Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Cheerful Entry

Well, I wanted to continue blogging yesterday but was already dozing off at my laptop. Wouldn't want another weird combo of sentences forming up now, would we. 

First of all, I am super duper happy that, apart from the completion of my Practicum, I WON the consolation prize for the Cathay Nuffnang contest!!! (Click here to see other bloggers' entries!) I won a $50 Ben & Jerry's voucher. Ooooo! Phish Food, here I come!! There were really really creative entries for the contest and kudos to the rest of the winners too! To see my Cathay entry, click here. 

Next up on my list is the poll you see on your right. WOW! The results are.....
25% - Terrible earthquake debris from Haiti.
37% - The balcony door to my future house.
25% - Sneak peek of resorts world Sentosa.
12% - Crocodile jumping in air to eat a baby in stroller.

You wouldn't have guessed the answer to 'SheZai's Guess The Picture Part 3' challenge is actually.......... the 4th one!! Crocodile jumping in air to eat a baby in a stroller! Yar I know some of you would think it is the door to my future house and I am indeed flattered by that! Hehehe! But no, oh how I WISH! So here's the small portion of the picture again...


I got this pic off the net, source unknown, and I was really intrigued by it. Thank you to those who participated in the poll!! Next one coming up soon! I won't make it so hard this time..... promise. Thanks to Hiryani who informed me that this pic is from the movie 'Shorts'! Looks cool! Gonna check it out.

On another note, Hubby and I watched the movie "How to train your dragon 3D" and it was really awesome!! The 3D effects were great! There were touching, dramatic, hilarious and superb scenes in all. Would love to do a SheZai's Top Ten Facts on this movie but is too bogged down with work. Soon, soon I will. On another note totally, I was happy to model for my friend last Saturday. Details soon. Stay tuned.

25/03/2010 (today) marks SheZai's 9 years in the making. Hubby and I have weathered through our relationship and came out stronger than ever. And we still do not have any fights or arguments! Not that I want to! But i find it so strange that we have never ever fought or bicker badly! I guess Forgive and Forget is a rule we hold dear. Communication is also key. Hubby is my inspiration and I will always LOVE him no matter what. Going out on HOT DATES with him is always so fun and interesting! This year is the 3rd year that we have been married.....So here's to more SheZai... and hopefully, SheZai Junior in a few. =)

P/S: Oh DO remember to click on the nuffnang AD you see on your right!! Go Hong Kong bloody cheap sia!


kenwooi said...

congrats on winning.. haha.. and the small cropped out pic, i wouldnt have guessed it also =/

ohmywtf said...


Hpility said...

Congrats to you! :)

erwinator said...

congrats! better than nothing :-)

Sheikha said...

Thanks Guys!! Thanks for dropping by too! =)

hiryani said...

fyi, that pic is actually a shot from a movie "Shorts"..

Sheikha said...

Oh wow! Cool! Thanks for the info! Gonna check it out now...