoon and my eyes are gettin droooopy.. Wonder how BF is doing at work.. Must be tiring. I've just finished teaching Mira. She's still here blog-hopping with me hehe. Yesterday's family meeting went well at my house. About 30 people crammed. I wasn't in it though. Money-talks make me shiver. I played with the babies and young ones. Had to help my Mom clean up after that.. House was in a mess by midnight. Had a good sleep though.

I'm having afternoon lecture tomorrow but i guess i'll be crashing the morning one. Ana, we can have lunch tomoro, after which BF, i'll meet u k.. I have no plans. No whole day like i told you. No tuition, no lesson. And since you're not working, let's watch a movie~ it's been a while. Yea.. i think i owe BF something. Oh yea.. BF, i'm so glad you liked ya lil pressie. Next stop = Hari Raya 2003. heh heh heh.... YOu know i know... BF's birthday is exactly on the day of Hari Raya. Sweet. Oh no, it's time i started getting down to my books. Hadn't been studying since the first day of school. But then again, my tutees , Mira, is having her PSLE and Faezah is havin her N levels. all at the same time. I'm willing to spend more hours with them. I know they can do it. hehehe. MAybe after that, then i'll start my own studying. GOing out with BF later at night... yeay!

My Side..

Its quite early i guess...its sunday,everyone's home even my mum who's always working very hard.Even my cats were meowing here & there calling for the biscuits breakfasts.So I really had no choice but to wake up.Mum cooked fried rice for the whole family for breakfast.Going to brush teeth & wash up soon after blog for breakfast.I really don't know what to do today.Are we meeting today gf?She's been very bz the whole day of yesterday with her family meeting but before that we had a very good time having lunch with Ana @ chicken chop place(but we all had chicken cutlet).We talked,laughed,joke & gossip around there but basically we had lots of fun there,thanks Ana!We'll meet up some other time again yea!(btw gf,Ana asked you for lunch on monday at S.I.M)

In the last post,I forgot how to say how i got the book(My Side).It was a real surprise!I can't belive she did that.That day was actually Shakirah's & Lily's birthday.So she had to come to my house to help out with Grandma to cook/pack the food before we left for the chalet.Basically we're like busy,rushing & also quite late for the chalet & her tuition class.Therefore,we went off separately after that.After the fun & all at the chalet,we went home & I had work the next day,so I told Gf that I'm quite sleepy,tired & I wanted to sleep early.Then she's like 'kalang kabut' & I sense something wrong.Afterwhich she said,'Can you check your drawer before your sleep?'I told her that my uncle was sleeping & my room's very dark,don't want to disturb his sleep.She then said,'Jus open your top drawer & check out something in it,its at the top by the way.'So I did as what I'm told.To my surprise it was a big thingy wrapped up & all with a card along with it.I WAS SO SURPRISED!!but then I didn't knew that it was a 'Book'.So she wished me happy 30th month & said that she just gave me a box of chocolate!But it was not!the wrapper was a chocolate!but the present was an Autobiograhpy of sir Becks!hah I was so happy!!!..Was really dumbstruck before my sleep!heh Thanks alot dear!oh by the way..My manager just call me up,asked if I want to work today.So i said yes!hah..Guess if we meet today it will be quite late Gf,I'll be finishing at 6 today.I'll call you during my lunch time or something k?I've got to rush now!! laters !!

Saturday, September 27, 2003

My Side..

That's a pic of the autobiography book by sir becks!hehe..its also a gift from Gf on our 30th month together celebrations..thanks alot!! i really appreciate it alot..& this also the first time i'm reading a book since primary school(courtesy of Roald Dahl,'spelling nyer gitu eh?)..after that i've been reading magazines,New papers dan yang bukan2. i hope this also be a stepping stone for me to start reading again..my english quite poor also..hope can improve myself!

Today was superfun! went for our crepes & creams...simply delicious LA! after that we went for a lil shopping now for liza birthday pressie..we also did a lil shopping for us too & then..we sat down at marina square ..n decides to rest n tok tok before having dinner. we wanted to hav spicy chicken mcrispy but sadly they not cooking it anymore...DAYM uncle mac!! its my fav !!! sheesh..instead now the sell macam lil drumlets..so kecik yet so sikit(4keping jer) pathethic la..n the price is the same as spicy mccrispy! sell out mofos! macam vince mcmahon jugak!hah..ok enuff bout tht..we went to lau pa sat instead..n hav friedkway teow wit cockles! yeay..nice nice..made our day though..afterwhich..irritate gf...annoy her in the train....as the day ended.....its a very gd day to spend time with her..(by right i'm suppose to work) but (by left the roster not out yet) so..self proclaim "off" la yea...hehe..& btw..since i'm working now..i wun be around at The Cube that often now..will be there once in a while. hope the shop will sell more of its stuffs as the day passes...

