Thursday, November 26, 2009

Feline Family

Well, I'm putting off stress for now. Ergo, I blog. I am not going to blog about KL at the moment. That's another total different story. But do stay tuned coz I will blog about and review our KL trip anytime soon. It was a BLAST! As for now, I'm gonna blog about Hon's cats, as promised. But first! Before we start, as you know, I've put up a poll on the left of this blog, called SheZai's Guess-The-Picture Game. Majority voted for 'A Big Soft Toy On A Boy's Head'. And a tie for 'A Puppy's Sleeping Face' and 'A Cat's Balls'. Let me show you the picture again here. Second guess it, if you may. But if you jolly well can't be bothered or really really wanna know what it is.....


It's MimiLabu's BALLS!

He is one of Hon's aunt's favourite cat. Super fat. Super senak. Protruding paunch. (which equates to small balls? Haha! I dunno. Just a guess.) Has breathing difficulty due to his fatness! You just want to squeeeeze his babat perut. He eats and sleep for a living. Made you think I wanna say 'squeeze his balls' right? Sheesh! Haha!

Next, me and Hon's mostest mostest cutest favouritest cat, Tai-Tai!!! Well, it's actually short form for Tiger. He is so adorable and manja. But he will always get kurap, then he scratch until got blood. Then suddenly one of his hands become big and kempis again in one day. Then the next day, he looks like he gots the mumps with a bloated face. Then kempis again. One weirdo. But he's our beloved weirdo. =)

This one below is 'OOooooooooooowhale'. OK Don't ask me why his name is that. But we must pronounce it in such a way that the Oooooo is high pitched and the 'whale' is low pitch for him to respond. My sister likes to poke fun at it.

Next is 'Babe'. Babe is the most decent of all. Always keep to itself. And then the tongue always sticks out, like sexy like that lah konon, with that sexy eyes.

This one below is Hon's Nenek's cat, Ning-Ning. It will always climb on top of nenek's lap and nenek will talk to it like a human being, telling it stories and rubbing its head and fur.

The 6th, last but not least, is Ginger, the most dangerous and gangster of the house. He has to be locked up. His worst enemy is MimiLabu. These 2 cannot see eye to eye. They will fight till blood splurts everywhere. So when MimiLabu goes to bed inside Nenek's room for the night, Ginger will come out and roam the 'streets' doing his rounds and spotchecks. If he goes to the toilet, NO other cats are allowed to follow him or pee at the same toilet. Not Allowed! He can scratch and bite you like a white tiger. But his only weakness, is Hon. When he hears Hon's footsteps from outside the house, coming nearer and nearer, he will straight away, automatically go INTO his cage. AND STAYS there until Hon goes to sleep. Then he will crawl out slowly, his eyes making sure that our bedroom door is locked, and do his rounds again.

There you have it!! Hon's 6 Cats!!! Balls Anyone??! Hehehe!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hon's 6 cats.....

A very exciting post about Hon's 6 cats coming up next... Stay Tuned.....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Random (Feeling broken English entry)

I am very impressed with my in-laws... how come they did not get sick often? Even during the monsoon season, they still go down everyday to feed the cats at the void deck. It's like a routine. And even with ample sleep, they are still so agile and fresh and awake to cook and do the chores around the house! I wonder when will i reach that level. I sure want to be a superwoman like them. Anyway, Hon's aunt is a super cat lover. Everyday without fail, she will go downstairs and feed the cats at the void deck. Only yesterday did I manage to catch a glimpse of the process. It was such a candid moment! Imagine a lady, preparing food, (fish specially de-boned and mixed with rice and catfood - like hotel like that arrr), preparing the containers to put the food and water, siap with plastic bag. We are staying at the 2nd storey, so even before she goes down the stairs, the cats are already enthusiastically waiting for her! And they understand Malay! haha! Once she reached the bottom of the stairs, she walked to the back area, and ALL the cats followed her!! Imagine 5-6 cats tailing behind her... Then once she put the food down, suddenly, more cats from all over the neighbourhood come!! Like they know it's feeding time! Such a feeding frenzy! A conversation with his aunt goes like this:

