Wednesday, February 11, 2004

whooaaaaa momma~

Ok, What BF wrote below about the website. Yea man, can't agree more, it's good. Click hehehe! Anyway first time i see BF write so long in his post.. His side.... hahah! BF is on his way to werk now.. nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh. :P ... OooOooOOps! I'm supposed to be studying now! Shhh!

A cute thing happen to my tutee student a few days back. He wrote a composition about going bowling with his family. And he scored a strike in one of the bowlings that he did. And he knows that the past tense of "strike" is "stroke". ok so here goes the his compo......

"I was very excited when i got a stroke!!" ..........*_*.. When instead, it should be...

"I was very excited when i got a strike!!"

Damn, Dan... You make me laugh! I'll teach you about verbs and nouns next lesson ya!

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