Friday, January 30, 2004

Where's my Life?

I jumped start the day when my hp rang, and some weird operator said i had some overseas call. I thought it was a wrong number, but then my hp rang again. I picked up the call and heard a sweet voice on the line... It was Lily!!! Lily dearie called from KL. It was very thoughtful of her to call & say 'Hey' and 'how're ya doin'' to most of her friends. Glad that she's doing absolutely great and fine there. Such a sweet sweeeet girl~! Take Care Lily.

I bought the Career Guide 2004 book from my bookshop and began to peruse it. I wanted to find out if the opportunity is there for me after i graduate, hopefully. Being a Gemini, i'm fickle-minded and i usually don't know what i want to do in life. BF has already expanded his opportunity-horizons and i have a feeling somehow opportunity is gonna come aknocking on his door. Great job, Hun! As for me, having no working experience whatsoever, i'll be glad to just start from the bottom and try to work my way up. I had a dream when i was young. To be an Architect or a Maths Teacher. Unknowingly, i have no idea how i landed in Business. So now, i change my dream plans, accordingly. Maybe an "Actuarial Exec" or maybe a "financial analyst".. I dunno if i can make it in the working world, what more with my quiet front. Dream on, baybeh. Dream on. haha! I'll just have to see what life has in store for me.

However, i do not want to live lavishly, no way. Money is just money. It's made of paper. I went to religious class recently and my Ustazah said that,"Kekayaan tidak menentukan kebahagiaan" meaning The more money you make, the more money you have, the more life is going to be difficult for you and money won't bring you happiness. I added some points too i think it's true. And from a few examples and experiences, i noticed how money changes everything. Many people are caught up in debts they can't settle, ending up in a large stupid truce. All over money. There may be some disagreements saying that money maketh man. yea... A burdened man, that is. hehe! ok ok enough of my twisted mind ramblings. The End.

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