Saturday, June 30, 2007

3 Events In A Day

Started the day out with me and Hon attending the Kursus Rumahtangga at 930am. Lasted the whole day till 6pm. Ustazah Hamidah, our counsellor, is so knowledgeable and her advices are sharp and witty. Her guidance is a real mind-opener. SheZai scored the highest score in e love department. =) Our answers to the questions are so similar to each other, one may have thought we were siblings with the same brains. We had the same perspectives on Love and our long term goals. MFEO yea Hon? =) After a whole afternoon of lesson, it's time for us to head on to the stadium for some football action. We managed to catch SG vs Aus. It was also the closing ceremony of our beloved National Stadium. Many memories left behind.

All sweaty and icky among crowds, yelling and shouting profanities at the top of our lungs, enjoying the game, soaking up the atmosphere, nothing can beat that.

The crowd was crazy. The stadium came alive with the Kallang wave and Ole Cheer.

And the game starts. Score was 3-0. Splendid game. Stretch those muscles, mate.
Stretch, c'mon stretch.
Spot the ball. A heated moment for all Singaporeans.
Good game.
Half-time Entertainment. TK Band in action. Miss those days.
The Very very very very short and disappointing Fireworks.
After a Historical lesson, the stadium lights were dimmed. And it's out. Goodbye Stadium. To a new beginning in the future.
We didn't stay back for the pathetic after-party.

Instead, after the game and closing ceremony, me and Hon went to catch up with friends for a midnight movie of "Transformers" at Plaza Sing. We thought we would sleep in the movie due to the fact that we were so lethargic the whole day. However, the movie was so good, we managed to watch the whole show, without even nodding off! As encouraged by Hon, I think i might want to watch the original cartoon version of Transformers all over again. Hon, let's buy them cartoon VCDs and watch them together k. Hahaha! Instead of being interested in Korean soap dramas or whatever else, SheZai wants to watch Cartoons! Yeay! Then you, being a Transformers Addict, can explain to me about those charming Autobots and Megatrons. Set?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

SheZai's Best Movie Watched!

GrindHouse presents Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof.

This movie is a Must-Watch for all Tarantino's fans. The Best Movie Ever Made.

SheZai is so awed by his excellent artistic talent. Even though we watched it at midnight, we were wide-awake the whole movie. *right Hon? hehe!* The scripts and scenes are vulgarity-filled Art.

Combining Gore, Lude scenes, a totally HOT lapdance by "Butterfly", vulgarity, wit, 8 gorgeous ladies, It's an all-in-one.

Best Scenes: The final Car Chase For Stuntman Mike. The ultimate gore scene when slow-time angle-shots were made for all 4 victims in the car.

The ENDING is Fabulous. People actually stood up to clap after the show, ok. Yes, it's that good.

YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT. Totally recommended.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Let's Go Back..... Way Back.

That's it. I HAVE to start spring cleaning my room. Well at least part of it. It's already Mid-June! Wonder what lurks in the nooks and cranny of the corners of my room. Have received many comments in the likes of "Macam kuching beranak", "Macam Karang Guni", etc. So i decided, that's it. I'm gonna put my foot down and start sprucing. One by one. Today, I am going to tackle this old dusty book shelf/cupboard of mine that has been in my room for 14 years, untouched. (although the stuffs in there had been in there longer). Wonder what treasures and vintage old dusty stuffs i will encounter. Mission: Impossible Possible. Here we go!

My First motive was how to get rid of all these books that have been in the cupboard collecting dust for years. Yes, I was in the Generation of "Sweet Valley Twins/High/U", 'Sweet Dreams', 'Christopher Pike', 'Enid Blyton', Archie and those in that era lah. Hahaha! Mentel kan.

hould I keep these or throw away? I just wanna get rid of it. Anybody wanna grab it, can e-mail me.

Towering high like the leaning tower of Pisa.

Can't take a second look at them no more.

