Saturday, April 22, 2006

Would you like to dance?

Guess how're we gonna celebrate our 61st monthversary...

It's gonna be a day of dance extravaganza for SheZai with "Burn The Floor"! Thanks Hon for agreeing to watch it with me!

My feet are excited! I'd love to sink in this feeling of sexy ballroom dancing!

Let's Go, Honey! See you tomorrow! Sexy Sensational Dancing here we come!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The power of praise

When you're a momma, u have to praise your children for things that they do right. Learning from the very much-watched favourite programme, Supernanny, it's these praise that will spur and encourage your young ones to do the right things, even without being asked.
Many mommas in many families do not do so. Instead these mommas scold and look down upon and nag their kids for the things that they Didn't do. Why didn't you do this or that? When they did in fact do those chores when momma's working or not at home. Thus the young ones will say, "I always get noticed for the things that i DIDn't do, but always didn't get notice for the things that i DO." riiiiiiggghhht...........

"Ehh!! I only get $$$ for progress package? So little? laaaaa!!!"

Greedy money-minded people just won't do. Please. Stop it. It irks me.

YGDA jeans irks me more. Wassup wit that? Save up for a Levi's, please.

And lastly, The fucking bitch at the cinema irks me to the limit. "Hostel" is a gory R21 movie. We gave our tix and the so-called 'minah supervisor' shouted ever so loudly to the girl who took the tickets, "Eh! cerita ni R 21 tau! Kau tak tahu eh?" after we walked past them. Them underaged losers must've thought we were UNDER 21. For fucking sake, Puhleaaaseee. Hon retorted loudly,"Do we look young?" ooh what a fucking fiiine compliment. And guess what, these UNDERAGED-looking fucking minahs stood at the back of the cinema watchin the R21 show throughout. Fucking Bitches.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Marvellous Weekend

The weekend had come and gone in a flash. Hon and I spent a marvellous Friday night together amidst the helter-skelter of the city life. Work finished early around 7pm on Friday, and i was bowled over the fact that Hon came all the way to Tampines to fetch me. Thank you Darlin'. Orchard was our first destination. We wanted to catch a movie, like we always loved, but there were no great movies worth watching to our liking at Cineleisure. So Food was next on our list, again, as always. We headed on to Breeks at Taka for our very sumptuous and satisfying dinner.

It was already 9pm and our legs found ourselves walking all the way to Plaza Sing, and then to the new Cathay to check out the movies there. Nah, no great show either. Walking and talking, joking and teasing, it was fun, just the two of us. 11pm saw us walking all the way to the Esplanade. Have we said that one of our favourite past-times is walking? Apart from good dining and movies, of course. We decided to sit by the river and have supper at Bakerz Inn. The cakes there are smackingly delicious and it is a great chillout place. We sat there and held great conversations all the way till 1230am, indulging in chocolate mousse, cookies and cream, Italian soda , sharing secrets, gossipping, as well as thinking of our future life together.
It was already 1 am and so we decided to head home.

We don't smoke, we don't drink, we don't club, but hell, we still enjoy life and have the greatest times, even if we get a whiff of each other only about 3 times a week. Thus, hon, we have a reason to splurge on the good things in life. *winks*

Friday, April 07, 2006

Critic time..

10 Things I hate about People ..

- People who usually stay on the right side of the escalator.
- People who wore the same TOPSHOP outfits.(they always have the same hairstyles too)
- People who always play their cellphones music loudly in the train.
- People who is reading my New Paper while I'm reading it.
- People who have an affair while their BF is serving his NS.(that sucks ay)
- People who wore fake stuffs.
- People who uses profanities on their wife/gf/fiancee.
- People who wore sling bags on them very high.
- People who contact me only for my staff purchase.
- People who wears low rise jeans/capris but always adjust their jeans/capris higher.

Haha.. Anyways yesterday Victoria Secret Fashion Show was superb! I Loike. Ricky Martin slot was Hot!

Will fetch you from work later on Hun! What will we do eh on a friday night? Hmm..

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Satisfied April.. ":P

Why satisfied April you may ask? There's 2 special reasons behind that.

1. Good news to all ONLY if you're 21 & ABOVE.. hehe.

2. Those who wrote off the "fat boy"in passing his IPPT, well the "fat boy"actually passed!

Anyways work has been a little pressure for me lately especially in the past 2 months. Lots of follow ups to be done, heavy stocks & also preparation for the test. Thank god the test was the easiest I've ever done. Dealing with customers sometimes could be difficult at times but I've just finish dealing with a customer through online via South Korea. Very tough but it was a good first time experience! Thank god too, I pulled it off on that one.

Oh yea, last friday we went to watch Ice Age 2. It so funny & cute! haha Even the trailers before the movie they showed was all the animation kind. Fetching Hun from work later on! Yippie!!

Till then.. - "fat boy" ';P