Sunday, February 08, 2004

Little Flu-Bug, Please Leave Me Alone!

I've been down with flu since yesterday. Not feeling that well. But i'm still havin fun, nonetheless. I went to meet BF just now for a short while after my tuition lesson with Danial. We walked around and talked a lot.. Did a lot of catching up coz i've not met him for 3 days due to his workshift. After that, he went to catch up with Friends at Tampines for a round of Soccer and Gossips while i headed on home to rest. :)

Oh anyway, a few days ago, me & BF were dining at Pasta Fresca @ East Coast Beach Food Centre when we saw a beautiful sunset cascading across the silhoutte of the city sky-scrapers! And you know how much of a Sucker i am for sunsets, i left my meal at the table and took my PDA wit me to capture the moments and every breath-taking second i had with the sun. hehehe! I got this. Though from afar.

Gorgeous ey? Mother Nature at its best. And i got to share it with BF. By the Beach, on the sand, waves crashing as we dine in peace just metres away from it. Enjoying our dessert of vanilla ice-cream topped with cherries, peaches and cream along with chocolate fudge. Sigh.....

OK i've just deleted a paragraph of post abt Ogre becauz i think it will spark a lot of controversy.

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