Sunday, February 08, 2009

Out with the old; In with the new

It's time for a revamp. I can't stand the way my very dry, hay-ey, splitted-end hair is torturing me. It needs treatment. I intended to spend my Saturday doing my assignment essay but alas, the thrill of the world out there is too much for me to control within. Of course, when you spend your weekdays being confined to the school and centre, u feel like pampering yourself every weekend. So assignment, i bid adios to you... for now. Headed to Suntec for 2 missions. A haircut + rebond + treatment and maybe survey some eyelash extensions. Hey, a lady needs to take care of herself prim and proper. The eyelash extension shop i was eyeing was selling Fibrewig mascara instead of the service, so it's goodbye to that. Headed to a hair salon and managed to get me hair done by the Japanese stylist who doesn't even speak English. It's a wonder how i managed to explain in a few words on how i wanted my hair cut. " Layer" , "Step Fringe" , "Add body to hair". And Walah! It's done. I like the result. No more Flyaways~! I realised that I can't keep a long fringe due to my wide forehead. So short fringe it is.

First mission successful. I was on my way for my eyelash extensions next. Called up the place to book an appointment and took a train to Orchard. All being done abruptly. Half an hour and a hole in the purse later, i came out of the place with heavy eyes. Haha! The person told me that they can last for about 2 weeks to 1 mth if i take care of them. I love the natural result sans make-up/eyeliner!

It is indeed important to take care of your 'self' especially after marriage. I have some friends say," Marry already what. For what want to wear make-up, everyday see husband. Husband see me everyday like that already. At home got so many baju butterfly, so comfortable, no need to waste money on all these nonsense." Ah but these 'nonsense' are actually your own secret desires in hiding. If you don't do it for your husband, at least do it for your 'self'. As for me, I keep a "Pamper Stash", I set aside some cash just in case of a pamper boost aka confidence boost. That is... apart from 'Princess Days' of course. Hehe! Missions accomplished.

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