Saturday, August 25, 2007

Why is everybody so blue?

Appendix 1&2:
Refer to Appendix 1: The fashion police must be shot dead if they don't spot this one coming. This shade of blue is everywhere! Hon and me counted 34 girls wearing this exact shade of blue in less than 3 hours in town. Try it.. Count them girls (or guys) next time you are malingering in town, with lots and lots of time on your side. You'll see...Is it the IN colour now? Serious? What happened to black and white jail stripes tops? Ha Ha!

Refer to Appendix 2: From waay last time...Gold chain necklace with BRIGHT Red Heart Locket! Like....... What? Yes yes yes i know it's nice. But again, if tooooo many pple wear them, it drowns out the nice-ness, totally. And it becomes an eye-sore. Goodness. Next!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Taking a breather

It's the weekend again. Time flew by amazingly fast. Counter displays less than a hundred days more to go. I'm so nervous, yet excited. Every weekend, I keep on wondering what else is there to do? Where else is there to go? How else should I make full use of my time to plan for the wedding? When will I be able to do this and that? Who else must I call to confirm dates? True enough, these few months will be the time where it gets ridiculously tumultuous. I need a break from squeezing my brain cells out. At work, I squeeze. Come back from work, I squeeze. Weekends also must squeeze? Enough. Enough squeezing for the meantime.

Today, It's the weekend. I wanna take a breather. To relax. To just Stop Thinking. To just Stop Squeezing. After jogging later, I wanna paint the town red. With my music in my ears, walking the streets of Orchard, read a good mag at Borders, have a chill pill or two at a coffee joint and just DON'T think about the wedding. Just for this 2 days ......... .........

Only for this 2 days.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


I'm in a designing mood today. Remember I blogged that I'm gonna decorate the white side of the toilet walls? Well, today is the day. But first, the day started off with a jog at 8am. Running to Asian Dub Foundation gets me all sweat out! Great workout! Gonna jog more often now on Saturday mornings due to the discovery of the tummy-tum-tum bulge. It's disastrous, i tell ya. If only Hon could jog alongside me to give me that little extra motivation. Nvm nvm. We have all the time after marriage to jog together! Yeay! OK then, Let's DIY some designs for our toilet. In the words of my aunt :"Dah kahwin, Pengantin tak akan kluar bilik mandi lah gini. Berjam-jam dalam toilet." Hahaha! Here we go:
First, I bought a black roll of sticky-paste-on-thingy which costs only $5.90. If you want to buy ready-made decals, they can cost as much as $69.00. What for, right? I started drawing the lay-out. Decided to use all squares as most of the patterns in the toilet are edgy, so circles won't fit in. And they are passe, i guess. The Tools.

Decided to align the patterns on the walls using masking tape first.
OK, slowly now. It's easy, but tiring. The alignment doesn't have to be perfect to give it that little poppish look. haha!

Optic-Illusion? Nah, Just some random mass stick-ons.

Got left-over cut-out squares? Don't waste them! Decorate your door as well!

My Finished Product

Anybody want me to decorate their toilet? hehe!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Colbie's Bubbly

*bubbly* video taken out.

It starts in my toes
Make me crinkle my nose
Wherever it goes
I always know
That you make me smile
Please stay for a while now
Just take your time
Wherever you go

Wherever you go
I always know
'Cause you make me smile
Even just for a while

I fell in love with this song instantly. Thanx Honey.
I'm in such a tingly romantic mood. The video is absolutely awesome. *Dreams*
Whatever she's expressing and feeling inside, I feel it.....
I dedicate this video song to you, Mr Zaini.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Extreme Makeover :: SheZai's Toilet.

The works had stopped at home. Finally, i could breathe some fresh air. But dust is still everywhere. I have been wearing slippers at home for 2 weeks. Hehe! I love it, I love it, I love it! My envision of my very own toilet design has finally materialised. Yeay! However, it's not finished yet. There's more to it. The glass partition has yet to be installed. Gonna get decals in black to paste on the white side of the walls. OoOOo.. My ideas just keep on flowing. I'm so excited! Can't wait to decorate my room with Hon, oops, no.. Our Room. Hon, me and my parents have gone furniture shopping and we've got our bed and wadrobe for the room. Hon, we're gonna paint the walls together yea! We have brainstormed together as one as to how our room will be like. I'm not gonna blog and post it up here. Wait and See. =)

Before The Renovation Works
Been in this state for 14 years. The walls have yellowed. The grime and dirt can't be removed even when you scrub it with whatever toxic-acidic-nuclearic-stainwash there ever was. As usual, by human nature, you can't be bothered to arrange the toileteries as it's just a grab-and-use affair everytime you take a shower. And notice the gaudy design. Thus, It's time for a makeover, home edition, by SheZai. =)


After the makeover


On another note, I'm having such a ball of a time with Hon. I just love talking to him about everything that bothers me, makes me happy or makes me angry or sad. Basically I love to talk to him. He's the best advisor in my life and we never hide anything from each other. He understands me to my bones. But never judgemental. He's the reason I'm always happy. I'm always here for you whenever you need me, Honey. Even if time isn't on our side as always, ever since your NS days, we have always endured whatever life has to offer. I love you.

From: Your Borders Girl

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Pics I Love It

Thats all my favorite Transformer collections. As I've said earlier on in previous entry I'm not a hardcore collector but I'm a type that buy the collection that I like. Re-seller? Not at all or perhaps not at the moment. hah. Anyways have to say also a big thanks to Hun for buying me the Optimus Prime(the big movie version one) I've got a Japanese version of the BumbleBee & also the US version of it as well. Quite details this creators.

Anyways work has been super hectic. The new position I'm in is a very stressful one. 3 stores to take care of is no joke. Now I then realize how tired Kak Yati has been. Hers is worse, 6 stores! Anyways my mentor has left. My morale has been ground zero for a couple of months. I'm lost & I really need to start all this all over again. Hun was the best listener I had & I'm not making rash decisions at the moment as well. All I need to do is to start drawing plans. Other than Hun, I 've got my books to help me out to start this. I just pray that it will work out. From then I'll decide on my future.

On a brighter side, I'm meeting my pretty hun today! YeaY!

Transformers Part 2