Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Facts ...

Its only been 1 day after the wisdom tooth operation & I have felt very bored at home. I played my Football Manager one whole day, switched to my Xbox, eat, medicines & watch tv thats all on my first day of my hospital leave. Am I going to do the same thing for the next few days? Hmm.. only time will tells. haha

Its been a while too since I really write a long story on this page. haha Perhaps too overjoyed with the shoes pictures. Cause in reality, I'm a person who is very simple & straight. For example, since I'm a kid, I will never pick up a book & read it unless that book have a lot of pictures. haha Too many words sometimes makes my head spin & thus won't make my mind think properly. I prefer instead to be straightforward. Well thats me! haha

But too bad, I think I'm going to write quite a lengthy one today. Anyways I have been reading all of our past archives, blog-hopped, read all the nice stories & also reading our guestbook which suddenly brings me to blog about this. It was Effa's entry that made me want to do this. To me, it was quite true of what she has mentioned. Shezai does have a very simple mindset & personality. Yes, Insya'allah our marriage will be a simple one, nothing big, nothing less, nothing extra-ordinary but it'll surely be a memorable one, thats for sure. No, we're not talking about Expensive Exchanging Of Gifts, Dinner @ a High End Place, Constructing Parties before Weddings etc etc. As much as we all wanted that, I personally think that I rather save the money for other better useful things as I prefer to do it the smart way rather than showing off or boast. A simple Sunday under the void-deck wedding would do great, exchanging simple gifts & most importantly, the day should end with very good happy memories. From then on, Its going to be another phase to live on..

Anyways to Diana, the Puma shoe is mine! haha Sheikha bought it for me.
& to Syazlin, Thanks for signing our guestbook, we'll add you on to our web too yea if you don't mind too.
(note:I'm not referring to you effa for this entry)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

My First Puma! :P

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Puma Mirage II

Thanks Hun for the surprise!! yippie!! My first Puma! Woo Hoo!! *winks* *One wonders why i have to try just now* hahaha.. Once again.. Thanks alot Hun! :D

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Just Updates

It's been a long while since the last update. And again, the word "busy" comes to mind.
What if, we just take one minute, Just one minute, to stop....and breathe in the fresh air that we have been missing as we go about our hectic schedule. Just talking General here. Singaporeans work too hard. Too hard. For what? The primary basic human need is monetary.

BUT if you had me choose between a job that pays >$2000 with hectic schedules, strict leave and long hours OR a job that pays <$1400 and rewards you with more leave and time-offs, I would ultimately choose the latter in the long haul. But for now, I thirst to satisfy my human need.

We spend almost 3/4 of our lives working our ASS off. Along the way, as we churn and churn our body machine to handle work-related stress, would any of these come to mind?
What if you had missed being by your grandmother's side at the hospital death bed.
What if you had missed an emergency phonecall that someone you love had made, just to tell you that he is in danger ,the exact time you are in an important meeting.
What if you had missed your child's first steps and words, or what if your child's first word is "fuck", who's to blame?
What if you missed the time spent with your parents who may be left all alone and sad.

All because of work and time spent on your job?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

SNEAky sneaky me ..

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Nike Shox NZ SI

While Hun got her favorite Armani spectacle, I've got myself my first Boing boing! hehe,once again @ a very incredible price. haha!! ';P

Sunday, September 04, 2005

.niaga gnippohS


"Love Story" by Shirley Bassey.
Hun surprised me yesterday with this musical toy. When you turn the handle it plays the clinkety music of Love Story. He went into a shop and asked me to hold a plastic bag. He was holding quite a few. We went shopping yesterday so i was wondering... "i haven't seen this plasticbag b4..." hmm so i looked inside it and whola.. there it is. I feel like i was acting in a Black & White Movie there and then. Hun pretend as if nothing happenned and later on.. smile and laugh and hug me and say... "I buy this for you when you are reading magazines at Kinokuniya just now." Hhahaha. Thanks Hun! That's sooo sweet and romantic of you! I'm gonna play with it everytime I think of you until my hands get tired from turning that handle. I love you.

And so we went shopping and bought a few stuffs. I've been eyeing a certain Armani specs for a long period of time and i can't manage to find it anywhere but that shop at paragon. And finally! on Impulse buying. (seriously). I bought it yesterday. It burnt a deep hole in my purse. No more shopping for me this month! Well..... maybe...... arhhh! Help!