Saturday, September 29, 2007

Counting Down.. ... .... .....

My Sister the Bridesmaidofhonour, Me and Hon

Yes Hon, It's getting nearer and nearer. And It IS exciting, sometimes overwhelming too, with all the planning we made, yea. I bet you must be as nervous as I am. Within the hustle and bustle of all that planning that mounts up only to a couple of days, the main reason is 'I love you Dear'.

As the day draws nearer each day, we're taking it cool. Most of the preparations are done.
Except for some here and theres. We have longed for and dream to go to Anantara Chiang Rai for our honeymoon but alas, all the flights are fully booked on the dates we liked. That will not dampen our spirits, though. We'll source for other options, yea hon? Anantara will always wait for us next year. =)

These are the people we want to thank in advance. Mount Faber is a beautiful place. Went there to exchange ideas for the wedding with our honourables. Behold the mini merlion. Now, how do we pose with this thing? Ok, you go here, i go there. Set?

There we go. Me, Phique, Firuz, Dhirah.

I can't wait to chop my hair off after the wedding. Soooo rimas!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

run forest!

Practically the pictures just best describe how much I love my job (despite the stress level.. haha)To make things more interesting for me, They have assigned me to be Nike Running Ambassador. Which means more product info for me to learn & relay to the other team as well & on the healthy level side, my trainer has prepared runs for the ambassadors. Did an 8km last thursday & a 5km today together with other athletes.
Elite ones I must say! haha Anyways its the experience that counts.

On the other brighter side, the wedding plans has been good so far. Pressure starts to come in as the day nears but we're just taking it well. Its kind of nervous but yet very exciting yes hun? haha

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

No Work, No Pay. No Pay, No Play.

I can't contain my excitement no more. I'm so freaking excited! On my long journey to work, my mind played games with me. It wanders to a near galaxy filled with satin and lace and kain kain deco and baju kahwin kahwin and imagining peoples' familiar faces smiling and grinnning back at us as we walk down the isle. With the accompaniment of the music from the earphones in my ears, i just can't stop thinking! Thinking about the day. Then *pop*, the realities hit me hard.

Preparations are halfway done. Still more ideas flowing as they suddenly pop out of nowhere in my head. We have yet to search for a honeymoon destination. We have yet to.

One dreaded thing has kept us far far away from spinning the wedding ideas wheel :- Work.

I misssssss Hon soooo Much! 4 days since i met him. All because of our jobs.

This season of Rahsia Perkahwinan has a little touch of flava in it, though the acting is still quite awkward. Interesting storyline. Catchya laters. Oh and Welcome to our blog, 10,000th visitor.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Baeem & Zizi Ties the Knot

Friday Evening was enchanting at their wedding dinner. The place looks beautiful. Ambience perfect. The married couple looks magnificent indeed.

Saturday's lunch reception spells mmm mmm splendid. Baeem & Zizi look perfect. The flower girls are so cute esp the one sitting down second from left.

Oh my. 2 more months and counting.
And we already look so tired, drowned in multi-tasking preparations, work, life,
And also making time for each other w/o bringing in the stress.
Weddings are never easy. Trust me on that.

These words seem to ring endlessly in our ears......."You're Next!"