Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Me and Lil Junior

Well I realised that I have not uploaded any photos of myself nor my baby bump ever since i got pregnant. Maybe I have not gotten used to the feeling yet. Oh c'mon! It's midway through my pregnancy already!! 5 months and counting! So fast right! As this is my first pregnancy, I do get a little bit nervous when people stare at my tummy, especially when I am walking (more like waddling) around the polytechnic (my workplace) or standing on the train/bus. The difference is that now, I get a seat on the train!! Thanks to the considerate commuters who gave up their seat to me in the split of a second. Mostly gentlemen, though. Nyonyas can't be bothered. Most school/poly children can go and screw their snobbish faces. A few working-class aunties are really nice too. Sitting down feels good....

My nausea and vomiting is gone. It's really true what people say. First trimester morning sickness will come and go in a flash. I won't miss it though. It really don't feel good with bile stuck in your stomach and throat every morning, noon and night. I currently have superbad backaches and the bump is still small! Can't imagine if it's at 8 months and I still need to bend down/squat down and talk to my tiny little children in class. Apart from work which is taking a toll on me, I feel darn good being preggers!!! Hubby is always entertaining me and the baby with his hilarious wit and jokes. I love him more everyday. Hope we will get through this phase in life strongly together. The pics below do not show my tummy so vastly prominent (yet). Well, I have no idea what to expect in the next few months. Do pray for our wellbeing. Thank you.

Me at 16 weeks and me at 18 weeks.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Price of Resale houses at all time high.

Have you read the papers yesterday? Flats in Queenstown are selling at close to $700K with COV about $25-30K! Crazy or what!? Sooner or later if the property market keeps on climbing, in 3 years time, it will reach $1000K for a 5-room flat there. Other hot location includes Bishan and Marine Parade. Where to get so much money to buy a house for first time buyer? Then those who want to sell their house to gain profit will eventually part with their money anyway if then want to upgrade or downgrade. Haiz.... Singapore, singapore. Freaking stressed to be living in this country.

According to Mom who heard from some other sources, " Ever since the RWS and MBS (casinos) opened, Singapore has been cursed with so many disasters. Floods, trees falling, people dying, Wallahualam."

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our Future Home

Well i guess I am ready to blog about SheZai's new abode. It is no longer a surprise nor a secret as most have already known. Searching for a house to call home in Singapore is ridiculously tough, I am sure some can attest to that. If you are looking at location wise and it does not matter to you, then Sengkang and Punggol will be your best bet and you will definitely score a place a few years ago (not compared to now though). However, Hubby and I are worried about location. My family lives in the East. His family lives in the West. He works in town. We have been eyeing resale flats around the West area but the price is Oh My God atrocious! No wonder we didn't even got down to call up agents or do any research in the Classifieds. We figured it's just not worth it! And so we waited. Even before marriage, Hubby has tried to apply for a BTO but our queue number is well beyond negligence by HDB. So don't bother to even print that letter to us.

The 4th time, we tried for a BTO project at JWest since it's near to MIL's place in Clementi. Again the queue number was way beyond infinity (ok just exagarating). So we got rejected for that too. So again, we waited. Close to 4 years in looking for that perfect home, HDB came up with Dawson @ Queenstown. Target acquired. December 2009, we applied for it, crossing our fingers praying, hoping and wishing, as it is the best target. Keyword: SUPERB LOCATION. Convenience is also key. A few MRT stops away from MIL and Hon can cycle to work at Orchard just a few distance away. The next few months were gruelling... it even made me write to HDB to enquire. All they said was to wait... and so WAITED we did. Again.

Then the package arrived for us to pick our flat! We were ecstatic! It was luck indeed that we got rejected at Jwest the first time. And it landed us this sweet sweet property. The day arrived when we are supposed to pick our flat and believe it or not, we did not even do any research on which corner, balcony or not, pricing etc. We just left it to fate. So when the time came, we seriously randomly picked one after a mutual agreement between husband and wife. =) We didn't even argue much. We knew that flat was the perfect one, with much considerations being done.

There are 3 blocks 86, 87 and 88. It is not a wonder that block 88 is fully chosen, what more with the link to the carpark and the sky garden view above the carpark. Since we didn't own a vehicle (nor intend to yet) we don't see it as important to choose a flat with the link to the carpark. So we chose one which faces the carpark sky garden just aptly to have a nice view. Ours is on the 10th floor (out of the 46 floors). We do not see the need nor the practicality of buying a flat with a loft since that flat is reserved for those living with their parents. It's a joint flat, so yea.. not practical. If our parents wanna drop by, we have a guest room specially for them. We are appreciative just by the simple fact that we have secured a future home for our growing little SheZai family. =)

Our future 4-room flat. We chose the one with 3 bedrooms (considering future plans). 3 years is gonna come and go in a flash. Before you know it, I am gonna blog about moving in to SkyVille @ Dawson Road. =)  (That is after I blog about SheZai Junior at least. hehe!)

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One of the funniest Mr Brown Productions ever!! Haha! Kudos!

This is freaking hilarious! Courtesy of Mr Brown. He has the baddest most entertaining brain ever. I like. =) He sings of the recent Singapore flood which hits island-wide and how people got in such sticky situations. The images are really good too! Oh How they blame everybody else. Well, what's new with the blame game ey? Pointing fingers is Singaporeans' most favourite past-time.

Singapore should lighten up, dun be so serious! Have a laugh at yourselves!