Sunday, May 10, 2009

Greedy Shezai ..

While Hun celebrated Mama's Birthday + Mothers Day celebration yesterday noon together with Abah & Sis-In Law at Fig & Olive, I had to work. Not much of a choice though since I had my long weekend the week before. Anyways what I can look for instead was how to celebrate my mum's Mother's day. I ended my work around 2130 & asked Hun to meet me at my work. My plan was very simple since my mum work on Sunday. We went to Beach Rd & bought Makanan Babarians to celebrate yesterday. Yes! Tulang featuring all kind of Mee Gorengs. Haha. We had our meals together with the 3 Mums. My mum, Mik (the mums of my 7 cats) & My Grandma (the mothers of all). Maybe next year got another Mum? haha. It was great for the family & for hun, she got to celebrate Mother's day 2wice in a day with 2 different Mum! haha

Anyway, I best describe today as Foody Greedy Shezai Day! Yea, our ulterior motive today was to wake up late & just have brunch & probably head down to town for a movie or just slacking around the west in the late evening. So we decided to go for the latter. Scouting around the revamped West Coast Park & having Fillet-O-Fish at Mac was the choice made & heading to West Coast Plaza for some Java Chips at Starbucks was to be next BUT instead! *deng deng deng* Once we alight from bus 282, instead of crossing the road towards the park, we saw Sheng Siong & turned left instead. We agreed on looking for the Jelly Stick that we craved for at Jusco. Fine, we got what we wanted & it costs at $1 for a packet, hence we bought 2 packets. What happened next was terrible! We picked one thing after another & soon we realised that we can't hold anymore & we definitely need a basket! Haha I'll just let the picture explain on some of the things we bought that ended up from $2 to $40.

Not surprisingly, Shezai was too lazy to go to West Coast Park now & we decided to go straight to West Coast Plaza aiming for the Java Chips as planned but AGAIN! *deng deng deng* Chef Jr (Chef Bob) cooking series this morning was about pancake & Hun says that there's this place that sells superb pancakes + ice cream. Yes, we landed at Cottage Waffles very soon after that & skipped Starbucks. Again too, I'll let the picture explain.

Shezai is excellent at procastinating at all areas, from doing school projects to making such decisions like above stated. Haha Jialat big time right!

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