Her: Eh tak senonoh lah.. tengok tu yang lain daripada block lain sumer dah datang, tak tahu nak tunggu... Tini, Nyot Nyot sumer dah datang... seberang jalan tak tengok kereta... tak senonoh lah diorang ni...nanti kena langgar... Tunggu lah nanti Mak kasi makan. (yes, she calles herself Mom to the cats.)
Then imagine her crossing the road to put food at the other block, and 10 or more cats tailing her in a straight line to cross the road! Imagine The Beatles crossing Abbey Road. Hahaha! Same! Even my preschool kids can't cross roads in a straight line! Wahahaha! Ok Ok, I really do hope I could document this in photos for you to see. I will when I have the time, do stay tuned!
p/s: I'm having a long weekend break this week! Woohoo! Our 6th Honeymoon to KL, nowhere far. To celebrate 3-in-1 our 2nd wedding anniversary, Honey's pre-birthday celebration and our 8years8months of being together! Shopping and Food Galore! And we got such a GOOD DEAL from a travel agent!! It's gonna be Prince Day for my beloved Honey over there. =) Will update when we're back.
P/p/s: Oh come on now, what is the picture on the left? =p

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sheikha's Top Ten Facts

Sheikha's Top Ten Facts on Paranormal Activity

1. I was scared the shit out of this movie. You will too.
2. Men are egoistic when it comes to proving women wrong. In this case, Micah, who claimed to have balls and prove to Katie that she is just psycho, tried to provoke the entity and ended up dead. See that is what you get when you try to prove women wrong! Sheesh!
3. You will whisper and think to yourself, when will the night ever end!
4. What? It's just the 5th night? Just how many nights are there?!?
5. The unseen is even more terrifying than the seen. If u have wild imaginations like me, then for sure the thoughts will stay with you after the movie... for a few days.
6. You'll begin to wonder.... hmm... no wonder there's that marble dropping noise at exactly 3 am.
7. If you want to know, the movie itself is haunted. "Steven Spielberg allegedly returned to DreamWorks the next day with the pre-production DVD in a "garbage bag" because he thought the DVD was "haunted". According to Spielberg, minutes after he viewed the film, his bedroom doors "locked by themselves" and he could not get out without calling in a locksmith."
8. At the end of the movie, there was this dreaded pause. The screen suddenly turned blank, but the theatre lights were still kept shut. People started shouting, oi on the lights arrrr!
9. The scene keeps repeating in your mind, even at home, when you shower, when you lie on your bed, when you brush teeth, etc.
10. Don't watch it if you have a weak heart. This is a warning.


Sheikha's Top Ten Facts on 2012

1. Never look down on products made in China. See, secretly they are making super-high-tech spaceships without our knowing! - from Hon.
2. How in the world did the main casts ever escape every single disaster scene! Really fake sia! Just when the buildings wanted to collapse, the aeroplane managed to squeeze in between them. Just when the roads were about to split, the jeep managed to jump through the hole in the ground.
3. The CGI is so whack. Doesn't look believable. I think watch 3D cartoon even better.
4. Always be flexible with protocol. Don't be selfish and save only yourself.
5. The trailers all look so good, but when it comes to the movie, it was only a 3 second scene. Like the monk hitting the bell, or the statue dropping. I thought there would be at least a longer scene on that!
6. There are some very nice humanitarian scenes that touches the heart. Made me tear up a bit.
7. Too many scientific explanations for the normal human mind.
8. If you are state heads or have money(we're talking about billions here), you will live. If not, you are considered just a dust in the wind.
9.I actually slept at some parts of the movie. Not that it was boring. But... maybe a tad draggy.
10. Luckily we paid only $6 for the movie.....

Oh yes. I am going to start a fortnightly game. It's called, "Guess the picture". Kindly leave your poll answers on the left. Just a silly form of entertainment. Do make sure to come back and see if you got it right.

Monday, November 09, 2009


I just realised that Geocities was shut down on 26 Oct 09. My Sheikha-To-Zaini-With-Love website is gone. GONE! Oh the NS and school days memories.... vanished into thin air. My poems, the old pictures, my monthly updates when Hon was in NS, all..... GONE.

