Tuesday, February 17, 2004

My Side..

First & foremost I'd love to say thank you to gf for remake this blog!i so love it so nice ! haha..i hope 1 day i can learn html apply it someday. By the way, I'd jus finish my BCLS course also known as the cpr course.So i can be a hero anytime now!ahhaha hmm..or shud i say it cud help me in another way in my future resume. ';) yesterday me n gf went out for a movie..'Along Came Polly' I wud rate it 3/5. Great romantic comedy though but maybe to only those loveydoveys~ or lovebirds.. ehhehe true u noe.. anyways i enjoyed it. but gf really begged me to watch 'Love Actually-- the UNcuT version' this sat.it shud be alright though provide we booked the tix. Tomorrow me & my friends will be doing some experimental stuffs. I hope it wud turn out great as these wud be our first time doing these together.We nvr met each other b4 except for 1 half of the grp..but i jus hope everything wud turn out great.

*Raudha - this is the way i type.. ';P i dun force pple to read ahahha... i type jus the same as i tok .. 'freedom of speech baby' ahaha
Cheers! oh yea reserve a table for me for yr wedding k? cos i want my table to be served with delifrance food on ya big day!

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