Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Wet Thai SheZai Day

It was a cool and nippy day. Hon wasn't working today so it was another precious day to spend with him. I will always treasure it when his off day falls on a weekend as time does not permit weekday night rendezvous. With a little exception for last night. Waited for Hubby to come home from work at 1030pm. He has already booked the movie "Gran Torino" at 1130pm.

And so off we went to the nearby Jurong Point to watch it. The movie has very witty dialogues that will make you have short bursts of laughter, though you have to strain hard to hear what he's saying due to his low indistinct rough berkahak-kahak voice. And I'm talking about Clint Eastwood. He is a brilliant actor and director. His acting made the whole story shine. On the other hand, there are a LOT of calefares (esp the scrawny botak gangster) whose acting sucks. Haha! If it wasn't for Clint Eastwood, this movie would just be a dust in the wind. Because of him, I give it 4 Popcorns! (Oh, I cried at the end.)

We went home and slept in late this lazy morning. Woke up and did our assignments. By 5, we were bored. So we headed to town. It was chilly. A perfect day to have nice bowl of Tom Yum Goong noodles at Thai Express. We talked and talked and shared about our lives together. It was great to have open conversations, esp with Hon. We walked around town and decided to catch a 10pm movie 'Coming Soon'. A thai horror movie to wrap up our Thai day, Haha. It had been ages since we caught a horror movie and my heart was in my throat during many parts of the movie. The image of Chaba kept on replaying in my mind and that is not good. The sound effect and shock factor are kinda disturbing, but it got my heart pumping like mad, and I like it. I find the story line not up to par with other horror movie though. It's kinda abrupt, with a little cut and paste scenes here and there. Quite messy and disoriented. It seemed like the director wanted to have an all-in-one array of emotions - funny (the midget scene), touching, romantic (the watch scene), shocking, gore (eye-gorging scene), ghostly, horror (image of Chaba). It left me all in a tizzy. Overall, i would give it 3 popcorns!

This mind is still clueless as to what to do for our 8th year anniversary (of being together) this Wednesday. We might have a small celebration but the ultimate celebration might have to be postponed, again due to time constraints. My mind is churning out yet another getaway. Both of us longed for it so much............

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