Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Shezai On The Run !!

We're going to start exercising starting today,31st January 2007 till God knows when, lol! Yeah, this will keep us distracted from the usual heavy splurges every Month & more importantly, to keep fit & in shape towards our big day!

Anyways I'm starting to love hun's cooking! She's getting there real soon. Her 'mee pedas' is one of my favorite dish now after lasagne! Her dad first commented that it's 'masin' but later asked for a second serving! Haha! See Hun! Now, a bit of coaching by my mum and that will be the icing on the cake.

Few things that I really love about hun is her confidence, her will to learn and most importantly, she's also someone who refuses to give up easily. Now her biggest challenge is to channel all the 3 points to the physical side. Like what i've mentioned earlier, we are going to train hard and at the same time eat healthy!

Shezai will officially go Nike for 2007! Hooray!

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