Monday, August 29, 2005

What went on yesterday?

i decided to spend some time wit the close families on a Sunday night. & gez wat? we went Pasir Ris bowling~! Momma, sister, aunt, uncle, and my 2 cousins. I dared not even wanna reveal the scores as they were horrendously attrocious !!!!! Mom got the highest score, though. Just in the name of fun. We need to get our mind off work (or school... or NS...) once in a while. I could do another round of bowling one day. It's so fun! And the shoes! It has changed! yes. Bright GREEN or Blue. (as in pic above bottom right) . My Gosh. Can somebody PLEASE design some nice bowling shoes for rental. Wished Hun could join us yesterday. But it's ok. We'll get together wit the family one day for BBQ k hun.

Guest Replies
Effa: Thanks Effa. And We'll be waiting for yours as well . =)
PiQ: "Orgasmic" hor fun (as quoted by you) @ Changi Airport. I work lah! Always end late then got no time. U can go yourself mah! Tha makcik always close stall at 6pm. Zaini say "angin ah". stall ikut mood. So...... one day lah.
Diana: Haha. In the end i didn't do the eyebrow threading cos i see not point. my eyebrow very fine the bulu. (hmm eyebrow hair is called bulu eh?) My fren went for it for $5. She say very pain. Like ants bites.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Couple Of Stuffs To Add On .. Yipiee Yeahh!

Image hosted by

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Nike Zoom Tiffany Dunk SB

These 2 are probably the first time I ever had in my life. Firstly I've never own a Nike Shade before but thanks to the important people of the company, I've got this baby at an incredible price & I really mean REAL INCREDIBLE! hah Secondly thanks to Latyfah for getting me my first Nike Dunk SB & which also is my favorite one! It came from such a long way though & I owe you one to this yea! Anyway I JUST LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT DONE BY HUN! THANKS HUN!IT'S SO WHAT I'VE ALWAYS WANTED & THE SONG? ITS MY CURRENT FAVORITE ONE, YES! COLDPLAY-WHAT IF?

Till then, Off to wrk!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

The day was an eventful one. It wasn't planned at all. I started off with the dreaded half-day work on a Saturday. Came home to rest and later meet my girlfriend colleague, Rose. We headed on to Little India to have eyebrow-threading. Real cheap and gorgeous. It was really a "new" breath of air other than Orchard & town. We ate at Komala's and had our Girl Talks, bitchin about work and shit. Such a Destressing event to let out ALL the fucking frustration of work. After eating, we went exploring Little India. Not a huge crowd, so we were just browsing around and went into a Yoga meditation shop. Not interested, although they were pushing us brochures and stuffs. And so we continued walking and exploring.

We decided to explore Chinatown next, so into the MRT we popped. The night market with glaring lights reminded me of Petaling Street in KL. Lots of nice cheongsiams and accessories. The shopkeeper acknowledged our presence and talked to me in Chinese, which i understood, but have difficulty saying that i don't speak the language. So i kept mum, and nodded my head like a Bopper. We sat down for a drink and got meself a nice eyeshadow from BodyShop at a great discount! Lovin it. At the spur of the moment, we just continued walking and walking from Chinatown to Raffles Place Boat Quay as though there wasnt an end. There was an event going on and it was bustling with crowd. A lot of flea markets goin on today. We found a spot and sat by the river, reminiscing our lives and girltalks again. Suddenly , out of nowhere, RIGHT in front of our sight, the sound of POP explosives and fireworks started somewhere near Indochine. It was breath-taking. Again, we do not plan the day. Go with the flow. And it will always turn out marvelously.

Met Nina in the MRT and again had a nice chat with her to end the awesome day out.

Girls Love to talk and talk and talk, I know and believe Guys will attest to that. Chet-Chot-Chet-Chot-Chet-Chot! Isn't it a wonder that girlfriend-n-girlfriend-bonding or male-bonding is totally different from boyfriend-n-girlfriend bonding? We need BOTH in our lives to keep us sane. And hun is totally understanding and gives me the ladies' space i need as well as how i won't mind if he has a guy thang. Trust is always there. . Accessory-Shopping and Girl-Talks and Bitching sessions can only happen when Girls get together. =) And Boyfriends need to understand that. =) Mine does!

On a lighter note, check them out. Click5. Very the Pop-ish.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Sneaks & More Sneaks.. !!

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Air Rift Premium Laser Cut (Hun's New pair!)

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Paul Rodriguez Nike Zoom Air Low

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Nike Free 4.0

Shopping has been non-stop for shezai. Duno y but it has just been on-going! The Air Rift for hun while the P Rod for me & Nike Free for my runners. Haha, too happy I guess or perhaps its more of distressing ourselves due to us not meeting that much nowadays due to work. Work has been magnificent these days. Btw the Nike Free 4.0 is really a motivating shoe to run with. Very highly recomended for anyone who is really into barefeet running, also strengthening your foot muscles & not mentioning prevent you from injuries in the future. Sounds like a good investment ay? Well, Go grab them while you can & simply just follow the training regiment hence everything will be fine! WARNING : NOT SUITABLE FOR GRANDPARENTS.

Coming Home To Clementi Ave 5 soon.. Nike Shades(Finally!) for me & Tiffany+Nike Dunk SB Collabo(hopefully). ;D

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Shopping, Shezai~?! Impulse buying almost killed the pockets.

The purse and wallet have spoken. The sound of crisp money being cashed out of the Atm machine and coins clinking.. .. .. .. is this just pure lure into the material world that is being created once you start working? The more money you have, the more money you'll spend. A known fact. Work has been entirely draining and stressful. A sentence you'll see frequently on this blog. It has been a month or more. Trying to cope. Freaking risky job. Good money. So stay for a while i will.

I've signed up as a Body Shop member.. Just can't resist the lotions and make-up and all the nice-smelling stuffs there. I recommend African Spa Wisdom salt scrub. Their body butter and lotions too. Has a little bit of a Vanilla scent to it. I like it. Bought a pair of shower gloves too. Gosok Daki. Indulge myself in a little body-pampering during the weekends to drown the senses. Taking at least 1+ hour in the shower. waste water eh. Strawberry body lotion has a nice smell. I like. Maybe too strong. But yummilicious! Oh man. Hun bought an eye-pack too! hee!!

Oh .. Hun and his shoes. Hun, Hun. Shoes ..... again ?!? hahaha! (Another sentence you'll see frequently on this blog. ) Shopping today was marvelous. Went to the Ikea Sale. And instead of imagining and picturing our room after marriage and the blah la lahs , we discussed about revamping his bachelor pad. Let him go all out and redecorate it all he wants. I feel it's a good idea too as I really want him to pamper and indulge himself with his X-box, PC games, TV, DVDplayer, shoes, these guy's stuffs, etc etc . Enjoyment, fun and relaxation is key to a healthy lifestyle.

Headed to town after that and bought some stuffs from Guess. Bought myself a jacket as well as a shirt for Hun. I can't wait to see you in that shirt hun! Oh and Do not ever go shopping in Heels, trust me. Hurts like hell. I'm loathing pointed shoes from now on. I think i'm beginning to adore clothes from Guess. Maybe it's the Paris Hilton effect. I dunno. Hun just faaaaavvvourrrs Paris. Do i have a choice? =P

Ema came up and said hi to me at Taka. Such a nice girl. So sorry you caught me in a sneezing positon, Ema! hahaha!