Thursday, March 04, 2004

I can't wait for Erin Brockovich!

I watched that show on HBO few years ago and it has since captivated me so much. I so love the woman power Julia Roberts instills into her character as Erin Brockovich! So strong so powerful... so .. woman. Airs on channel 5 this Sunday 10pm. Must watch it again for inspiration. hehe! Anyway i jus bought a new Celly Nokia 6220! yeay! And the ringtone is.... Kylie's red blooded woman. No no.. i'm not a feminist... dun get me wrong. I just have this woman-power thing going on in my head nearing the Erin Brockovich show. BF don't worry, I'm normal. heheheh!
BF is playin footie wit his friends and colleagues now. Hope the rain doesn't dampen your spirit Dear! Enjoys!

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