Saturday, June 24, 2006


Hon's just back from his week of reservist and he's caught a cold due to the heavy rain. Poor dear. Rest well Darling.

Me went shoppin' today. And i was amazed by the customer service rendered to me. All the shops i went to, 70% of the salespeople were fabulous. They smiled, greeted and really helped me out in my shopping. I had a hard time resisting and eventually bought everything i deem nice spending almost a quarter of my salary. Oh shit.

But one incident that really really intrigued me so much was when i went to this particular lingerie store. Salesgirl around my age immediately greeted me, thought i was Chinese and talked to me in Chinese until she saw the quizzical idiotic look on my face and changed to converse in English. hehe. The questionable was yet to come. She could immediately tell my bra size and Bingo she got it right the first guess and smiled sweetly at me, like she's some sorta bra pro. She asked what particular lingerie design i wanted and went to get them for me to try on. I picked 3 and headed to the dressing room. "You try first ok wait i come in and adjust the size for you, " she said. I thought nadda of it. So i put on the first one. And she came aknockin on my door and sorta budged in. So it was just the two of us in the small dressing room with mirrors... She sounds like an expert telling me how to wear a bra and if the size fits and all. And... suddenly she said," It'll be nicer if you pull your breasts together like this so got cleavage..." And she put her hand on my bare boobs and sorta pushed them to the center. I was kinda surprised she did that. Is it normal? Not to mention the fact that she did saw my bare boobs. She adjusted the strap for me. She took out the "push-up" sponge and put them back again, all in all 3 times.. She got me buying 2 lingerie tops... I mean.. Wow.. i appreciate the fact that she is really excellent in providing service. But i'm gettin pretty confused. When a salesgurl touched you in that sorta way, and me being a lady, i didn't think much of it. I mean, girl and girl thingy, we're open about these sorta things. Now i'm starting to wonder if she does that to all customers which i think she does. It got me confused. What if she is a lesbian.. Damn she would have the best job in the world. But she looked like a normal average Chinese girl to me. And she IS providing good service. I think society is beginning to accept being open. Of course if she were a Man, he would have gotten a good kick in the balls from me and charged for molest. But she's a lady. Would she have been guilty of outraging customer's modesty when all she did was just to provide good service? *ponder*

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Omen movie is really a curse.

Have bad things happen to you after watching the movie?

The movie is not scary as they just played wit the shock effect. I think Silent Hill will be better.

Meeting the fiancee today.. He asked me out on a date tonight... oOo... all excited.

I'm taking a long leave end of July to go to Redang Island paradise with the family. Was looking forward to it when Hon said he could go with us... but last minute plans with his work and...Hon couldn't go. =(
He has work commitments to take charge and manage 3 shops for 1 mth. There'll always be a next time k Honey.
I wanted him to go very much because Redang is the best getaway to relax and indulge. I wanted him to experience snorkeling with me, look at shooting stars, fresh seafood dining with my family, very fine white sandy beach, very bluish green clear sea, goegeous fishes and mysteries under the sea.....

Saturday, June 10, 2006


+Drypers Baby Livin' XL+
(presenting Zaini's Cuz)

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Here goes.. The latest 3 in my room. heh

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Vans Wallabee LX

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Adidas Adicolor

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Nike Zoom Air Angus Hong Kong edition

This is the main reason why Mum has been very noisy..

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