Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy 95th Monthversary Honey!

5 more months to SheZai's 100th month! This calls for excitement and celebration! Next month is our 8 years anniversary of being together too! It is indeed very very tempting to go on yet another honeymoon..... to continue our 6th and so forth, but alas, time may not be on our side since we are both studying part time and can't take leave from work just like that. Aaah! Just like the song say... Cheer Up Baby... It's ok! We'll find other creative alternatives! Always loook on the bright side of life. *whistles*

How's life for us? Oh yeah, we're taking it in as it comes by. It has been marvellous. Slow and steady.

How has the recession affect us? Nah..... not so much. Maybe not at all. =D

How's my job been so far? Oh Yeah it is far, it is at Yio Chu Kang.... OK Lame.Ha. Ha..... I have a pretty much safe and secured job now. Being in this line is superb! There are a billion gazillion stories I can share with you about my pre-schoolers and their smart antics. Their brains are like colourful rainbows to me. Each colour represents a creative thought ready to come out of their mouths. Everyday, I learn something from them. Everyday, they inspire me like no other. One kid said,"When I grow up, I want to be like Teacher Sha...." Now, tell me, wouldn't that just make your day? A single simple comment like that can never be heard in an office job!! Aaarrrrrhh!!! I melted.

How's my Honey been so far? Woo weeee..... apart from being too busy to blog, my honey has been doing splendid. He's like Mr. Superman to me. Working so hard managing his shops, studying so hard at nights. All I could do is be by his side when he arrives home by 11pm everyday, give him a good shoulder massage, talk about his day, let him rest by playing his football manager game or let him watch soccer, prepare his sumptuous dinner and smother him with tender loving care. And the cycle repeats itself. Hehe!

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