Saturday, July 31, 2004


Such A Lovely Catch At Such A Lovely Price, 82$ ';P~

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Happy 40th Mth For Shezai ';D

Had a great Sunday today. Met Famie & the rest first at Clementi MRT before meeting up with Gf & Fai. Haffiz told me an incident that really sounds so funny & foolish. It happened yesterday at Esplande. A group of malay kids(skinheads) were shoving & playing around there when some of them accidently pushed one of their friends down. The guy was injured according to 'The Sunday Times'. Oh gosh, how foolish can these skinheads be, malay somemore. sigh. Anyways the guys from The Pinholes performed at 1430 at Paragon. They were really impressive just now & they caught the attention of the passers by. I would say that they were tight & had improved alot & to my surprise the crowds were alot but more suprisingly its not made up of their own friends(which normally happen to gigs around here) but the publics. Great work guys! We later head down to Peninsula & then to Clarke Quay to walk around before Gf really can't stand her sinus. Her flu was also coming hence we head back home.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Aaaahhh Finally.

Presenting.....SheZai's new lay-out. BF thought of putting up this song, Shivaree's Good Night Moon. And my mind created this image of cruisin' in a car,  just like in the movie kill bill 2. Just imagine this scenario, you're speeding in a convertible along a long stretch of highway, the sign of existence nowhere to be seen around you, with the wind blowing wildly in your hair, ya stereo blasting this song,  ya mind wander far far away...... So that was the starting point of putting the graphics and animations together after much pondering and re-doing. I went to search @ Yahoo for a car's  side-view, then some roadside trees, then "the bride", then the rest, and chuck it all together with Animation Shop 3.. hahaha! Crap. but Finally. What i had in mind is now seen here. Together with the song. I want a car right now and speed along a highway.SheZai now has a guestbook. Feel free to sign it. Thanks. :)

BF is working the AM shift tomorrow. And me still at home, with sooo much free time. Hahah! I thought of taking up a Macromedia Flash/Dreamweaver short course with Informatics just to kill time, and upgrading myself.  And for the fun of it. Ever since i've been lazying around at home, i feel so carefree, so relaxed...... NOT! I feel jittery... like i have to do something, anything except the normal eat, sleep, watch TV, go out, find money, spend money. My results/classification will be out at the end of August. Still a long way to go. I hope i get a temporary job. Ok ok, this is just utter crap of entertaining myself through blog. Hmmmm..OR.. i could get back at sketching. ok Bye!

Monday, July 19, 2004


Can't believe that I watched 'Mean Girls' today. Prolly its just for the fun of it but then its a really good gamble that paid off well. Thanks Gf for the treat! I'd give 3 popcorns! haha Anyways its been really enjoying today. Very chilled & laid back after all the work. Been a long time too I've been to Orchard. Anyways the fake Guccis,LV & Prada are all dying soon..& now emerge the fake VON DUTCHS! oH gosh.. Thanks alot Bugis. I can't really recall a boutique here. So next time folks don't be too proud cause its fake!
Anyways work has been great as always. Really enjoy the enviroment & always something new every month. Perhaps thats why I don't get bored easily like I did at RMG. Been always trying to find a way to relax myself these days when I'm on off. Playing golf has been one of those choices. Its really pretty relaxing sport though. Quite expensive too but then we have this loan out thingy so why not ay? haha oh wait, I'm not trying to be like him but I just want to give a try to the sport. Just have to get the gloves & shoes myself though, the clubs & all can loan Nike ones. Haha it always feel good to work in a dream company. Hope my dream comes true!

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Do You Feel Violated?

Recently, there has been an article in the newspaper about how the latest Models of camera phones and devices with built-in cameras has caused much awareness and urgency to the members of the public. The article mentioned an example of how this Chee Ko Pek guy, standing in line at an ATM machine, discretely took pictures of this curvacious lady (butt, hair, body, etc)standing in front of him in the queue with his camera phone. Relek ajer!

Has it happened to you? (Well, you wouldn't know it, would you?) Most likely, it is usually the ladies who fall victim to such indecent acts. I'm sure many ladies out there
have felt that their privacy has been breached before. Such Rude people have nothing better to do than to take pictures of girls and store it in their handphones thinking that they can show them off to their friends. How intimidating can it get? And to rub salt to the wound, these picture-snappings of unawared passers-by happen right here in public.

Referring to Picture 1 (a distorted image of me, chunk together to make it into what i had in mind. ) For example, in the crowded MRT train, when a guy/gal standing in front of you takes out his handphone and use it, (while you are sitting down in front of him/her), you would think he/she is SMSing or playing java games, But would you really know if he/she is secretly taking a picture of you sitting down? (Ladies, take care of your cleavage). Try it, when you look up, you are actually staring right into his/her camera. But then again, he/she might just be doing his own stuff. THe problem here is.. you never know! Nokia has since came up with a camera phone that can Zoom in on pics, Well well well.... It's good in a way, but imagine some people using it for other purposes!

There has been rules about where and when to use camera phones in public, but do you think people care? They don't because they know they can't get caught! From 4 personal experiences,(two in MRT, one in KFC, one in school canteen),i tell you ,this place is not safe anymore. Yes, i have to warn you people out there, especially ladies, please be aware of your surroundings as i think this Phase/trend is cathing up slowly. And the most irritating and annoying thing about it is, nobody can do anything about it, except YOU. BE AWARE.

Please participate in the poll "I poll" at the bottom right corner of this blog. Thank You.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004


OOoo...its been a long long time since I blogged here. Kind of busy with work. Nothing new for me lately except that I'm in love with chickens. Haha I can't go on in a day w/o eating them. Other then that should been nothing much except for Euro 2004. Didn't catch much of it ever since the 3 Lions crashed out. I'm really a big fan of them. Overall I would rate them 7/10. Becks been ultimately dissapointing, James is normal, Gerrard & Scholes were ordinary. Big credits goes to Lampard & Ashley Cole. Anyways the tournament was full of surprises & excitment eventhough I didn't manage to follow up. Gf been buzy to lately with her holidays etc etc. She's been really enjoying & appreciating her off days for now. haha.. ok then, work tomorrow!


Monday, July 05, 2004

Fun Group Photo Ya'll!

All 16 of us went to watch Spiderman 2 Jus now. The show was good. Not really of a Hoo Haa. Gripping scenes though. Nice effects. Mushy Romantic Lines. Watch out for Spiderman 3 comin ya way! Happenning next was NyoNya And Apek Blues for dinner, at Ah Chew, much to our Annoyance. But the chicken rice they served was great, though. It Made up for it all. It was a fun day out indeed, No Doubt. P/s: Famie's youngest small brother is so Adorable! Watchin' Spidyman makes me wanna fly out of 'ere! Save me Spidey! Suntec is havin a Crazed-up Spiderman promotion. Even Bossini prints the yummilicious spiderman on its T-shirts! What the....