Thursday, January 08, 2004

Had a Blah Day today.

Tried to log on to blogger the last few nights but to no avail. Something's wrong with the server. oh well. I've just re-upload the pics of my new haircut again to the previous posts below. Hope it's visible now. Oh yes, my mom did eventually realised the awfully loud colour and didn't say much about it. she just gave me that Oh-My-God-What-Happened-To-Your-Hair Look. But Ogre was the one who made such a fuss. I was going to correct it anyways. whatever. BF helped me a lot in that. Thanks a great deal, BF.
===} ===}
I was a blond and a red-head in a day. And black basics the next. Dried-up.

I went to visit my Grandfather who just got out of hospital just now. Quite relieved that he is ok and well again. He fell down in the bathroom 3 days ago and fainted. Wish him the pink of health.

I managed to go out with BF for 4 days in a row. These days are hard to come by. But i'm glad i got to meet BF. Yesterday, we played Pool with Mima and Yusoff. They won us to 0. Lady Luck where were you? ehhee! My BF's gettin rounder.. Hehehe I love when he's happy. I guess the long shift hours work made his body clock a mess. He's already back to work now. I made a promise to my BF to go to school regularly from now on. Since i always always wake up late for school or sometimes miss school totally just for fun, he's gonna wake me up for school as early as 7 a.m.. Oh God, hope i would be able to wake up. ok gottago now. My Dear's on his way back from work, tata~

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