Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Wife has complained & now here I am. heh

Workload has recently piled up. I really need to get down to do some serious planning for the stores. Also not forgetting to do training plans. The time's ticking..

Ok work aside, I've tried to distress myself by watching the Euro 2008. My favorite overhyped England is already out but I've put my heart for Espana this tournament & they haven't really disappoint me other than against the stubborn Italian defense. Why I chose them over Holland is that, they played quick attacking game just like the gunners whereas the dutch played beautiful total football but very unbalance in defense so it's kind of messed up. Furthermore the only un-handsome players in the Spanish squad are only Puyol & Marcos Senna unlike the Dutch. haha Anyways I've only missed a single game of theirs due to Fadz & Shakirah's 'cukur rambut' for their new born. So I'm really hoping for them to at least be in the final! But I still won't buy their jersey. haha. Btw speaking of jerseys, next month will Arsenal's home kit launch!

Common Cesc!

Another way I've distressed myself is by buying these Takara Tomy Racing Cars! Hun bought together with me too! It cost 20ish each. The sight of it is very cute but the controller is quite unfriendly with me. Reason why? My hand is huge. Haha

This is mine!

This is Hun's!

This is how small the car is!

& the cats love playing with it too!

Anyways come 310808 Shezai will trade this

To Participate In This

Yes! We're going to run the 10km Nike Human race! Come & join the run! 25 cities around the world approximately running at the same time & Singapore is the only city representing South East Asia!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Movies & Normal Updates

Apart from Narnia, which to me is the best mythical movie ever made, we've been catching up with what's at the movies. Will review about some later.. Meanwhile, we've been busy... (who isn't anyway in this high standard of living metropolitan city of ours, right?), so our blog's been going nowhere this couple of weeks. We've planned our next couple getaway.... in July ...where there'll be no screaming annoying kids around because they'll be having their asses back in school ha-ha-ha. My second trip to Pulau Redang and Hon's first trip there. My most favourite Paradise island!!! And I want Honey to share the experience with me this time. Yessss ah! Hope it was still as scenic and clean as years back. I wanna see shooting stars again! I wanna snorkel in the clear blue waters of the Marine Park again. Hon, I bet you this is 10x better than Phuket. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait! I'm in a Holiday mood already. Let's get-a-way again! Just the 2 of us! yeay yeay!

Just randomly, why oh why do tiny brainless little kids love to drink alcohol so much like it's their version of purified water and show it off to other kids and yell 'Hey aku lagi terrer ahhhh minum beer kau minum Vodka ajer' and get drunk by the roadside with their panties showing and covered in puke, nowadays? What is it to them? Glory? Pride? Grandeur? Splendor? Show-off? Magnificence? Or just pure stupidity? Oh the end is near...

You know, sometimes the best exercise is housework. Mopping, cooking, cleaning, washing is no easy feat, in fact, it's super tiring. Kudos to all Moms out there who juggle working life, family life and time for herself. I've spent the whole noon cooking Sweet Sour Fish with rice for Hon to bring to work, then did the laundry, vacuum, mop the floor. I feel a great sense of satisfaction after that. Is this how a wife is supposed to feel? I dunno. Maybe. When it's time for us to get a new home, i guess that's when the real test begins aye?

Congrats to Hon on his career move. He keeps on flying and flying. I admire that in my Hubby. Go-getter yet patient, Sociable and a Great Leader. Love you Darling.

List of movies we've watched include The Happening, The Incredible Hulk, Sex & the City, etc etc. First stop, The Happening. My oh my. Mnight has a brilliant mind. I love this movie. I give it 4/5. It's deep shit, disturbing scenes, scientific, gory, makes you ponder, when the answer to it lies within ourselves. We are the ones making the world as it is today. So in a way, Mother Earth Gaia can't handle us humanoids no more what with all the Nuclear bombings, free trade agreement, ozone layer depletion, pullution, etc etc. We are destroying not only Gaia but ourselves as well! It makes you wonder, What if trees really did talk and communicate to the bushes and the grass....releasing pheromones that could affect our sense of sensibility and we start killing ourselves one by one.. gosh, scary to think of it. God is indeed great! I can't believe the rating for it was PG! It should have been M18 or NC16 for that matter! There were suicidal disturbing scenes! What if young kids question these behaviour? Sigh, I have no say.

