Sunday, April 04, 2010

Integrated Resort opening soon

I am not here to blog about the Integrated Resort opening soon. That, we all know. But my imagination has gone ridiculously wild and you will see in this post what is becoming of my really wild imaginations. Look at the picture above, and you will see a normal architectural structure of 3 buildings. And then look closer.....
What does the shape of the Integrated Resort look like to you? I would like to divert from the topic of Integrated Resort for a short while and talk about the movie, 2012. If you have watched this movie in the cinema, then good. Look at the picture extract taken from the movie below.
The arks built by the people/slaves of the world only to house the millionaires and the elites who paid exorbitant amount of money to enter this ark and save their lives from destruction in the year 2012: The Apocalypse. Look again at our Integrated Resort and see the similarity...
I may be crossing the border here by saying what my wild mind was made to comprehend.

1) The Integrated Resort is surrounded by water, just like the movie 2012, where the arks are all surrounded by water in a dam.
2) If there ever will be a tsunami, the 3 buildings will give way, and the 'ark' on top of the building will float on water, most probably carrying the 'Elite' gamblers who are billionaires/world figures.

Warning: This post is just a fraction of my wild imagination. Do not take it seriously. Lest you have the same imagination as I do. You will only get to see this post here on SHEZAI's BLOG.

Ok, ok, ok, on a much lighter note, flowers are all around tooo... heeheee.

And so we headed to the Esplanade to my most favourite shop, PopcornPop! I just bought myself another original movie poster to add to my dusty collection!!!! Pre-ordered it and due to arrive in 2 weeks time. This is what I bought! Gonna be on our bedroom wall soon..... The poster for Toy Story (1) has appreciated to almost $160!! Can u believe that?

We then headed for some waffles at Suntec City to end our Sunday.... Wish the long weekend could be longer.... *Sigh*.


jfook said...

I wish to go there during my next visit to Singapore.

Ana said...

since i havent gone to ur blog for fairly awhile here i am! on a rampage! cant believe i missed ur wedding.. and now cant even seem to see ur baby! dunno when i'll ever got back to sg!