Sell to Karang Guni? Gonna part with them soon... so sad.

This Gem of a Book is still with me? Wow! I totally forgot about it. I was all in craze of Take That when i was in Primary 6. I bought this book when i was in Sec 1, which will be in 1995. Hahaha! Mark Owen, Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Robbie Williams and Jason Orange. Oh my god.. I still remember their names? Wtf? ahhaha! So Kental! Well, admit it, everybody WAS kental last time.

Any fans of Take That wanna buy this from me? For Sale.

Sweet Dreams Series. Oh my god. These were all the rage in 1994. It'll be in every mentel girl's schoolbag. And they will sneak a good read or two in between textbooks during Math lessons. Oh Those were the days...

Boyfriends, Girlfriends, Bitches, Cat-fight, Fashion, Enemies, all about teenage life.

Ok, I used to collect Stamps. I admit it. I was a Nerdy, Geeky Stamp-collector.

And now, i don't know how much they're worth. I doubt it'll be a lot.

Another thing to give away too, which i think nobody would be interested in, in this zaman.
ok Next!

"Liquide" - Singapore's HipHop Magazine.

This was waaaaaaaayyyy back.

These... I wanna keep. For Memories.

heh heh.

And this Japan Craze called Neo-Print Stickers is still all the rave right now among young students.

The old-type machines are nowhere to be found though. I still remembered me and my girlfriends, after school, hanging-out at Parkway Parade, using scissors to cut and portion the 16 piece stickers of our mentel selves, and then paste them on our pencilcases, rulers, biography books, whatever small space there is to paste the silly grins of ours. Feeling I-have-the-best-smile-and-best-face
-and-i-am-cuter-than-you look.
And i still have these????
Nak tampal mana lagi ni?? Gatal. Amik banyak-banyak.

Another Ol'Skool gazzette.. Cassette Tapes!!!

I have these. I used to play the clarinet for my TK Band, and my Dad bought for me the clarinet lesson tape. As for the rest... I have no idea i had such a bad taste in music last time. Very bad taste.... Eeee.... *Shivers*. Ace of Base? 4U2C lah!! Hahaha! What was I Thinking??!?!?!


I have to discard them immediately from the surface of this earth, before somebody finds out!

Another thing that was all the rage last time, were friendship bracelets.

Yes, they are still in my ancient cupboard, tucked nicely somewhere in the corner. A plastic bag full of those threads, in different colours. Along with Instructions on how to make your own ID band. ahhaha!

Now, there is no time to do such stuffs. And no friends would want to wear threads around their wrist no more. I'll gladly part with these.

Buat Semak ajer kan.

Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho! Behold! The hip and cool invention first brought to the teens with pimples in high school. The MTV Pager. If you don't have it, You're not Cool Yo Yo Yo! They have this promo where you get to watch free movies every weekend. That was the coolest ish last time! And giggly girls and boys were exchanging the battery covers to make it even more COOL, so that they'll be in the IN crowd, you know what i mean?


Yeay! These are still in good shape!! These i'm for sure gonna keep.
They don't make it this good no more.

Me and Hubby2b will have lots and lots of Game Time when we are bored during weekends or even pass them down to our little SheZai (errrr) in the future. Educational Board Games, Can't live with them(Due to the mess), Can't live without them (Fun!).

Now, if only we can find the time to play.....

Before Digital Cameras, there were the Film roll ones.

And having real photos in a frame are something to cherish. Now, everything's digital and if you are lazy to go develop the pics, they will vanish with the click of a virus.

So, take time to develop them memorable photos and keep them in a nice frame.

My Hon, about 5-6 years back. Before and During NS times. Hehehe! I LOVE THIS GUY!

This is an instrument band uniform pin I found. i used it when i was playing the clarinet for TK Band during outdoor and indoor competitions. The Keychain was a memoir for my Band Trip to Taipei, in 1996. Whoaaa.... Still shiny as new! TK Band was my fondest memories in Secondary School and i will always treasure them. Heard they're still winning competitions for years. =)

Before the EZ Link, there were the magnetic TransitLink Farecard.