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Y are the brainiest kids mostly Chinese?

I feel ill today. Nose drippin like a flowing tap. Slept and woke up at Noon, good work Panadol Cold. Had Tuna sandwich and watched "Sweet November" on HBO. Again. Cried. Imagine somebody you love, somebody who influenced you and changed your life, having a deadly sickness and knowing that he/she is going to be gone anytime soon. But, the twist is that, he/she doesn't wanna tell you because he/she doesn't want you to know. Afraid. Doesn't it make you feel that Time is always taken for granted? There is only Ample Time in your life and we don't know when God will take it away from us. Will there be time to tell the ones u love that u love them? Scary. I get teary whenever i watch this storyline... The same goes to "A Walk To Remember".
BF's at his Practice session now. Can't wait for October 2nd Geylang East Library. Oh anyway, I wanna say Congratulations to BF on gettin the Job! They must be blown away by your testimonial, i guess. hehe! You're gonna look like a "guy-nurse" in that uniform and face-mask. Oooh~! 2 months contract is better than nothing baby. Love you anyway. I wanna treat you to "Crepes & Cream", ok Dear! Congrats~ hmmm... what is this i heard about a certain "my side" becks?
Me gonna hav a long day tomoro, morning and afternoon lects. *Ana, u schoolin? wanna meet up for lunch?* :) Later after school, me gotta go tutoring. gonna get my pay tomoro!

*^*^Lily^*^* HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *^*^Shakirah^*^*

My Side..

hehe that is the title of the latest David Beckham book,not too sure if its selling like hotcakes or not..but i'm pretty sure i want to get hold of the book pretty soon..maybe after i get pay for the house that i've painted.this will be the first time also i'm actually reading a book,cos normally i'm always a typical,magazine & the new paper fanatics.haha who knows after this book,i might start reading as my hobby & also i can improve on my English!heee..

i loike today..was at The Cube from 1230pm till 1030pm.lotsa pple were there today.lotsa laughing..dissing/beef with memek...eating..etc etc. but wat i loike most today is that i get to jog wit gf for the first time ard Bedok Reservoir.we did try jogging first time at Pasir Ris park but it went no further than 1km.haha..but today,its better than the one we had at Pasir Ris park.well,i had to keep my promises..lik i promise that day.hope i can live up to my promiseS!

& as u guys know these blog has been updated by Gf.she does most of it & i'm so thankful for her.we had new features here such as ..

1. Imood - we post our mood everyday whenever we want & depend on how we're feeling.

2. Picture Of The Week - ok for now we hav a pic taken by me,@esplande event on 21st Sept(that's a pic of one of the guys from 'BFC' btw).we'll TRY to update this "segment" every week!hee..

3. Moments - we'll also TRY to update this part too(duno how frequent kot?)

4. Link Up - these are my favoriteS!ahah cos i can surf easily from the blog!& most of the sites we posted up there at the ones we normally surf ard..check out for 'SCRATCH IT/SPIN IT' & 'WU NAME'.

****Scratch it/Spin it is a web for pple who loves to feel being a Dj.You guys could spin,scratch,mix,etc.. virtually there! give it a try pple!! 8/10.
****Wu Name is for pple who simply into Wu Tang Clan. This site is for you guys to have your own Wu Name!very easy to do..so give that a try too yea!its FUn! 7/10

ok then..i think i wanna hav some fd to eat..havent had dinner..
i'm off now....*dinner & watching Real Madrid game later at 1am.* woo hoo!!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2003

It's always the Wee Hours.....

