Sunday, March 25, 2007

Our 6th Anniversary

It was a lovely day to be celebrating. We started off at noon, where I have made table-for-2 reservations at Royal Plaza Hotel's "Carousel" High Tea Buffet. The setting was marvelous, the food spread magnificent. They even have free-flow fountain chocolate fondue, sushi, rice, noodles, pastries, desserts, everything. Ambience and service was near to excellent.

Hungry already

A little surprise for my Honey

Here's to many more years to come

Present time

Self-made card from me to him

Wonder what's he feeling inside.. hehe.

Nike SB T-shirt for him!

Not the end of it.

Watched "Freedom Writers" movie at midnight. Close to say that it is the "Best Empowering Movie I Have Ever Watched". You have to , no, you must watch it. Better than Dangerous Minds though it has traces of reminiscing scenes in it. And It will sure be waaaaay better than that dumb-dumb Mr Bean, I promise. It's all about racial apartheid and discrimination. It can leave you in tears too. And Yes, I am going to buy the Freedom Writers Diary and have a good inspiring read. Discover more here -

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