Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Deli-potato? Nah....Belly Potato

Hello To All~!! Thanks for signing the G'bk. Updates are quite slow la here cuz i guess both of us are getting layzee.. hehehe. Can see the laziness from our stomachs. Eat Eat Eat. That's just what we do best. 24 hr Coffee Club is so savory and delectable lah. Apart from those Octopus Balls. And those Italian Gelato Ice-cream. At this rate we are going, We are sure to gain a few pounds like a quarter pounder. Oh, too late, we already did.

I am sooo happy! Company decided to end my contract earlier cuz they wanna let me go for wat i want. And i sure do Not want a desk Job where i'm treated like a babuboss..
A day in my life at work.

"Sheikha, get me some coffee. I want it in this cup, not that cup. Sheikha, why is the coffee maker spoilt? Sheikha, I want some good quality blue pens. Sheikha, I'm travelling on 1st to 8th April to Australia, book for me the cheapest budget flight and cheapest hotel at this area. Oh So expensive ah this flight! Ok change to 6th April, sure got cheap flight. Sheikha, why are the light bulbs not working? Sheikha, I want orange colour file. Sheikha, bind for me this thick document. Sheikha, you never listen to me, I said I want the coffee machine to be fixed right away. Sheikha, why is this so expensive, go find cheaper one. Sheikha, pass this to finance. Sheikha, ask boss to sign this. Sheikha, how come there's no more tissues? Sheikha, got any fax from this company or not? Aiya why you never tell me! Sheikha, buy for me burger but i don't want the sesame seeds on the bread. Sheikha, why u never chase finance about this PO? Sheikha, the printer toner running out, you raise PO already or not? Sheikha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Friday, April 15, 2005

Finally...... I've officially graduated.

Today was my convocation ceremony held at SIM, after waiting almost a year. I can still remember when i'd just finished my O levels, I was stubborn and wanted to go to a JC just because i wanted to go to Uni JUST to wear that mortar-board on my head, never thinking abt my career. Silly me. But Alas, My grades weren't very good enough to clinch a local UNI by a few points. So to SIM i went, when i should've gone to Poly, to think of it now. But With the help of my Mother, i managed to get my degree.... Finally.....

*..::THANK YOU::..*
Allah SWT
Mom, Dad, Sis
for being in my life and showing what it means to pursue my dreams.
After the ceremony, Dad fetched my Dear Zaini and I gave all of them a treat at Amiran's Cafe. Dad sent Hun home after that. :-D
Now, Onwards to find a good career and a stable life.

Cats Hate Just We Copy..heh

It has been a great week so far. Started out on Monday where the staffs had a big feast during the overlaping hours. Ouh yea, I think its also a great eating week too for me. I'm beginning to get addicted to this chocolate called 'Duplo' thanks to the recomendations from Sabrina. What makes me want to try it was the fact that she always bought or ask someone to buy for her not 1 but 4 -5 bar for herself. Believe me, if you guys love kinder bueno or ferero rocher, this is a good alternative! Another junks that I've been craving is Chocolate popcorn! Sigh, always sold out.

Food, Food only eh..haha Btw, Have been missing Gf lots too this week. Due to our packed scheduled, we haven't met since Monday. Hopefully the weekend will be kind enough for us! ;D Ouh yea..she burnt for me 'Team America'. #%@$%T$^@ hilarious alternative to South Park. hahah

Read the Guestbook..big thanks to Ema, Diana & Frizzy for signing up.. :D Finally other than GF someone agrees with on my views on my previous entry. I mean its a fact right? out of 10, I must say that only 3 will get what they want & I'm among the 7s haha but who cares I'm happy with what I am now. Working happily & most importantly I don't have to drag myself to work Always!

Anyways I'm not to sure which one are you Ema. All I can remember was that there is this gal who sat opposite me in green top who has fringe & tied her hair & also talking all the way in English. Was that you? haha..Just say hi to me or Sheikha the next time you bump into any of us k? Don't worry we will never think you're crazy. ;D
Btw speaking of that Mrt ride, on that same day too, I was boarding from Clementi. There was no seat available, hence I have to stand BUT there was this lady taking up 2 space of which one for herself & the other one for her CHANEL HANDBAG. She just can't be bothered by the crowd & just look down & read her book instead. Btw I always stand in front of the seats cause I know people will always alight at least at Outram Park but i was lucky on that day cause I sat early before that. Anyways while sitting & reading my New Paper, I was observing her at the same time. No one can't be bothered to ask her until at one station where there's these 2 old ladies who board the train. Guess what she did? one of the lady sat as there was an available one & the other just brush aside her CHANEL bag. Boy, that lady was face was so red after her EXPENSIVE bag was brushed away from an old lady. She stared back & walked away. How rude right? Oh you guys will say she's more of freaking rude if I say that the 2 old lady were mute. Sigh.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Tora Dan Ding Dang Datang Lagi...

Looks Familiar? heh

Anyways I would like to thanks to those who signed up the guestbook & wished us on our anny ';D
Work has been quite stressful & tired lately especially for the month of March. Late closing, early opening & lots more of hectic stuffs we did for that month. I shall remember that March 2005 will the toughest month I've ever worked in Nike. Btw my friends, Hun & Mum has been saying that I've pumped in lots of weight, I've realised that too. I shall only start my excercise only when I can control my diet. To me, no point I run & run but after that I still go for KFC, haha. Damn its difficult yea?

We always wrote in our composition during our primary school days on what we want to be when we grow up. WIth that I shall also leave this entry with this question that leaves me ponder.

* How many of you wrote that you wished to be a Pilot, Doctor, Teacher, Policeman, Soldier etc etc.? But In reality, how many of you really did write & mentioned that you want to be a Salesman, Barista, Insurance Agent, FNB, Fitness Instructor, Technician etc?
To be honest I want to be a pilot but I end up in a total different line, even different from what I study during my school days & I believed there're many others out there who end up differently too.

Life Is Unpredictable.