And yes... These 2 pathetic flimsy cards are still lurking inside a box i made for Home-Econs. Hahaha!

Totally worthless now.....

But always good to keep. Now i sound like a Rag'nBone woman.

Uh Oh.

You gotta see this. I stumbled upon my Home Practice Composition Book dated 1989. I was in Primary 1. Primary 1!!! Can you believe it??

And i still have this booK!!! You could see the aged pages. I am gonna preserve it, and treasure it.

Yes, My Dad is my home tutor. And he strictly teaches me Grammar, Vocab and the English likes when i was just in Pri 1. I will always thank him for that.
Meanwhile try to click to enlarge n read my Compo. So Silly Me!! hahahaha!!!

*Phew* 4 hours of clearing just 1 cupboard!! But thinking back, I was glad, I was indeed very glad that i had such nice childhood memories. Childhood memories etched in my mind forever.

1 Bookshelf/cupboard down..... 6 more to go. *aaaarrrrrggghhh!!!!!*

Travis: The Boy With No Name is my current favourite Album! Been re-listening to it so much.
-=Hmm... Would that count for a better music taste?=- Hehehe!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Marriage Jitters

Apparently, My Sweet Hon has been very busy with work lately. He's clinched something and I am so so proud of him. I always have been. He is so strong-willed, that i admire how he does it.

I'm having the jitterbugs of a bride-to-be...again. There are just so many many things to do. So many plans to make which hasn't been done. But I know where SheZai stands. I am not losing my focus. The mind's eye is so important at this stage. What was the main reason why we decided to tie the knot? It was for our love for each other. We are actually planning for our future, instead of that one day. The future we hold dearly in our hands. The future we are going through Together as one. As 2 me's become a We. My Dear Zaini has been saving so hard all on his own, working on his career, all these just to spend the near future with ME. I must be the luckiest girl alive. Holding his hands i must, I know i am going to sink, sink without him being my bridge across the river. He will always pull me up from the deep deep complexities of the world and just make me think of the simple things in life, to stop and smell the fresh air, to just linger, stay silent and listen to the clouds go by. A relationship can Never be perfect. Never. It takes two. It takes hard work. It takes acceptance, respect, commitment, communication, trust, openness, and the notion that "Just love is not enough" in a relationship. Not disillusionment. Not having the intention to change your partner to suit your "perfect" picture of a spouse. So what if my Zaini dresses like a boy in bermudas and cap? So what if he is still into Nike sneaker shoes and toys? I love him for who he is. Not who i want him to be. I respect him. I respect his life and respect his need to be who he wants to be. Along with the importance of respecting each other is the importance of accepting one another. You are tearing down your spouse's self-image and saying he can't be who he is when you are being critical and asking him to change. You can't change anyone but yourself. Changes come from within, when they see that their behaviours are having a harmful impact on the ones they love. Great Expectations next. You expect your partner to make the first move. You expect your partner to send you home. You expect your partner to get flowers for you. You expect your partner to say sorry and give in when you're mad. You expect so much. So much, but his little heart can only bear none. So Don't expect. Great expectations kill. Keep that in mind, lovers. I know I will, when i envisage SheZai, 60 years down the road, holding hands and kissing as we stroll down the beach together.
The freedom to marry has long been recognized as one of the vital personal rights essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness by free men.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dinner @ Straits With Friends

Last Thursday, I met up with my secondary school besties for dinner. It was a delightful ocassion where we caught up on updates with one another. We went to the Straits Kitchen Buffet at Grand Hyatt Hotel. The food there, i would say, is tantalizing to the taste buds. With the Asian likes of Rice, Kway Teow, Prawn Mee, Ikan Bakar, Sambal Udang Petai, Laksa, Paper Prata, Keropok, the list will go on and on and you really need an empty stomach of 2 days if you wanna try out all the different small-portioned dishes there. A huge variety indeed. Compared to Carousel where the spread is more international, Straits leans towards the Asian taste buds. I gave my friends a treat just because. Part birthday, part me getting a perm job. I did not upload any food pic delights this time coz i was busy picking and choosing and eating. More pics can be found on my multiply:

Here are my Ladies. How time flies.....

