Friday, July 21, 2006

Sorry Mam, Rules Are Meant To Be Bent.. Heh

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Hehe, what hun said was true indeed. I'll only blog when I have new kicks. haha. Anyways Sorry Mam & Hun but I was just too tempted.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Indulge in Rest

OK... I know, i know, things haven't been really preeetay preeetay updaaayted around here that it's become outdaaayted. And yeah it's me again. Hon's gotta whole lotta work correspondence to take care of. Let him be ... for now. (Until he gets his hands on a pair of new shoes, i bet! )
Oh yea.. Thanks Frizzy for signing our G'Book and for the wishes. =)

On another note, I'm going for a day trip to Desaru with my colleagues this Saturday to indulge in Durian eating, fruit buying, Fireflies watching, seafood eathing, Buffet eating and museum visiting. *note how apt the word 'eating' comes to life 3 x.' It's a company-paid trip which lasts the whole day so it's well worth it to explore, i deem. Just fun and dandy. yea.

Following that is my 1 week leave, 3 days after the Desaru trip, it'll be a 4 day Phuket combo wit the fam. First to Kata Beach for 2 nights and Patong Beach for 1 night. Can't wait for that. Gonna try out the spa massage, Beach Bummin, swallow a host of makan places by the sea (or not), shopping at Phuket Town, and check out what other things Beautiful Phuket may offer with it's Sexy Beaches. Check out these Phuket Pictures! Will come back with an album and video tour.. so watch out for it yea. Be Back soon!