I am now a bit skeptical about blogger..... 6 years of archive. Hmmm.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

I can do it. Yes I can.

I know I am soft. I know I am quiet. I know I am shy. I know I am timid. I know myself.

But I know I am not unresourceful. I know I am not stupid. I know I am not incompetent. I know I am not incapable. I know myself.

I am elated but nervous at the same time. I am going to try a new technique to teach my class.

I can do it. Yes I can. =)

“Tell me and I will forget, teach me and I will remember, involve me and I will learn.”

Thursday, November 05, 2009

My MRT Pet Peeves

My workplace is at Yio Chu Kang. So from Clementi/Tampines to Yio Chu Kang, my commute to work mostly consisted of me snoozing (very ghastly at times when saliva drools down my chin, yes), reading (a 0.01% probability), day-dreaming (not realizing that I am gazing/staring rudely at the person in front of me) and looking around (to see if anybody needs my seat). Everyday my journey on the MRT is peaceful. However, I am starting to get annoyed by commuters in the MRT. Hence.....

Sheikha's Top FIVE Facts
on "Why people don't give up their seat for a supposedly pregnant woman(P) or an elderly(E) or a parent with a child(C)".

P1. They do not want to embarrass themselves when they realised that preggie woman is actually a fat lady with a bulging water-retentioned tummy.

P2. They are NOT pretending to sleep. They are really really really actually very tired and sleepy. They ARE sleeping after working 24 hr hard labour shifts from Jurong Island or something. If you compare THAT to a preggie who works in an office sitting down from 9-5, eating at her desk most of the time doing mundane admin job and gossiping, and her stop is only 2 stops away, would you give up your seat, with a high chance of somebody ELSE sitting down at YOUR well-deserved seat after preggie alights after ONE meagre stop? I don't think so.

E3. They are unsure how old is old. If a pruned elderly with total white hair steps into the MRT, BUT she is wearing really bold and BOOMZ lreaporrd-pwrintsss cleavage-revealing tank-top and hot tight neon yellow leggings (don't even try to imagine), and she is standing steadily slightly-hunched in front of you, would YOU give up your seat? White hair+wrinkles = elderly what?

C4. They don't know if the parent with the child really needs the seat. Reason being... imagine this. A parent steps in with stroller filled with SHOPPING BAGS and a 4-6 year old child (huge baby who can definitely walk) clinging on to parent's neck like an ape. Parent looks around and stares at innocent you sitting down meekly at the "reserved" seat. Fine, you gave up your seat to ape's parent and ape. Ape sits down on parent's lap. Barely seconds later, ape stands up and grabs the poles in front of him and tries to climb it to reach for the handles to play/hang on (quite a common sight with children). Ape starts running around and making a chaotic scene while parent sits down SO comfortably in YOUR seat that you have given up. Felt cheated, didn't you?

C5. They wouldn't know if they should give up their seat for the child. OK, if the child is still a baby/toddler who can't walk, sure, give up your seat to the parent. BUT if the child is of preschool age, can already walk and has good gross motor skills, why oh why must the seat be given? Scenario: A parent walks in with his young son. There is ONE seat. The PARENT sits down on THAT one seat, and asked his son to sit on his lap. Soon, the train moves. The parent becomes uncomfortable. Parent asks son to sit BESIDE him on THAT ONE SEAT, squeezing and affecting the comfort of the other person (that's YOU, the victim) sitting in the seat beside him. Finally, you concede and stand up, giving up your seat to that SOAB-who-thinks-his-butt-is-so-minute. You complied to THAT parent who blatantly is a selfish PIG. Why?