6 Babes & A Baby

Darling Lil Adly playing while his Mom Ros dines. He's a Charmer.

A B'day Present from my beloved Friends
Thank you, Dear FRANS.
I bought me these. One for beachin', one for work. Lovely, aren't they?
On another note, I get to spend some time with my Hon, who's back from reservist, yeay! He looks awfully tanned now, but still as charming to me as ever. Hee! We had re-runs of 'Wicker Park' and we are all crazy about this ol'movie. You gotta rent/buy the DVD and watch it, if you haven't. We rented 'Haven' too, from the makers of 'Crash' (one of SheZai's faves too) and it was gangsta raggae all the way. Orlando Bloom speaks raggae-ish in the movie which is just so sexy marn..... hahaha! I'm so glad I get to spend time with Hon doing the things we love to do. I'll take a breather for now, allowing Hon to blog soon.

I really wish I could spend more time with my grandparents. Sigh.... Guilt-feeling.

Thank You Ema & Frizzy who signed the GuestBook. "Perfect" is quite a strong word, my Dear. To Us, It's the simplest littlest things that matter most. =) Cheers!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Fuck Office Politics

It's been a month since my new job and the office politics in my department is so bad, you could hear colleagues gossip about other colleagues right in front of you, not caring if you heard them at all. It's so frustrating and naive when people compare departments and say, "That one their department what, not our department. Don't care lorr." My blood just boils hearing this. Some office people are just 2-faced, fork-tongued, green-eyed, black-hearted, devil-incarnations. Sheesh! See this is one of the main reasons why I am quiet. I hate this! I have to be ignorantly strong and just be my weird quiet self, minding my own matters, doing my own work. So fuck office politics.

On another note, I indulged in these gorgeous necklaces from Aldo. Aldo they were not on sale (pun intended =P), i couldn't resist. I just have to buy them. They're just calling out to me in teeny weeny voices...... Buy me... Buy me.... Arkh! A lil shopping therapy to kill those stress membranes.

Can't wait for tomorrow. Gonna give my girlfriends a treat at Straits Kitchen, Grand Hyatt. Yeeeaahooo! Miss them.

Battleship is my most favourite Travis song in e album.

P/S: I noticed that there is a sudden surge in my frequency of blogging lately. Am i too bored that Hon's not by my side? Sigh.. Miss Hon So Much. Gonna wear something nice for him on our Friday Night Out! Yeay!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Family Love

Just Me & My Family On My Birthday At Earle Swensens Vivocity. The best present that I could ever ask for was for my Mom and Dad to keep on loving each other. And i saw that today, on my birthday. My Dad had become a more patient and caring man ever since he came home from Haj and I thank God for that. =) I had a nice dinner with my parents and sister, thank you Mom for treating me. Hon missed out on all the food because he is in Reservist. It's ok Hon, I'll cook for you something special this weekend ok? The Food we had:

We have roughed through many storms that came our way. My Dad & Mom are so cute. I specifically asked them to do what they did in the picture on the left. And they sportingly did it. Hahaha! It's very rare that they can be this sporting. But it's my Birthday and they didn't obliged when i asked them , so hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

They still Have IT! Yeeeha! I'm happy!
Because my parents are happy!

I Love them!

*Ps: Dad doesn't like the Strawberry fondue much, does he.....

Monday, June 04, 2007

I'm a quarter-decade old. I'm old. how?

