Friday, September 29, 2006

I'm A Runaholic!

I had a very hectic week so far even though I'm on leave till 4th October. Late night sleep..early morning wake ups, trial running in the noon, go courses, assignments etc etc. Sounds stressful but its fine with me as I love every minute of my job! heh

I've always been collecting sneakers eversince i finished my NS in 2003. From the all Air Maxs, SBs, Vans, Bape, etc, never in my life suddenly I'm really motivated to start chucking away some of my unwanted collections & start getting various kinds of running shoes, Nikes still of course. What really motivates me to change all of a sudden is the course I went on Monday & Tuesday by Nike. It really drills my mind in, like for eg; We studied the real technical features of the shoes, etc. We also get theory lessons with a Podiatrist & also a marathon runner. The interesting part of the course that I like is that, we get to study how people runs, lands & then how we can correct them by wearing the right pair of shoes. How all this works you may ask? Just come down to Nike Takashimaya on the 11th Oct onwards till 25th Oct & I'll be your Doctor! haha. This campaign has already begun at Suntec B.I.R.D. till 10th Oct. There'll be walk-ins trial & booking format too. Whatever it is, I'm very excited & this could be my new interest! A very Healthy one indeed. ';D

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