Friday, January 16, 2004


I woke up at ten. Had a weird dream. ((*mima are you reading this?*Saw that lame-o loser in a new silver car. No more water botol car. I can't believe hes got married. Girl-talk Monday, Girl.")) I headed off to school to meet up with Ana and borrowed some books from the library. I plan to do some studying during my one-week holidays next week. Me and Ana then headed off to Clementi Central and chill at coffeebean while waiting for the guys zaini and zul to finish their friday prayers. Yup we had the famous Chicken Chop and Chicken cutlet Avenue 3. Yes, announcement: Clementi HAS a nice, beautiful community Centre. ;P hehe! Had a good time just chillin and talking away wit the "Clementi Neighbourhoodies". Till 5. BF is working a 24-hour shift tonight 9pm till tmr 9pm. Gives me a good time to hit my books.

BF's got a new Dell PC. As excited as a small little boy who just got his favourite toy, that's how he is. hehehe! You gotta find a place to put all that transformers, racing car,spawn toys, baby. P/S: Can I get distracted by your x-box wen i'm bored? Please, pretty please? Well, for now, i'm going off to watch sister act. Laters~!

Pps:(reply to post below)::}Hon, I will still love you no matter how horizontally-challenged-overweight-multi-coloured-cheeseball you will be. We be tight. :)

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