Sunday, December 26, 2004

Gf Is Finally Back! YEAH!

Pick Of December, Air Max 90

Shopping today was great! Gf came back from her hollys was far greater! Bought the shoe above & some cds.

This Nike Rabbit misses you alot while you're away on hollys..but you're back now! heh

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

1 more hour to M'Sia.

BF was such a darrrhhhling when he showed up all the way at my doorstep to surprise me yesterday. As i'm going for a short family holiday to Bukit Merah Laketown Resort in Perak tonight, BF lent me his bagpack and he also got me a small Nike bag with the words "dance" on it which i Love soo much. Thank You sooo much Honey.. I sure am Gonna miss you incredibly. Hope to be back in time for our Anny. Take Care k Hon.

I spent my time with BF yesterday and watched the long-shown 'Incredibles' at the Movies. Hahaa! yea yea i know it's a little tooo outdated. But Superb Show. Great animations. I'd give 4 outta 5 stars! Next on my list will be Putri Gunung Ledang ( i promised BF to watch this wit him), Phantom of the Opera, Blade? & Elektra. Great movies coming up!

To-Do List
  1. Revamp this dusty Blog
  2. Get a job by the new year
  3. Pick up kickboxing
  4. Eat more fruits & vegetables
  5. Meet Aisyah to discuss her Engagement!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

HiphopFest2004.. Hmm..

My Views..

*Crowd?.... Not bad.
*Performers?...Average,Ok,Some Were Good.(I left at 11pm)
*Sound System?...Bad.
*Worth the 15$/20$?...Nope.
*Reason?...No Fd,Drinks Only Mineral Water.

Anyways..I still don't get it,'Rain Or Shine Event'??
Pity those who didn't get to do their acts like Public Eyez, Trivalation, Bfc etc etc..
My Fav acts on that day were Yadin & Bless, Dry Peanutz, X`tatix , Triple Noize & Psykelectics. The Pimp Session was so Unnecessary. What were they thinking when they were already short of time? Why still the Pre-Show since it was already late?(It happened at 'The Big Show') Pity those who waited for Taufik too. Especially the youngs & olds. Very late. If the organisers think about his fans more then they should also think how they are going to go back after midnight, especially the youngs.

Anyhow..Gd luck nxt Yr.

Monday, December 06, 2004

No No to Marina Square.

People! Do not attempt to watch a movie at marina square or even walk around millenia walk coz Marina Square is undergoing MAJOR renovation Works, and the directions given don't help. You have to walk for like 2++ KM to reach the cinema or if you walk through Millenia Walk, you have to walk THROUGH Pan Pacific Hotel just to reach the shops at Marina Square. oooOOO+o_O+OOOooo My feet hurts.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Things I'm Happy About

1) BF's Birthday was a successful surprise. Onward to next year!

2) BF met my Dad (Formally) and they clicked instantly talking about Raya, work, "politics", the mano-a-mano macho guy thing. *Yeah sure* Hee! Gosh, THAT i'm so delighted and happy about. I can't believe they actually joked and laughed, ok. Thank God!

3) Walked around with BF at town yesterday and ..... hmmm... yea... we made some *knots-to-be-tied-soon* futuristic couple-hood plans.

4) That all my friends are happy.

5) Taufik Won. Mom actually screamed with glee and shattered the windows of the house down. Haha!

Time for a Movie Review! ====> "School For Seduction(M18)"

Sizzling Kelly Brook is super Hot! She teaches the Art of Seduciton to a group of plain janes and did i already mention she's Hot? The plot and story line however sinks below fathomable level as it leaves you wondering why the hell is an Italian Guy, a.k.a her husband, scolds her for teaching that art. Or is it because she left home? Or is it because he's a controlling freaking bastard who orders her around. The part i like will be the the man oh-so-obsessed-with-his-car-that-he-treats-it-like-a-woman-and-kiss-it. I'm not gonna tell you what his wife did in the end. Woman-power struck a chord of the feminist within me.

Rating = 2 and a 3 quarter out of 6 popcorns.