Good early morning heyz! BF's already asleep right now. *ssshhhhhhhh~* i thought of sprucing up this site. And again i took the whole night.... But it's all ayy ok yea.. Thank God. Blogger's been good to me tonight.. Since it's already an early sunday morn, i'd like to say that yesterday, BF and I spent some time together, walking about town. Met BF for chicken chop first, and both of us saw Ana(CrazyPink) from afar when we wanted to take bus No. 7 from a bus-stop. hehe! We wanted to say Hi but the bus was already on its way. Upon reaching there, i realised that BF and I were bored... of the same place, Orchard Road. But nonetheless, we still had fun taking funny pics, joking around, and as always, BF Irritates and annoys me playfully.. hehe! He is one jokey farnie bloke. :P bf! haha! Gonna meet him tomorrow for somebody's wedding invite. And off to esplanade.... i'd better doze off and join BF in his Dreams now.....well, bye~

Saturday, September 20, 2003

My fav color is Red!

i jus love this new revamp site done by Gf!heh..we had a hard time yest morning finding skins..kita feeling judge n so we shortlisted banyak giler..n trimmed it slowly until finally we are left with 2 choice each..from there we hav a similar shortlist therefore we chose this skin..but kita browse only from A-C jer.hehe too many la..nxt time k!
Anyways..yesterday was also a tiring day for me,after blog helping gf,i went off to repair my NetMd,always give me trouble at least once in 3-4 mth.maybe this md has too much function dat its very sensitive.afterwhich i went off to meet Paul(arranged my Juherman)to pass him the poster i think..after passing the stuffs..its 1615 have to wait for gf as she was teaching at home,while sitting at dhoby ghaut i observe/notice something.I remembered last wk when i distribute Sghiphop flyers outside Victoria Theatre(first time).They had an Indo event there of which mostly who attended are Indonesians/foreigners n lil Singapura cats.The pple i distribute the flyers too all were very appreciative,Smile,say thanks,hello & even bother to tok to me for a while...Nice chaps!!nvr in my life i'm "working" wit frenly pple at public.but yesterday,while sitting,there's this gal who is distributing flyers too..she passed me so i smiled back n say thanks..n after that..ard 1645(peak hrs),more pple walked ard there..making their way home or to enjoy their long wkends.n as these poor soft gal is distributing flyers to most of em,i noticed every move the passers by made.Only 2 out of 10 bother to read or at least keep it in their pockets or bag.the others?they jus took it n dumped at the dustbin near em,no smile no look at all n jus give the dun bother feeling,there's some who "read" from the gal's hand(trying to give em),some push her away..Etc..beribu-ribu karena lagi la!what does this tells us?are we singaporeans rude?hmm..well anyway everyone has their own say yea..n everyone has their own reasons..but oh well..i'll jus be myself n try to be frenly towards everyone i met(i hope i can do it)i loike meeting pple lik fazli(freaky z),haffiz & famie(pinholes), shakirah,Wan Bless,Taufik(Proverbs) n the list goes on..these pple nvr fail to smile n always in happy mood no matter how they feel..i enjoy communicating wit these pple..& i hope i can be lik em ! hehe.ok after all dat,Gf n i went to hav early dinner at REX!the 2nd place i ever tried Hong Kong Hor Fun & the best chicken rice(voted by ahli panel of Selamat Pagi Singapura)..after which,i had some window shopping wit GF n later sent her off.Had a session yesterday with Pinholes.& nxt wk gonna be lil bz for us as we are goin to cramped in 3 sessions in a cos the nxt wk is the event itself..so ishaaq n lia..i need u to be there for at least 1 day!!!thanks!..
As for today,gonna meet up Gf after her skool..then gonna spend some quality time with her..haven't been doing dat lately..i promise..today its jus gonna be US jer k!hehe..we'll hav our usual shopping,Junks,irritating U moments!hee.also can sit down somewher wher we can tok2..take pics..n also we loike to comment on pple way of dressing on the streets!haha i loike to see pple shoes!aeheh..ok lah ..kaki aku rendam ni pun dah jadi sejuk...i gtg now..see u later GF!

A Change!

At last.. heheh... Phew! *crrrrraaccccckkkk crrraaackk* tulang.. a small revamp... the old one's gettin... well.. "old". haha! Lily's blog is revamped too! And hers is super nice! I like it... Took a few hours to change the colours and links and all that... and i'm now dead-beat. Schoolin early morning tomoro.. no wait.. it's already saturday morning... *yaaawwwnzz* guess i'll just skip the first half of the lecture.. *evil grin* and later after school, i'm meetin BF! For that ever-famous Chicken Chop! Miss that thing...Mima Might be comin along.. can't wait to hear about her night out. ah damn.. gotta go now. eyes're wide shut.... *ssnnoorreezz*

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Great day~!

