Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lazy Picnic

Monday used to be our special day 5 years back while i was still in SIM and when Hon still in RMG. And we relived those moments yesterday. I was on leave and Hon had his off day. We planned to have a lazy picnic at Sentosa but alas, it rained so so heavily in the morning just when we reached Harbourfront. That did not dampen our spirits. We looked for alternatives instead of just brooding over nothing. That's SheZai! We came up with Bowling at Marina but before that, we sat at the Big Wheel (the one near the escalator) to eat my specially-made White Sauce Chicken Pasta. Hon has always loved my Italian Cooking!

Bowling was fun! 3 games each and as always, the trick is.... to tease and irritate and make each other laugh before throwing the ball so that he/she will lose concentration and his/her hands will be soo lemah to even carry the 9-pound ball. Hahaha! Our scores barely hit even 100 but we had fun~ Geee. That's Our Bowling.

The sun came up again and we took a cab to Sentosa to spend the rest of the day in perfect weather. We played a game of chess, read FHM, eat marshmallows and goreng-gorengs, and finally played frisbee-throwing by the sunset. It was romantic and lovely. We felt that jolt of electricity again. You know, the familiar one you feel on a first date. Ours was 5+ years ago. And we felt it again just now, when Hon showed me how to throw the frisbee. I just love him... all over again.

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