Saturday, August 23, 2008

SheZai's Collectibles Galore

I've started a new hobby. I am really crazy about movies so what more can you say about their posters, right? Me and Hubby have started collecting movie posters ever since we got married. It initially started off as an art addiction to articize our room, but it soon grew into a liking, or more so as an addiction, an ardent passion for these movie posters. This raging fire within me will always be burning to check out what's new at the movie memorabilia shop. I've visited their shop the 3rd time this week! We have 9 posters to date. 5 original double sided teasers and 4 commercial prints. I have even placed orders to be in the queueing list for the new 'Transformers 2 : Revenge of the Fallen' poster which sellers have no idea what image it will be. But I've seen the image through the member's grapevine and I am assured that it will be good! So exciting! I am serious about collectin' movie posters just like how serious Hon is about his collection of 40 pairs of sneakers. Hee!

This is my precious latest acquisition at $140! US Original double sided Teaser B. After the death of Heath Ledger, movie makers are having this poster recalled (according to the market) and so there are only a few left which makes it even more valuable! =)

And of course, here we have the Dark Knight Batman poster, also in original double-sided. I am not going to open this poster and leave it in its mint condition in its tube. Rumour has it that The Dark Knight will overtake Titanic as the Number 1 blockbuster of all time. Therefore, this purchase. =)

Oh and of course, my most favourite movie poster also recently bought, is my Angelina Jolie's original 'Wanted' poster. It is so magnificent in black and white print, and there is no title on it too! It's so beautiful! I can't take my eyes off it! It will be SheZai's next bedroom theme. And black and white bedsheets to go along with it. Gonna hang it up tonight. OOoooOOO can't wait!

And other posters in my collection include.... some of which you may have seen hanging on our bedroom wall.

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