Adding on to BF's entry, i wanna thank Mima! Girl, u really skipped afternoon lecture to go to the cube wit me to meet zaini eh! haha! And thanks for belanjering me too! *mwahs* Me and BF will give u a treat next time soon k. Enjoy centro tomorrow! *winks* Darla, it was nice meetin you after sooooo long tau... So glad to see u sooo happy and cheery! Take care ok! Love is in the air. :) gots a whole day tomorow. BF, yea let's change skins. chat u later, Love.

so happy today..

firstly i'm proud to say that i sell 3 tshirt today!haha although they're my friends who bought it..i still appreciate it alot! THANKS NANA!!! THANKS FAI & also...THANKS ZUL!!!..hope u all loike the t-shirts! N today the shop also hav loads of guests..Mima N bf n her fren,nana,mok,taufiq & memek n zul n also the usual owner Fye with his partner. thanks u all for dropping by jus now..i feel great whenever there's loads of pple comin..hehe come agains ah! oh btw..the new stocks are out..the shop is slowly upgrading itself..some of the new stuffs to look out are brand new.. Jackets & Caps n as for the 2nd hand corner..we hav new toys/figures & also jeans!!!..check out guys n gals!...i also did some stock check today...n mima really did treat me to a lunch!haha...thanks gurl..i'll treat u some other time k! & also i'd loike to say thanks to Gf who's always helping me up at The Cube.love u hon.. i'll tok to u laters!....(we really need to change the blogskin,macam nak muak..haa)

i'll try now to think of wat i said jus now...

Its been a while since i discover somethin new..ther's couple of stuffs i'd loike to share though now..while relaxing n spending quality times yest with gf b4 she goes to her Camp..she fiddled with my fingers n she did somethin new to it!haha..she make it shine!n daym its shining now!haha..anyways she said,this is called buff(i think that is the way its spelt)well..met her again today..n this time aroun,i did it myself on my right fingers..oh wow..ahha macam gurl2 now..CHECK OUT MY FINGERS DUDEs!haha....ok2nd thing i discovered is dat....*druMMMMmmmm*..I'm NOt oVERwEiGHt!!!!haha..my bmi is 23!b4 dis i'm 27!,so the promises i made last week really works out la..23 somemore! nombor ala Sir Beckham!heh..macho liao! anyways i also did some surfing at frienster.com this site all started by Fawa!haha thot it was boring at first..then one by one..friends add up n add up to the list.. then in the end..everyone actually is an aquaintance to everyone..haa!its true tau..anyways..i wrote testimonials to Din,Gf,Nana,Tina,KayD..i think dats all..heha can't really remember..as for tomorrow..i'll be heading back to The Cube to jaga..ahah been absent for the past 5 days.had somethin on..zul will be there tomorrow too..he's on his term hollys!...n as for later on..i think i'll wait up for some champion league footy(prefer to watch madrid game)haha...ok anyhow..i'd this feeling/instinct that my beloved Arsenal will fall tomorrow n this Sunday..dun ask me y!haha i jus sense it coming..but i'll jus say..All the best Gunners!prove me wrong!haha ok then..ciao..
(i dun think i wrote the same lik wat i did jus now but anyway this are the points i wanted to say..heh Dun happen again Blogger!!)

Tuesday, September 16, 2003


i typed alot jus now...but it went blank..sigh..i really cant remember wat i typed.

Friday, September 12, 2003

TGIF thank God it's friday.

It's cold in here... The wheezing sound of firecrackers could be heard outside. irritating. I should call the police. or then again, better not. hah! I agree wit BF on the otak2 ish. those red fleshy hot and steamy otaks2 are the best. yea.. those with picks, not staplers. there is a difference. hehe! ok ok , u all must have herd enuff of otaks2 for now ya. Oh btw, BF, Prata (chinatown brand) Instant is also super delicious. it's like the Mamak Crispy prata at Loyang Point. only nicer when dipped in home-cooked curry or sambal tumis. I'll make sure in the future, InsyaAllah, i wanna learn how to cook not only from my mom but also from BF's grandma and mom. They make delicious meals. That's all in the food department. keke.
BF made a list below... a good one. Wish i could follow those things like eat more veges and fruits and drink lotsa water. They sure will ease my PMS mood swings, right honey? *BF nods head in agreement on this one*. right. i might do my hair tomoro, most probably. lily? :) Yeay! It's the weeeeekend! 2 more days to Monday! Yeay again! weeoohhooo! surprise surprise.

