Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Fuck Office Politics

It's been a month since my new job and the office politics in my department is so bad, you could hear colleagues gossip about other colleagues right in front of you, not caring if you heard them at all. It's so frustrating and naive when people compare departments and say, "That one their department what, not our department. Don't care lorr." My blood just boils hearing this. Some office people are just 2-faced, fork-tongued, green-eyed, black-hearted, devil-incarnations. Sheesh! See this is one of the main reasons why I am quiet. I hate this! I have to be ignorantly strong and just be my weird quiet self, minding my own matters, doing my own work. So fuck office politics.

On another note, I indulged in these gorgeous necklaces from Aldo. Aldo they were not on sale (pun intended =P), i couldn't resist. I just have to buy them. They're just calling out to me in teeny weeny voices...... Buy me... Buy me.... Arkh! A lil shopping therapy to kill those stress membranes.

Can't wait for tomorrow. Gonna give my girlfriends a treat at Straits Kitchen, Grand Hyatt. Yeeeaahooo! Miss them.

Battleship is my most favourite Travis song in e album.

P/S: I noticed that there is a sudden surge in my frequency of blogging lately. Am i too bored that Hon's not by my side? Sigh.. Miss Hon So Much. Gonna wear something nice for him on our Friday Night Out! Yeay!

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