Tuesday, February 19, 2008


On 23rd November 2005, I blogged this :-

Why the Number 25, SheZai?

The title speaks for itself. 2, 5, 25.

1. We were together ever since 25/03/2001, at 5.25am.
2. BF's birthday is on 25/11.
3. The number 25 brings us luck, ever since.
4. Our soon to be engagement date will be on 25th, at 5-2=3 pm.
5. 0.25 cc ring.
6. Our soon to be wedding date will also be on 25th. (02+05=07. on a surprise date.)
7. The year of 2005 is the year where Dad opens up to BF.
8. She + Zai = 5he + 2ai.
9. We are 2 years apart.
10. Our birthdays are 5 months apart.

Are all these coincidences?
I believe in fate."
Thinking back, it's so mind-boggling how it came to be. I'm still thinking about it now, coz after all that 6+ years we were together, I still thank God for bringing Zaini into my life, the first time he met me at Borders. My dad's cab queueing/terserempak incident is how i got to realise that fate exist.

On a happier note, we now gots 2 anniversaries in a year to celebrate!
Our wedding anniversary (which-includes-Hon's-birthday-which-i-have-to-give-him-2-ocassion-presents-which-i-think-he's-happy-with), on the 25/11.
AND our First-Time-We-Became-Boyfren-Girlfren Anniversary, which is on 25/03. Hahaha!
Next month is our 2+5= 7 years together! Hooray!
hmmmmm.... *plans plans plans* - Only this time.... we are legally married. Heh heh heh.

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