Right now, i just love the advertisement where the small boy dresses up as elvis presley and says,"one day, i'm gonna marry you.. but right now i'm gonna impress my Mother-in-law." If only i can find that song online, gonna put it here..... if only.

new post

i think its musim hujan liao..its either hujan tengahari,petang2 or late malam.but best thing is...its cooler nowadays..aha..jus nice the temp.not too hot not too cold..oh btw..i forgot to tell that THE CUBE is actually located at Blk 742 #01-3119 Bedok Reservoir Road.a very prominent building u can see is the orange Sheng Siong building...hmm..let me see wat to type eh..oh ya the otah2 debate.haha menjadi-jadi eh this issue..but its all gd..n everyone loves it yea!even my neighbour ana(there is one along the pavement to the MRT STATION,its horrible ana,dun buy it!)haha..ok la..my thinking is lik dis..the diff between stapler n toothpick ones are the same as we buying MAMAK prata n buying an Instant one.Obviously mamak one tastes better kan?haha so macam gitu la my "philosophy",bit merepek but its true to me..so next lokasi shud be liza's place!heh..ok fullstop about this junk.

this wk,The Cube has more pple visiting than last wk.maybe its cos of the publicity yea.n the sales is not bad too..n when the new stocks has arrived..it shud be GREATER!haha..more frens also came to drop by.i'm so happy u guys drop by,tak beli pun takper..lik hakeem..haha..kedai baru bukak,2hari strait dia turun bawak skoolmate..recomendations ay!hah gd gd..n yest i went jogging at bedok resservoir for the first time,daym penat la running on sands..made 1 full lap but i nvr run pass by anybody n instead lotsa pple ran pass by me..ahha!lutut dah takle carry beb!macam mana reservist agaknyer eh..ish ish..*choy*..& as from this wk onwards...i want to make a promise to myself to..1. Not to eat junks/dinner later den 11pm. 2. Run at least 2wice a wk. 3. Eat more fruits. 4. Drink lots of plain water. 5. Stop scratching my feet when outside(home can) haha..i think i live up to the promises i made..insya'allah.
ok then..bye bye ..

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

*yawwnzz..i'm so tired today*

ok guys/gals..the pics below are some of the pics @ The Cube. today amat penatla. ok i really duno wat to type now..haha..suddenly my mind went blank..oklah nvm..tomorrow i blog again..till then..enjoy em pics! by eby e

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

The CuBe

Pictures of the CuBe at Bedok Reservoir Road.

i also duno wat i wanna type...

ok bad news....the pasar malam dat sells my fav otah2 @ eunos dah tutup!ARGhh!!now must search for new pasar malam spots..do inform me eh if u guys noe any pasar malam!?!ehe thanks..hmm..Adah said tht my typing got lotsa typos..well..actually the way i type is the same as the way i tok,so i cant be bothered by spellings,punctuations n kunchu kunchu yang lain.hmm..n MIMA,DUN START THAT NAME!u nvr start b4..n now dah pandai..ISH! ..last wkend macam penat to me...saturday got gig,but sadly poor sound system makes the show look so.............no comments...but they do hav great line up though! on sunday i went for some kick-a-round with my ol frens...quite fun...although i made a fool of myself at the last mins playing as goalkeeper!haha..effendi saptu! but the main thing is dat..my sec best fren(shahrul) came also..n he's getting married tis sunday!congrats man!its been a while i saw u..surprisingly he still remember my home n all..great fren & congrats!!i'll be ther this sunday for ur big day!..ok then..tomorrow i'll be going out...with gf n her bestfren mima n aunty rahimah n her super cute daughter!hope we gonna hav fun!till then... laters!!

Sunday, September 07, 2003

Keep fit!

For the first time in 2+ years, (other than NS tournaments), BF has gone to play real soccer with Zoolios and Gang. Haha!!@ Keep fit, babydear! *smiles* Enjoy.

Today, my mom is cooking sambal goreng Paru Tetel..sluuurps!... A rare dish that is prepared only during hari raya for my family.. but today is an acception&exception. heh heh heh!