So there you go, my top 5 pet peeves. Do feel free to comment. =)

Monday, November 02, 2009

Endurance & Gore & Short Skirts

Two x 10KM runs in a span of just one week. I must be crazy. I thought I could never achieve such feat, but hooray hooray, I did it. It's a training of endurance for the mind, mostly. And my iPod playlist music helps. When I run, with the wind swishing my pony-tailed hair, my mind wanders into its deepest abyss, it keeps whirring and spinning thinking about a lot of things. From the most mundane stuff like, what shall I wear to work tomorrow, to the most extraordinary stuff like what if the world really ends in 2012. Somebody once told me that I am a Thinker. That I like to think. And I guess she may just be right. See, when I think during running, my feet get switched on to auto-pilot. They just move. The distance doesn't seem to matter anymore. So does the whole world. I am in an enclosed world of my own. With neutrons sending all sorts of messages running through my veins and nerve system... Ok, my imagination is running wild. Sorry I digress. Heeeeh! It's an ultimately GREAT feeling to run!! Try it.

Sheikha's Top Ten Facts on the Great Eastern Women's 10K Run

1. I feel that some parts of it were rather disorganized. Like for example, when the second wave was just about to start running, one organizer practically tried to stop us with his bare hands outstretched in front of him and he shouted, "Wait, Wait!!" Whaa.... how? That was such a funny sight. The runners just ran past him! He gave up eventually. haha! Luckily he didn't get pancake-flat from being stepped on!
2. The weather was absolutely brilliant. Cooling, with no sun at all!
3. The route was not as scenic as the Nike race. And road was cramp at the starting and the ending.
4. I love the Finisher Medal!!
5. The organisers were not strict with the running gear. Hon actually spotted a runner wearing a button-up-SHIRT with running shorts.
6. More makcik-makcik and aunty-aunty and grandma-grandma were seen. Salute them!
7. Hon spotted 2 aunty tai-tais in running gear, carrying big bags and walking and talking/gossiping, like they just come back from market beli sayur like that.
8. There was no stench along the way.... hmm... does this mean that girls/women smell better than guys? Or we don't stink at all? ahhahhaa!
9. The cheering at the finishing line was superb.
10. The run of the day goes to an elderly GRANDMOTHER, who completed the race at a timing of 50+ minutes!!

Snapshots of the Run

Me all set to go..... Run Ladies Run!

The first was a Kenyan at an amazing 30mins.


A few more self-reflection:

"Much in life cannot be affected,but must be borne,without complaint, because complaints are a bore, and undermine the serenity essential to endurance."
-Acheson, Dean Gooderham,
Quoted in Gaddis Smith American Secretaries of State (1972)

"Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory."
~ William Barclay

"He that can't endure the bad will not live to see the good."
~ Yiddish Proverb

"Beyond talent lie all the usual words: discipline, love, luck-- but, most of all, endurance."
~ James Baldwin

"Endurance is the cure for any pain."
~ Latin Proverb

Next up, after the race, Hon and I watched our long awaited ultimate favourite movie of all time, SAW VI!!!! Both Hon and I agreed that the movie wasn't so gory at all!!! Well, Not as gory as the fifth installment (the best and the goriest). Yeap, we're that sick. Hehe! The best liner of the movie goes to, "It's not my game!" Aaaah... Love the suspense at the ending! My most favourite game would be the last part where hydrofluoric acid was pumped into William,(the insurance agent who is sucking his clients' money/premiums and denying them claims) and his intestines and guts spilled out when his body is melting and slipping onto the floor. Woooaaahhh Best!! This installment of Saw will reveal all..... You will/will not be disappointed. Here are the posters I managed to research off the web. Really Cool!!

Oooh Oooh! I wanna share something with you!! It's another different note altogether about short skirts! Surely you'll be interested right!?!?! Ok ok, see, I was walking on my own to Orchard one fine evening, when I saw a horrendous sight!!! Oh I'm gonna be so evil and vicious, please don't mind me. These 2 ladies in really short LBDs were sashaying in front of me, I can't help but look. Duh, I'm human. But when my gaze fell on their shoes, I went.. Kwa kwa kwa....

What the.... C'mon, you're wearing a really black elegant dress, heavily made-up, you COULD have better shoes right?!?! Short dresses go with heels! Be it kitten heels or 6-inch killer ones!! You're wearing horrendous pregnant-lady soiled and tainted Flats!! It looked like school canvas shoes at one glance. Hahahaha! Oh did I forget, it was actually .....
Halloween night that night.... No... wonder...... (Sarcasm)