Hulk was pretty boring. No points for guessing that there will be Hulk 3. The movie looked so graphicized. Very Game-like. And Hulk was hideous! There were scenes where there were no flow, as in, one scene suddenly cuts off and jump to another scene where there are no relations whatsoever to the previous scene. Pretty annoying if you asked me. The story line is bloody obvious you can see through it without even guessing. Morale of story... Be Patient. Don't become Monster when angry... Truthfully, this Hulk is one dumb blonde. Heart rate shoot up, become Green Hulk. Blame everything in its way. Got loud thunderstorm also want to get angry and blame the lightning. Knock its head against rock ceiling also want to get angry and blame the rock. Haiyoo, so difficult lah this Hulk.. So emotional... Want to get so angry for waaaaattttt??! Ironically linkedly speaking..... it somehow reminds me of somebody in my childhood days..... errrrrrmmmmssss... Speaking of which..
Happy Father's Day!!!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Deal or Great Deal

Hon has been a little too busy with work to blog, so I guess it's just me and our blog then. =)
Today, I skipped jogging. And told Hon that for once, I'm gonna wake up a little bit later than usual this day. Yup, the clock showed 1pm as i groggily opened my eyes. What a luxurious sleep!! And to know that it rained heavily in the morning.. with the cool breeze, lying under the duvet covers, dreaming of paradise islands. Hon tapped me on my shoulder and awoke me from my deep slumber. He was heading off to work. He told me that we're gonna eat at Popeye's tonight for dinner since the parents will be away at a meeting. A quick kiss and off he went to work. I went back to dreamland.

Awoken by the nice smell of spaghetti Mom cooked, I lazily got out of bed, and let the hot shower drown all my sorrows of the working week. A hectic stressful week indeed. Got me crying softly in the toilet as the stress was too much to handle. Fortunately for me, it was my birthday week.. 4th June passed by so fast. As there was just too much work to take a whole day's off, i took 2 half days. One on my birthday, one the next day.

Now, I had a birthday like no other. After the half day's work, I went to Vivo to pay off my bills. My mind was clouded as to what the hell am i supposed to do. It was all pretty non-deliberate as it was just me, myself and I. Ah hack it. I stepped into the first shop not knowing what my mind wanted. At all. I decided on the go-for-it-birthday-girl jiffy. "I'd like the aromatherapeutic half hour back massage please...," I said a with a little tinge of half-smile in my voice. I had a pair of good strong hands working my back. Kneading, pounding, massaging, aaah... that was when the hard toil in my muscles just melted away. I was as fresh as a saute'd vegetable after stepping out of that massage parlour. Round the bend I walked. And bought "Shopaholic and Sister" out of the blue. Very unintentional. I'm into my 5th book now and my mind won't rest until I know what Becky Bloomwood is up to next! Thus the very abrupt purchase. What's next? Hmm.. It's only 2pm.

The click-clacks have all gone back to their work-drunken office cubicles. And I'm free! What luck I had. My feet brought me to the movies. And indeed, get this, I went to watch Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian all by myself! Oh I haven't done that since The Titanic in my secondary's! Now before ya'll start thinking 'Gosh does she have a life?' or 'How miserable! Alone? ' let me stress that watching a movie alone is not for losers. Just think how independent that makes you feel, how confident for you to have the guts not to feel ashamed of yourself, and how you can encapsulate the whole movie in your heart, mind and soul without wondering what that friend or jerk-of-a-date next to you is thinking. Now that's fucking awesome. The movie is a high 5. Loved it so much that I watched it all over again online. Azlan is amazing. The graphics and sound are breath-taking! Yes I am addicted to Narnia! You can catch Part 1 on disney channel at 730pm tonight if you're clueless. Hey I may be 26, but i'm still 16 at heart. Honest. It was 630 by then and i had to meet my sister and hubby at the airport for a birthday dinner by 7. But my work clothes sucks! Damn I need a change! Typical me got on a spending spree again. In 5 minutes, I bought a top and belt and changed on the spot, grabbed a cab, and zooomed off to the airport. Sweet sister gave me a treat at Swensens. Thanks Phique!

Had a whole lot of SMS from my dear dear friends too birthday-wishing me... Thanks Ladies~! You know how special you all are to me. =) You know who you are.

The next day, i took half day as Hon wasn't working. My loving husband bought for me what I've always wanted as a present. An iPod. Finally! Music for my soul! Music for my runs! Music for my commute to work! I Love You! Thanks Hon!! We got a real good catch at one of the real authorised dealers! Get this: An iPod 8GB for the normal market price BUT with.... a leather case free, a travel charger free, a screen protector free AND lastly, an iPod Shuffle free. How cool is that. You can never get this elsewhere. Try find.

My ear-wax companion....
You don't just listen...
You FEEL the song..