Friday, March 26, 2004

Let Me See..

Hello ~ & Goodbye ~

Yea..Beginning Mid April, it's a whole new working environment for me, Nike Singapore is my new employer. Today is also the day I signed their employment letter. May 10th will the date most probably I'll start my new career not only as a retail assistant but also as a writer for the Nike Newsletter whenever I'm being given the chance.Thanks to SGhiphop/Liquide too cause of you guys that I've been given a chance to write as a freelance writer for you guys but for now I'm able to write for another of my Favorite company!(hopefully it'll be a long term career for me(insya-allah). Basically what's important about this job to me is mostly about interest ';) & as for Raffles Hospital(Raffles Medical Group), thanks a lot for experience & for employing me for the past 6 mths. Its truly an enjoying working experience for me especially with some of the colleagues. Fun is a better word yea? Hope we'll all meet again in the future ';)

& lastly I'd love to wish shezai, Happy 3rd Year Anny! It has been an enjoyable,romantic,fun,hyper-active,fantastic etc etc the list of good things goes on ~~ I've love you for 3 years but i can assure that I've you in my heart long before 25th March 2001 & it will be always be there forever from now on till forerver insya'allah ';) & I hope that if everything goes well too.. 2007 is the year insya'allah yea ? ":D

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