Friday, September 05, 2003

Otak²²² & Burger Ramli

OOoooiiissh! I just had 10 otak² with 1 burger Ramli. Stomach's very pleased now. No... i'm GF, not BF. ahha. Hmm... wonder .... maybe i AM turning into BF! Then we same same. haha! It's true, ever since i'm with BF, we've been eating and tryin out new stuffs, new makan places, anything to do with food... then we'll walk it all off.. have a slow stroll along the river or something.... Ok.. i really dunno what i'm blabbering now.. terlalu kenyang agaknyer. Gonna drop by Eunos Pasar Malam often to get these 2 "delicacies".. me and BF's fave. BF will buy $5 worth and me $4 worth of otak otak and we'll sit under the pale moonlight under any void deck savaging our feast.. Burpz! I wanna catch a movie with BF soon. quite a number of good shows sprouting up everywhere. Ok.. from tuesday till today, i went to the Cube to accompany BF tend the shop. I got a pretty nice pink shirt myself... i like the design. Neat stuff! The ambience of the shop is great to browse and chill out. Tomoro, i'm gonna spend some quality time with BF, starting the day off by lunching (again, makan) at Sakura and have our talks like always.. been a while since we had a heart to heart conversation yea honey! then BF and I might head to YP to see the gig there. Till the day comes......

trains rides..

today i'm gonna blabber about train rides i've experienced from tampines to clementi.everytime i meet diff kind of pple..macam macam karena they all.sometimes i love listen to the jokes these pple made..watching them teasing minahs2 clubbing ...and many2 more....now i'm gonna share some experiences.....

*firstly...i noticed that some of these malay ah bengs & tapered mats mostly use the same 3310nokia(& they also change their hp cover to bright colors or glowing ones with rnb tunes)despite dressing up in DESIGNERS wear..hmm..i jus wonder..maybe these pple also gets their expensive DESIGNERS from the same place they get their ho covers.(pasar malam!)

*secondly...i jus hope that anyone hav to sit beside me if there's an empty seat available jus before bugis!reason?hmmm.....cos of those sweaty banglas.........................aiyah..now i feel guilty & a lil racist....well..ok la lets jus put it these way,i jus hope anyone jus pls sit b4 bugis k..dun mind these banglas ard.heh

*thirdly...its about this stranger i recently bumped in the train 2days ago.she's a hip babe or shud i say most guys wud want her to be their gf.ok anyways..last 2 days she was with her BF,cuddling lik most couples did...but today...when i saw her board from the same station..daym..she was with her "BF"(butch) la!holding hands ..and kissing!!ish..kesian her REAL BF.(confirmed its her cos of her disturbing swatch watch & she recognises me also cos of the slipper n sandal i had on my feet.the same thingy i wore 2days ago.paisey lah "kawan" kita tu..she jus try to keep herself bz to avoid me)ahha

*fourthly...hmm..there's more i'd loike to type out..but i kinda feel lazy n hungry already..its kinda late too...how i jus wish that i cud jus say wat i wanna say to these speakers n these blog wud type out everything i said..wah best kan!

anyways i'd lik to thank Famie n Fai for coming to The Cube jus now.(thanks for buying too fai!) & also special thanks for the starbuck treats Idah!we will head down there more often since i'll be ard east nowadays b4 i start work.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

makan makan makan..

i jus can't stop eating nowadays..its becoming a habit already,even my mum is pampering me with more junks than ever,since i ORD.ahha..crabsticks,ice creams,chocolates etc..everynight!!i really hav to control myself very soon...& i prolly noe how i can do it..well..the cube dah bukak now.since i have nothing to do & i'm workin after the 2nd oct event so i tell myself that y not i volunteer myself at the shop since i'm very free.that way,i'll leave house jus nice after lunch & head home just nice for my dinner.PERFECT!aha..& when this goes on n On...bulan ramadhan is also approaching.Lagi ada chance slimming la!haha..I really need to start puasa back la.haven been doing the usual 1full mth puasa since Ns.So its time now..have to be very very semangats..cos hari raya prolly falls on my birthday itself!So there's something to look forward to for this yr event.Hmm......when i lose weight again..i feel lik botak again..i noe gf doesnt loike the sound of this..but i feel very light lik dat(not weight tau but head).hmm..see how the keadaan lah ya.