Sunday, February 15, 2009

Feline Friends

Hon and I always alternate between both our houses in the east and west until we get our own house hopefully by this year-end. At my Mom-in-Law's, whom the ladies in the family are super huge feline fans, there are 6 cats, namely Ginger, OoooWhale, TaiTai, NingNing, Babe and MimiLabu. Haha! I was afraid of cats at one point of time, (the point where Saddam was still a kitten at my Grandma's) but being more exposed to them ever since married, I grew to be fond of them. The 6 cats at my MIL's house appear to understand Malay and are very toilet-trained. Whenever one goes on top of the bolster to sleep, Hon's grandma and mom will say," Aahh... dia dah naik Motorboat dah tu, nak pergi Batam." I couldn't help but laugh at their antics! The cats are very very lovable. Check out the video (Click on play on the left one) I took of Mimilabu and TaiTai licking and hugging and teasing each other.

2.14 is such an event to all couples out there, with flowers, chocolates, nice dresses and pretty heels. Then 2.15, you see millions of lovey-dovey pictures on blogs and facebooks. Yup, spread the love, people. Not only on 2.14 but every single day! Why must only be 2.14? So how did SheZai spend our Saturday night? Aaaah...Barbarian Food Dinner just like how we love it. Our first date meal back in March 2001- Sop Tulang Merah Deen Biasa. Bought it and feast at home in front of the TV. Haha! Now that's what i call romantic. =P

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