Wednesday, March 03, 2004


Weight = 74kg(home) shocked when i weigh myself(with shoes etc etc) (80kg)at cargo clearance weighing machine .. well..home one shud be perfect. Anyways..Gf did surprise me on monday after my 24hr shift..the lasagne was superb..even mum says that fav otah2 is selling at the bazaar beside Causeway point! the same stall,the same seller & they'll def gonna get the same buyer often! haha ..

btw..On monday too I was surprised.. the Sultan Of Johore & his kunchu2 was driving to Singapore but they went thru Cargo(most of the V.I.P includ our president also goes thru tht way)...V.I.P N shiet.. but oh well..the Sultan did wave at me & smile cause I was at the exit point there... haha (AiJusWannaBePrimeMinister)

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