Saturday, August 11, 2007


I'm in a designing mood today. Remember I blogged that I'm gonna decorate the white side of the toilet walls? Well, today is the day. But first, the day started off with a jog at 8am. Running to Asian Dub Foundation gets me all sweat out! Great workout! Gonna jog more often now on Saturday mornings due to the discovery of the tummy-tum-tum bulge. It's disastrous, i tell ya. If only Hon could jog alongside me to give me that little extra motivation. Nvm nvm. We have all the time after marriage to jog together! Yeay! OK then, Let's DIY some designs for our toilet. In the words of my aunt :"Dah kahwin, Pengantin tak akan kluar bilik mandi lah gini. Berjam-jam dalam toilet." Hahaha! Here we go:
First, I bought a black roll of sticky-paste-on-thingy which costs only $5.90. If you want to buy ready-made decals, they can cost as much as $69.00. What for, right? I started drawing the lay-out. Decided to use all squares as most of the patterns in the toilet are edgy, so circles won't fit in. And they are passe, i guess. The Tools.

Decided to align the patterns on the walls using masking tape first.
OK, slowly now. It's easy, but tiring. The alignment doesn't have to be perfect to give it that little poppish look. haha!

Optic-Illusion? Nah, Just some random mass stick-ons.

Got left-over cut-out squares? Don't waste them! Decorate your door as well!

My Finished Product

Anybody want me to decorate their toilet? hehe!

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