Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jazz It Up With Rendezvous!

They say jazz is complicated. Maybe so, but listening to it doesn’t have to be as difficult as solving a hundred-piece jigsaw puzzle. The complexity of jazz doesn’t have to give you a headache; in fact, it should free your soul and give you the chance to groove to a beat that will sound refreshingly different everytime you listen to it. This is especially true with the band Rendezvous whose jazz electropop songs grew famous, wowing thousands of listeners five years ago.

Five years after their growing underground reputation, Rendezvous is ready to launch their very first album. This time, they are venturing into a musical depth that very few dare go; having spent the past few years coming up with tracks that showcase different featured tunes, Rendezvous has successfully come up with a music style they can call their own.

Rendezvous, after successfully releasing three tracks that have been downloaded relentlessly over the past five years, is now armed with their very first album. Finally, their fans don’t have to wait much longer to hear more of the jazz electronica music they have grown to love.

Unlike their first three songs, the album carries songs of a different caliber. They have gone a little farther by adding a few elements into their electronica music, such as soulful tunes from a string orchestra and groovy beats from a darbuka.

Regardless of whether jazz is something you listen to, Rendezvous is something you just have to try on for size. It shall come as no surprise if you find out that they fit perfectly. Jazz fan or not, you can’t deny that their songs appeal quite easily to anyone who loves music.

Perhaps jazz is something you shall never grow fond of. But even if jazz isn’t your thing, there’s still something for you in Rendezvous’ tunes. Before you say no and regret it, listen to their previous songs on Rendezvouswebsite. Watch Rendezvous as well on YouTube to catch a glimpse of their tracks before their album comes out this year.

Friday, February 26, 2010

My favourite character in Alice In Wonderland.

In Alice In Wonderland, 19-year-old Alice embarks on a wonderful and fantastical journeyto find her true destiny and end the Red Queen's reign of terror. She fell down the deep abyss of a rabbit hole while she was making a marriage proposal decision. She then reunited with her magical friends, The Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Dormouse, Chesire Cat and of course Tweedledee and Tweedledum. A lot of people would be salivating over Mad Hatter's character in the movie as he is just so yummy (aka Johnny Depp). But I decided that .....

My favourite character in Alice In Wonderland would be Tweedledee.... no, wait... It's Tweedledum.... no, wait..... It's Tweedledee....... errr.... wait... It's Tweedledum! Ok Ok.. last decision.... It's Tweedledee.... Oh what does it matter? Like as if I know which one is which! I love them both (Call me queer). They're supposedly twin brothers!! They are always together and have a character of 2-in-1! The brothers are rather affectionate with one another, but also do not hesitate to fight over insignificant matters. They constantly disagree with each other and their confusing character makes little sense to anyone but them. I like confusing characters! Unpredictable.... or fickle as you may have it.
*looks at self in mirror*

So people,

You've got a very important date.
You should not would not want to wait,
so don't be late
or the Queen will say,"Off with your head!"
-composed by me.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Spacefifty: Makeup & Photography

A day with the Spacefifty duo left me feeling really good. I made an appointment with them and got excited on the day of the photoshoot, not knowing what to expect. First of all, makeup by Zahila Zainal (Cosmoprof-trained) was brisk and immaculate. I like the fact that i look different. I LOVE makeup experimentation and splashes of colours. A blend of yellow, green and pink eyeshadow paired with gold lips to match my outfit. Ain't that terrific. Thankfully I managed to pull it off! When it comes to photography, Shah Reza works his camera like a pro with all the equipment in the studio. They both made me feel at ease and oh you should see the research they made on model's poses and the accessories they have in hand. That's what i call prepared. My most favourite part of the shoot? Model with chains! 
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Here's two of the many shots for preview. More to come soon.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A day at the Cathay

No doubt, The Cathay is an AWESOME place to spend your day. Well, I did just that. The six-storey high shopping mall has lots to offer! It looks all modern and suave on the outside but once you step inside, i bet you, it feels like you wanna put on your 'shopping shoes' (eating mouth, gaming hands, etc!) and start the Cathay Experience! Well, The Cathay provides all forms of entertainment, from intensive gaming, sumptuous dining experience, to shopping and more!! Here was how I spent my day at The Cathay. Do click 'Play' below to watch a damn hip and happening video I made to document my visit. Music credit goes to 'Ke$ha' - Tik Tok. Picture credit goes to all participating shops in the video. All other credits go to me.  =)  Enjoy.

To see the pictures being made into the video above, click on them below....

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Friday, February 05, 2010

She's leaving on a jetplane.

I don't know when she'll be back again. 2 years probably. Compared to the first time round, I don't feel as sad. Because i know and am confident that she will be alright over there. She's grown to be so independent. Making friends is easy for her coz of her bubbly personality. Hopefully she'll make full use of her study there when she comes back. Or God knows she'll even want to migrate there eventually. I won't be surprised. So long Sister! All the best in your studies in Sydney. Don't be naughty. =p