Saturday, March 13, 2004

I've been a Good Girl.

Heyya. Feelin' kinda under the weather today. Been staying at home since Wednesday. Not even out to the nearest Macdonalds for lunch or dinner. It's home home home all the way. And know wat? Time flies by soo slowly that i've been able to appreciate every minute, every hour of life... or what's left of it. Been thinkin back and reminiscing the past years and what i've done in my life that's worth living for. It's All Good. :)

This is the month of March. It's that time of the year i can't wait for. In a few more days, it's gonna be SheZai's 3rd Year Anniversary!.

I treasure Zaini a lot because he have taught me many things in life that i held dear to me. He once said to me, "Dear, don't you once talk back to your parents even though they scold you or beat you. Just smile at them and do as they say. Because one day, you never know, you could be in their shoes and feel how they feel. They are the ones we get permmission from to get married." Ever since then, i have never talked back to them. I silently obeyed every single task i was suppose to do. Go around my daily life as usual however hard it may be. Because of Zaini, I learnt life's little lessons that made me whole. There are many other things he does that inspired me.

I had a good talk with my friend and we agreed that," Whoever you are gonna marry needs to be your lover, soulmate and your life partner. Just after marriage, he's your lover because that's your honeymoon period. When time goes by, when you age and have kids, that's when you two are soulmates. Doing things together to stay together. Accepting each other for who they are heart and soul. And lastly, when you become grandparents, he becomes your life partner. As each of you greys and age, that's when you need each other the most for comfort and company. Just to have a loving conversation. Even though romance has died down due to time and age, you both know that you are there for each other and the love is deep down inside."

Haha me and Zaini sound like Alan and Barbara Pease! But nevermind. We learn.

An SMS from Zaini on 15/4/2002...:"In years, your face may wrinkle, your eyes droop, your hair brittle... but still i'll be there to listen, to love and to care.. We'll be the greatest Grandparents! :)" That wraps it up. :)

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