Let me tell you a story. It was a moonlit night. The stars were nowhere in sight. I was on my bed fast asleep. The day before had been a fruitful outing with Hon. Dressed our best, we walked the streets, had a great meal at NYDC and headed home. Hon has reservist the following day. He said that that night, i was gonna smile but he won't tell me how or why. He said that he just knows I was gonna smile a wide smile. I had no idea though i keep on pressin' him why. And so the night went by, still no clue as we talked on the phone. Nothing about it. We said our goodnights and that was it. So i slept.

I woke up to a sudden shock at 5.15am as my HP which i placed beside me on my bed had dropped off onto the floor. I switched on the light to retrieve it and to my amazement, I saw this on my table. Did Santa Claus dropped by my room and had forgotten to take his bag of goodies with him?

I walked to it. Gave a shy curious peep inside. And saw a card. A card that made me smile....

And so i opened it up and read its contents. A part said: "Anyway this is your last birthday as my friend, best friend, galfriend and fiancee. Look forward to celebrate as my wife." My heart flutters, my mind raced, my cheeks flushed..... It made me beam from ear to ear and yes, at 5.15am in the morning. Was i dreaming?

In addition to the card lay a box of present.

I was surprised, I was wide-eyed by now. Hon had bought me the Nike shoe with the Yoga mat insoles in it. Comfy as hell. No wonder he asked me to try and try them on at the shop.

And the simple Levi's jeans that i longed for. He had tricked me, telling me that he wanted to go toilet (shit) while we were at Paragon, when in truth, he bought this and quickly passed it to my sister, who was working around there, to keep, who gladly kept it a secret from me. All these happened right under my nose without me knowing. how about that.

At 5.25am (SheZai's lucky number), what raced through my mind was..."How did he do it?"
Was it fated that i would jolt in a sudden wide-awake position at this special timing?
I love you Hon. Thank You. No other could replace you. Looking forward to YOUR birthday.... which is gonna be on... our wedding night. =)

Thank you too for all the birthday and well-wishes :
Fitri, Liza, Aisyah, Azalia, Rasyidah, Nina, Yuyul, Hui Tien, family.

Saturday, June 02, 2007


I bought 2 CDs in a week. It is so unlike me. I wonder why the sudden urge. Must be the torturous and arduous journey to work every morning. I take a feeder bus to the interchange, walk to the MRT station, take the MRT from Tampines to Outram Park, change to NEL, ride to Harbour Front, take another bus to work. Ergo, the need to have good ear-candy. Hah. Review? No need. I think different ppl have diff music taste. For me, The Cranberries has always been my most adored choice since my Secondary School Days of Linger and Zombie and i have almost all their albums, so it's no wonder that i MUST buy Dolores O'Riordan. Her voice is just magnificently unique and magical. However, I seem to prefer her previous albums. Travis, is a good buy too. I enjoy its mellow, sway-y sounds, like you're on vacation with your shades on and the wind in your hair. Lovely.

Had a good shopping spree at Vivo yesterday. Bought 5 working tops from Tangs and 1 from Zara. A short sleeved blazer costs $39 down from $75! Bought a LBD for $19, down from $139! Bought a skirt for $39, down from $95! Yes, so sad i had to be a shoppaholic victim of GSS. But like my ladyboss puts it, I am actually saving due to the fact that the GST increase hasn't been implemented yet. So it's my last chance to shop at killer prices! Splurges don't come cheap though. Gotta get more shoes and accessories.

Why ironic you may ask? On the note that Hon is going off to Reservist for 4 days from Monday to Thursday. And Monday is a special day........ Ladyboss asked me to take a half-day off on Monday to go spa-ing and pampering but i don't see the need to. All I needed most is my Hon by my side. But alas, he's in the jungle fighting the mosquitoes and jungle monsters. *Take care Hon* I'll be waiting.
When will you carry me home like the wounded star in the movie,
When will you carry me home take it back to the start when you knew me
Cause’ when you talk to me that way, I’ll be a million miles away
I guess it’s just another day in love