Thursday, November 30, 2006

Love can make you do crazy things.

Laugh All you want, Hon. I'm game.

With supertight leggings to make you LOL even more.

I look ridiculous. I could laugh at myself.


All in the name of my love for my Hon. Happy Birthday.

*I'm gonna getcha next time, Hon. Just you watch. Heh.*

Oh anyway, Don't ever watch the movie,"The Free Will".

Lots of heavy breathing, naked guy scenes, pauses and it's the draggiest show ever at 3 hours and 10 mins. Don't believe the papers when it said "R21-Sex & Gore" cos they're lying. "Irreversible" is 10x better and gorier. The 2 rape scenes are nothing to hoohaa about at all. B-O-R-I-N-G! *Yawn* Even Solo Chee-Koh-Peks give up and walk out! I would give you props & a tap on the back if you could stay throughout the whole movie intently watching w/o yawning.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hon's B'Day.


Happy Birthday!
I'm glad we found each other.
You're the best Hubby-2-b in the whole wide wuurld.
And in EXACTLY 1 year's time, you will be the best hubby in the whole wide wuuuurrrllldddd!
Love you Love you Love you Love you Love you.
Your Hon.

My precious hon gave me a challenge/dare on HIS birthday. He wants me to wear a huge HUMONGOUS RED PATENT BELT with my outfit and he wants to laugh at me. (inside joke)
Am I UP for the dare? *stay tuned*

Friday, November 24, 2006

D n D

My Colleagues!

Gonna miss my staff.

Rosabelle & I

Mohana & I

Rose & I

Doris & I

The Setting

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Leatherface Nightmares.


You game for a sadistic movie? Then watch this one.

You'll be squirming in your seat, wanting to vomit, having this lump in your throat the whole show.

Something like "The Hills Have Eyes" But i bet you this one's better and more gory. Furthermore, it's an old 1974 original remake. Sick Crap!
At least a change from watching some chick flick.

One thing i desperately wanted to find out is that If THIS is based on a true story.......

Here's what i got: (from here)

"Police eventually discovered the remains of 15 different mutilated female bodies in Gein's filthy farmhouse, parts of which (mostly skin and bones) had been fashioned into a variety of bizarre objects (including drums, bowls, masks, bracelets, purses, knife sheaths, leggings, chairs, lampshades, and shirts), as well as a refrigerator full of human organs. Gein later admitted to killing two women, one in 1954 and one in 1957. He was suspected of involvement in the disappearance of four other people in central Wisconsin (two men and two young girls) between 1947 and 1952, but the remains found in his farmhouse all came from adult females, and none of them matched up with any of the four missing persons. (Gein maintained that with the exception of the two women he had admitted killing, all of the body parts in his farmhouse had been taken from corpses he dug up in the local cemetery.) "

I leave it to you to tell fact from fiction......... Watch the movie.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

TV Review

"Desire: Table For Three" is a series i'd most likely watch (Apart from Prison Break, of course!). Love it. A bit over-dramatised though. But beautiful cast, interesting series and I paid attention to the sound effects that relates to every scene. Cleverly done.. And the brothers are just so gorgeous esp the chef. Forgive my gushing. Hee.

Summary: A little bit of Mafia-ness, scandalous scenes, lies, back-stabbings, unexpected sudden story-line, nice angle transition shots, very obvious flirtings, sibling rivalry, sexy accents, bitchy love triangle, complications, maybe a little bit like the modern version of "Days of Our Lives" with a little bit of twist and it is Anything BUT draggy and it is so much better to my opinion. It stirs up an emotion in me. Desire? Desire is such an apt title for it. Super Sexy! I'm sure it will stirrrrrrr up your emotions too. Very interesting... Recommended watch. I think you ladies out there will love it too. Catch it on Cable Starworld at nights.