Tuesday, November 07, 2006

TV Review

"Desire: Table For Three" is a series i'd most likely watch (Apart from Prison Break, of course!). Love it. A bit over-dramatised though. But beautiful cast, interesting series and I paid attention to the sound effects that relates to every scene. Cleverly done.. And the brothers are just so gorgeous esp the chef. Forgive my gushing. Hee.

Summary: A little bit of Mafia-ness, scandalous scenes, lies, back-stabbings, unexpected sudden story-line, nice angle transition shots, very obvious flirtings, sibling rivalry, sexy accents, bitchy love triangle, complications, maybe a little bit like the modern version of "Days of Our Lives" with a little bit of twist and it is Anything BUT draggy and it is so much better to my opinion. It stirs up an emotion in me. Desire? Desire is such an apt title for it. Super Sexy! I'm sure it will stirrrrrrr up your emotions too. Very interesting... Recommended watch. I think you ladies out there will love it too. Catch it on Cable Starworld at nights.

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