Tuesday, February 10, 2004

My Side..

I really had a great time last week..firstly of course the pay day..haha..of which i mentioned earlier that i did some shoppings..then the dinner by the beach watching the sunset at pasta fresca east coast like what GF mentioned too(Al Marinara is the SHIZNIT dude!) then of course followed by Beats Society at Woodlands Library..Great show by Dry Peanutz despite only have 2 of em there..great work guys..& of course Ecstatics with their hard hittting beats & phat juicy lyrics,they daym sure rock the crowd that day..good work too guys!when can Proverbs do wit ya'll!haha & as usual Ahmad(TTC) on that day look very slack but did talked/asked the performers out of nowhere questions where most of the perfomers went blank..ahaha that happened to us to other time...anyways another gro that peform that day was Trilogy.Not bad though but I jus feel somehow that they had to change another intro...its frequently used already but they did ok too on dat day...work is next as there is more n more politics going ard at my work..i can't be bothered.As far as i noe..i jus wanna earn extra living there & get the fcuk outta there whenever i got a good oppurtunity..chalet by R.M.G at dowtown east was next.Plain Boring..paid 15$ for it but i was suprised when they hav dis lil mini lucky draw.haha was quite funny..cos the prize are all cheap ones but hillarious...some of my colleague got a pkt of Maggi Mee..haha for me I got a jar of Biscuits.didn't overnite though due to the lame crowds(in addition to my working story::SCREW YOU SITI AINSAH::) .. okies no one noes dat ..ahahhaa footy with my old frens was nxt. but b4 dat i did meet up wit gf after her tuition class on sunday..did a lil walk ard city hall..had lunch...did a lil shopping from Nike..then walked n walked ard to seaarch for somethin i want!(GF you know)haha but cudn't managed to do so.....SSSSsssiiiiiiIIiiiIGGGggggghhHHH...........oh well..we'll see how...yea as i said earlier..footy was nxt after shopping..met some of my ol frens there...have some kicka rounds...chats here n there...lil gossips...& we chilled nxt at AL-Ameen nxt for some drinks & dinner..I'd a great time there guys.....& yesterday was also fun....starting off with the Grammys.OUTKAST ROCKS!!!!!NEPTUNES PRODUCER OF THE YEAR!!!!!!Oh well..i'm pretty excited!haah the show really hit off well ..but If i'm not wrong there isnt any host isit?I dun see any same pple walking up n down joking ard...hmm...but the rest really pulled off a great show...no sleazy/halfnaked show though(maybe its cos of janet/justin hoo haa @ the superbowl)..my fav slot for that day wud hav to go to Andre3000 from Outkast. Gila babs la! ...sad thing though..i missed the red carpet(btw did they show it at starchannel?18)hmm...oh well i did hav a great time after the grammys...went to chilled by the orchard parade hotel(Starbucks) with gF. but b4 dat GF did a lil lingerie shopping...den we walked & bumped into famie n this white guy while on our way to Starbucks. havent meet him though for quite some time..& he offered me an offer tht PV might wanna consider..ok no ones noes..haha..& no One will ever noe untill its really done..soon we sat at the starbucks for few hrs talking....gossiping...& releasing the good news to gf for the upcomin years to come......*winks*(lihah if ur reading dis,u noe lah kan..haha btw badawi & soalihah...any links??)hmm...ahaha ok i dun wish to further that..anyways while we were chilling my colleague suddenly called to replace him for work...well..i do wanna help but then...its too late N i dun hav enuff time to change n report work too on time but i did asked him if anyone willing to cover from a certain period...but no one wanna do dat..so i said sorry..sorry wan...ok after dat me n gf went to far east for dinner at KFC...bf getting buncit!!hahaha then we slowly walked ard ....then head to borders....which i bumped into lobo...had a long talk with him bout the scene here...joked ard.... & oh yea.. I shud spread this ard too.. www.23rdetn.com go check it out guys ..ya'll missing on a good shiznit all these while...anyways...after that i did bought The Neptunes cd*winks*. sent gf home...Hmm...I'm jus wondering ..is Anak Metro giving out positive msgs to the masses here?it seems so tau...the mrt are full of those pple~...well....i really hav no idea too..but if they really looked up to the show as an inspiration..then suria is in deep shiet....orang melayu kita ni da la banyak masalah....in addition to dat..hmm..jialats. oh yea..it also seems that tatoo is an in thing too yea for guys/gals(malairens) oh shiieett...."Whats wrong with the world Mama"(lines taken from Black Eyed Peas - Where is the love)

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